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    They are very very lucky it wasn’t in a yard where we practice our 2nd Amendment… If I see strangers in my yard with no Notice a flyer at my door is not a verbal agreement… I WILL SHOT TO KILL ANY BODY TRESPASSING In my property Citizen, Worker, Cops… no no no… WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND OUR PROPERTY AND FAMILY !

  2. Kale

    Utility work is what it is.. many homeowners think oh this is my property blah blah blah. Actually I do this work everyday and that is all city right of way you backyard if you live in the city has a boat load of utilities going through it. As a utility company you have the right to excavate,bore, etc.. Yea they may have broke some of her lawn decorations and ATE on her patio furniture and left trash which is wayyyy crossing the line. But you know she got the flyer so read the flyer and maybe be a nice homeowner and move your shit they clearly state what they are doing in there door hangers. Okay they broke a statue damn things probly been baking in the sun for 15 years a bird could’ve landed on it and broke the damn thing. Idk some homeowners just crack me up yea it’s unfortunate and their “comfort level” was a little to much at home but long story don’t just think all utility guys trash everything I take great pride in my job and usually we’re in your backyards to help prevent an issue before it becomes a problem to not only your neighborhood but YOUR HOME….

  3. Josh Valle

    Att about a yr ago was doing the same here. In elp. There are still square holes cut into streets everywhere. So e people went as far as to patching the asphalt themselves. City has been patching some up but since all of our city is being upgraded, slow progress

  4. RejectedSpiritX

    Property taxes. Required to pay only to be responsible for the city’s vandalism. By the way, AT&T and Verizon prove they don’t give a shit. Offer to compensate her for SOME of the damage. Sue their asses and get more than all of it back.

  5. Rueben James

    Of course these huge companies use contractors that bid low to get these jobs and then do stupid things. Our society has lost so much in the drive to maximize profits.

  6. Robert Clayton

    Wtf.. so not only is it gonna look "immaculate" when they are done, but AT&T is gonna compensate them for the damage as well?? Man quit crying already.. I swear it's the age of fake outrage. Lol

  7. Cascadian Nationalist

    if i woke up to randos eating lunch on my porch i would dome them with a baseball bat and drag them off my property no police necessary

  8. opnwndo

    At&t have two tanks unconected resistors full of oil still on the pole, just waiting to leak down on my mailbox. Years just hanging unused.

  9. Adolf Kitler

    Fucking contractors for AT&T or any other communications company sucks ass. Non-professional, drug addicts, sloppy. Just a way for them to get out of health care and other things provided to their employees. I tell Comcast, my company, do not send out a contractor, send out a legit employee. I want to hold them responsible, not worry about some fly by night DIY meth head.

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