Horse Barn Stable Breyer Playset and Farm Animals Toys For Kids – Learn Animal Names

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I have here the Breyer Stablemates horse stable playset And also this awesome glow in the dark horse collection Okay, now let’s get started! First, we’re going to build the horse stable Here’s the stable. And now let’s check out the accessories The set comes with three racing barrels… A water trough, Yellow fences, And, also, a jump Now let’s check out the two stablemates horses that came with the set Here’s the pinto horse And the quarter horse Now let’s open up the glow in the dark collection So, here’s the Palomino Pinto Quarter The black Pinto Icelandic The Chestnut Pinto Morgan And the Bay Pinto Warm Blood Now, let’s set up the horse farm I’m going to add some farm animals. Here is a donkey A sheep, Goats, Hens, Rooster, And a dog Here’s a tractor bringing some food for the horses Let’s put these in the storage Okay, well I hope you guys have enjoyed this video Do not forget to subscribe to Racetoytime channel And also click that bell icon to get notified every time I upload a new video Before you go click on those videos on the screen And as always, thank you for watching, stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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  1. Ines Deman Lefer

    Tu peux me les donner il est magnifique merci de me répondre aux plus vite possible je l'achète elle coûte combien merci de me répondre rapidement 🔟🖤💟💙🙊😸♥️😀😉

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