How Close to the India-Pakistan BORDER FENCE Can I Get?

I’ve crossed the border to Pakistan on foot. I’ve taken you guys to the Bangladesh border fence. Now today, we’re gonna see how close to the Line of Control here in Jammu & Kashmir we can get. And it’s known for drugs, guns, fake currency, and terrorist smuggling… crossing that Line of Control. And on both sides of the LoC, villagers have been shelled. So I’m gonna take you to a village as well and show you what’s been happening there. Let’s go. We’re on our way to Suchetgarh now. And this very road, it leads to Pakistan. But there’s an official border stopping people from getting through. So we’ll hit that border and then we’ll take a left and we’ll find the LoC; the border fence. We’re nearly at the border and we’ve just started to see these bunkers popping up. You guys can see all these bunkers and they just run along this big ridgeline. And this would have been used in a war against Pakistan, at some point. This would have been, you know, a defensive line which the Indian army built. Don’t know what year that was. Don’t know which war that was but it’s pretty clear because these bunkers go so far. Okay, let’s go in and let’s see what’s here, eh? Let’s go. These are so cool. It’s like a whole row of them, actually. Yeah, this was some important kind of ridge. Let’s go in and let’s see what’s down here. They’re really well made. It’s full-on brick, stone… Yeah, they spent some time making these. Really. They were once important. Wow. How small is this! Awesome. And here we go. Here’s where they would have put their guns out. You’ve got two different windows here, this way and that way. And they’re all facing towards the international border out there. And this road kind of slopes around a corner. So if you’re driving on this road, you’re not gonna see these bunkers. They’re very low to the ground. They’re built underground. So you can just see, just see outside… just see who’s coming this way. Really cool. But no longer in use. We’re about 100 meters away from the fence now and we can see the fence from here. Along the fence are a bunch of posts, including Pakistani army posts. So you can see with your own eyes. And we’ve already been warned by the farmers to be careful because the army won’t like us going near the fence. So we’re just trying to find a place to stop and film outside the fence here. We’re just 10 meters away from the border now. Check out, friends. We’re right here. So we made it to the border. We got out of the car and the army told us, ‘No. There’s no filming here’. And what’s more, they told us it’s dangerous because there are snipers from Pakistan watching all along the border. And watching for people pulling out things like cameras but what they think could be a gun or what they think could be some kind of surveillance equipment. Anything like that. So they’re like, ‘It’s safe to even just stand here at the border for a few seconds or a few minutes. So that’s it. They were really nice to us. They were just asking us what are we doing and they took a photo of our passport and that kind of stuff. We got to get really close to the border in the car but we couldn’t get out and we couldn’t go and, you know, shoot in front of the border. Not like I could in Bangladesh. The security along this Kashmir border is just intense. And if you see the photo of the border that I took, there are multiple layers of security. So there’s one fence, there’s barbed wire in the middle and then there’s another fence as well. And it’s highly secure. And there are posts, army posts, every kind of 100 meters or so here. And there are big posts up in the sky as well. So they can watch who’s coming across that LoC, that no man’s land. And you can even see houses in Pakistan from right here where we are in Suchetgarh. And some of the problems with this border, with the LoC, is… a lot of guns, a lot of fake currency, a lot of drugs and terrorists are making it across. The terrorists, we saw them in Uri, we saw them in a number of other attacks as well. And drugs… drugs are a major issue, the drugs coming from Pakistan, because they are destroying the youth here in Jammu. There is a huge drug problem here in Jammu with heroin coming across. And the Indian government reckons that 80% of Jammu is coming across the LoC from Pakistan. And how they get it across this border is, they can throw it across. Literally, throw it across to farmers over here, they can tunnel it under or they take it through trucks at the various trade points. So trade points along the Jammu-Kashmir border. But they’ve now since stopped trade across the J&K border because of these issues. And they’ve really strained the relationship between India & Pakistan at the moment with the number of terrorist attacks coming from Pakistani organizations. But I’m not here to be anti-Pakistan or blast them because it’s an issue on both sides. Don’t think that RAW, the Indian Intelligence Agency, isn’t running operations in Pakistan as well. It’s alleged that India is involved in arming the separatists in Baluchistan. So this is how these kinds of intelligence agencies work to destabilize each other’s countries. And it’s a really really sad state of affairs because there are so many good things that could unite Indians & Pakistanis. But the way the politics is, the way the hatred is from those politics, I can’t see the relationship between India & Pakistan changing anytime soon. And a big issue is the Jammu & Kashmir issue. Who owns Jammu & Kashmir? That’s a really really big part of the problem. And yeah, I don’t think this is gonna change anytime soon. We’re here at the Suchetgarh border now. This is the official border between India & Pakistan. You got the BSF here, the Border Security Force, and the army jointly monitor across the entire Jammu& Kashmir border. The army and the BSF, they work together to patrol the border. So here’s the border behind us. They won’t let you film inside the actual border area when you walk through. But it was a really nice experience. So the army guys come and get you and they walk you all the way to the Pakistan & India border. And you can literally see the Pakistan guard towers, the Pakistani people, an ISI agent in a red shirt who was watching me the entire time. And one of the differences here is you can actually see the UN patrolling this international border. They’re driving cars up and down and checking what’s going on. And yes, it’s a really really nice experience. If you’re in Jammu, you’ve definitely got to come here and get as close to Pakistan as you’re probably ever gonna get. We’re about to enter Suchetgarh village now. And here is where they’ve seen a lot of shelling from Pakistan. And this is happening on both sides of the border as well. So Pakistani villagers are getting affected too. Let’s go check it out and I’ll tell you a little bit about the guys who are guarding the border here as well. We’re here in Suchetgarh village. And this village has seen a lot of shelling from Pakistan. And here’s just one example. So the bombs hit the roof, they kill the cattle, and they blow out the wall. And they haven’t repaired the wall yet. And this shelling, it’s just… it blows up everything. You can see it on the actual walls all along the village, even on the village panchayat, which is basically kind of the village government here… the small village government. And in an upcoming video, I’m gonna spend some time living in a village right on the border here. Alright, so you can see right in here. Here are the cows. A number of cattle died in the recent attack here. And I love coming to these villages. The people are so amazing here. As soon as we got here, the guy’s like, ‘do you wanna drink water? Do you want a cold drink of water?’ Now you might be wondering who guards the border here in India. If you saw those army men back at the official border, it is the BSF’s job to guard the border; the Border Security Force. They’re made up of 2,50,000 men and women who patrol the borders in extreme conditions. So in Rajasthan, they’re actually on camels in like 45-degree heat in the summer patrolling the border. Or around here, they’re on foot patrolling the border. Or up in Kashmir during the winter, they’re patrolling in the snow. And the border also includes water. So they have, I think it’s the Creek Crocodile, something like that, and they are patrolling the water as well. And it’s a really hard job. And so while we’re sleeping at night, the Border Security Force are keeping us safe and guarding the border. They don’t stop. They work 24×7. So Long Live Border Security Force and thank you! And if you love the content that I create, I want you to join the Rock Army. Hit the ‘Join’ button below to see the member-only benefits that you get. Long Live India!

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  1. Karl Rock

    I made a mistake with my terminology in this video! The Line of Control (LOC) is the military control line which starts just up from where we filmed – the International Border at Suchetghar. Sorry for the confusion! You can read more here Thank you 🙏

  2. Anuj Ch

    Do not blame RAW India🙏 J & K integral part of India. If you in anyway be neutral toward PK you will end up losing all ur Indian subscribers 🙏👍 our bad luck that shit PK our neighbour.


    When a British comes to teach indians and Pakistanis about peace .. hahahha .. ironic BTW who told you to interfere ? .. and mainly you are trying to say that raw encourages terrorist activities for Balochistan. Hahahah motherfucker .

  4. Puneet Pal

    Karl, I couldn't agree anymore that this video was so awesome!! Also the fact that no indian has ever made video with such beauty before. Proud of you 🙂

  5. Alia Jafri

    Balochistan is part of Pakistan and it does not share a border with India.
    Kashmir was never decidedly with India or Pakistan during Partition after WW2 , when the British left leaving these yet to be decided by THE KASHMIRI PEOPLE THEMSELVES WHAT THEY WANTED …..TO STAY INDEOENDENT OR WITH INDIA OR WITH PAKISTAN . India aggressive annexed Kashmir, like Hitler did with Poland and now when fellow kashmiris come to help and fight along side Kashmiris of India …..they are called terrorists and the Indian army who kills civilians is not questioned and imposes themselves on the land and rights of the people who live there.
    Israel and India are the new Hitker and Stalin and there fire both Evils have become each others friends..
    Human beings will always fight from becoming slaves to injustice …..

  6. Enas Rana

    kindly visit pakistani side also n show the world ppl who get injurd n die wid indian force … we r living n facing evryday n its 100 times more then indian side….

  7. Yusuf Karim

    You lier drugs coming from Pakistan and then terrorist what about India. No terrorist?
    Just because you got married one of them you are doing propaganda.

  8. Shivam Verma

    Karl rock your all video awesome bro.
    Going to India most beautifully place .
    Nainital ( Uttrakhand)
    Bhutan small country.
    Arunachal Pradesh .
    Sikkim .
    Meghalaya .
    Nagaland .

    Go to any beautiful place make a video ..
    Thank you you tub video

  9. truely INDIAN

    Karl in a video said : u cant say jai hind in kashmir
    Modi saw the video
    Modi:give me 24 hours
    Article 370 : I m a history
    Karl : wah modiji wah

  10. King Bunny

    5:32 he is saying our RAW is creating trouble in porkistan. Islam is a trouble in itself dont start blaming India for trouble in middle east tomorrow. And should we subscribe to such stupid ass man?

  11. hussain galmani

    Ye phela chutiya gora hai phele bolta hai isi mujhe follow kar rahai phir bolta hai sniper mujhe dekh rahi hai mar denge phir Pakistani drugs smuggle karte hai terrorists bhejte hai phir kehta hai mei Pakistan ko bash nahi kar raha suspicious angrez loru. Chup chap travel kar ghoom food vlog Bana . bloody raw funded border pe bethe huwe bande ko bolta hai isi ka agent hai. Abey Lund WO aam admi hai gaun ka isi ko itna time haina aise hi baithe GI aur kisi bhi unfit uncle ko rakh le GI dunya ki no1 secret service agency hai.

  12. rishav chandel

    You are doing great hope you enjoying and thank you for the information, Your video showing you did lots of research its mind blowing Once again Thank you Going good always stay happy We all are with you love to see you video t.c

  13. sameer aher

    Please don't compare with them they can't even close near 1 percentage. And don't tell the information which u don't know and study about history first then talk . I am from india.u just literally expose the security .

  14. Osamaa Shaikhh44

    Don’t make people fool .
    The drugs you are talking about . Do research on it where it’s smuggle from ?
    I’m gonna tell you where it’s coming from across all over the world and it’s Myanmar. Myanmar is the world’a largest supplier of smuggling drugs and heroine. It isn’t coming from Pakistan or any other country .

  15. Osamaa Shaikhh44

    Don’t make people fool .
    The drugs you are talking about . Do research on it where it’s smuggle from ?
    I’m gonna tell you where it’s coming from across all over the world and it’s Myanmar. Myanmar is the world’a largest supplier of smuggling drugs and heroine. It isn’t coming from Pakistan or any other country .

  16. Real Qasim

    Media on both sides are heavily censored. I'm from Pakistan and never knew about shelling on Indian side. Over here we mostly hear news on Indian shelling. Videos like these can connect us with each other. I don't blame either side as both are guilty. Both target civillians and military even if they don't confess. Please make more videos like these.

  17. supercars from hell

    Lol it’s quite funny when a gora (white person) who doesn’t know shit about India 🇮🇳 and Pakistan 🇵🇰 border history is giving lessons on who is smuggling and is also talking about terrorism. Lol stop ✋🏻 white supremacy and all your presumptions about other countries. remember every country has its own problems like here in India we have extreme poverty. Btw New Zealand is also not perfect (remember the terrorist attack) the terrorist was not an immigrant . And lol btw do you think Pakistan has the capacity to fulfill India’s 1.3 billion drug addicts , if that was the case Pakistan would have been filthy rich 🤑. Sometimes I think you are hired by Narendra Modi. You white people have been spreading hate in the subcontinent from the early 1600s. So just stop and go back to your country we have suffered a lot because of you guys. Both India 🇮🇳 and Pakistan 🇵🇰 are spending money on military which is of no use .

  18. Anshul Singh

    Bro im watching you after many months and i found out you now became more mature and serious guy i think this is what traveling make to a person 😀

  19. jibber Dab

    Its a shame that two beautiful countrys and nations cant get let along and if im.honest jummu and kashmir should be its own country

  20. Salman Saeed

    The totally biased things you are currently showing, instead of uniting you are just giving more space for bhakts to bash normal Indians who want peace.

  21. Shrijith Menon

    Muslims can never accept brotherhood..1 god 56 countries prove that..1 jihadi 72 virgin's …world class drug smuggling extortion
    .Jan 19th 1989 3 lac Hindu pandits mass exodus …Muslims only consider Muslims as humans ..and Sunni will be peaceful when all accept Islam killing each other and die…more than 300 sects of Islam and u find no father of Islam Arabs contribution in science technology…Jews Christians Hindus contribute most ..kill everyone in name of faith whether islamic or non islamic most will be Muslims doing heinous crimes barbaric acts from mughals killing of barbar to Aurangzeb to Pakistan every prime minister killed zulfiqar to Zia ul haq to benazir to murtuza to nawaz sharif to musharraf exile…to killing to Bangladeshi mujibur whole family…Islam knows to divide everyone ..13 wives of prophet with 9 year old Aisha can see sex addiction..most porn watched nation Pakistan and that too camel porn animal porn..

  22. MemeslocalyYT

    Look at my new recent meme compilation, started this account 2 days ago. Would really appreciate if u check me out And nice video karl rock.

  23. Joseph Soto

    Love your videos im Puertorican live in The U.S would love to travel to India one day been fascinated with the Indian culture and country I don't know why or how but I've always wanted to go thanks for your knowledge and advices

  24. Tarun Chopra

    proud of my grandfather today that he took a right step by coming to INDIA from Dera Ismail Khan (Khyber Pkhtunkhwa Province) in 1946.

  25. Dr. Vijay K. Parmar

    THIS IDIOT NEEDS TO DO HIS HOMEWORK. He doesn't know when the Indo-Pak wars were. The LOC is not an International border. Indian army arming the Baloch's? If only.

  26. Ali Warraich

    Hey Karl you are an Indian tout. Your opinion doesn’t matter you better try to be fair if you have the courage to speak on the sensitive matter like Kashmir.

  27. Mossawir Ahmed

    You are just representing indian side of the story. You mean Pakistan is delivering drug into Kashmir? Get your facts strieght. Pakistan is the victim of indian shelling why not cover that.

  28. mohsin hashmi

    India is a terrorist country and occupied in Jammu Kashmir without there consent. Indian military is using illegal and ban weapons in occupied Jammu Kashmir. Indian military is killing innocent Kashmiris and raped Kashmiri women. They are no basic rights for Kashmiris. They are living worse life in occupied Jammu Kashmir. Millions of Kashmiris killed by Indian army in fight of freedom. Minorities are not safe in India. Even Indian low cast Hindus are massively killed by Indian barhman Hindus. BJP Government policy is eliminate minorities from country. Few year ago Extremist Hindu killed hundred of Christians and burn the churches with the help of local police and local political party. Indian prime minister MODI is terrorist and he killed thousand of Muslims when he was chief minister of GUJARAT. Many of European countries and USA ban MODI to enter there country. After getting prime minister ship Noe the Doors go Open for MODI because due to diplomatic relations of country. Extremist Hindu destroy the Gurdawaras(Sikh’s place of worship) and killed massively Sikh brothers when the asked for freedom almost 35 years before. I requested to all international viewers who read my statement please pray for Kashmiri people because MODI Government decide to genocide Kashmiris. BJP is right hand of RSS. RSS claimed the india is for Hindus only and nobody instead of Hindus can be lived in India. I’m sure now the Indian uneducated people will be use abusive language for me but I don’t care because truth is always truth and we can break the mirror but we can’t be break the face.

  29. Kanu PUBG

    Karl , It's Great but I want to clear you up.
    India always had No first Attack policy.
    Pakistan attacked india just after 1 year of Independence.
    4 times and lost all four.
    They can play Gorilla wars now cause can't afford Full scale war like they did back in 90s.
    That's why india also opted for balauchistan freedom.
    Not to forget , baluchistan was occupied by pakistan through force.
    Whereas all indian states willingly opted to be part of india.
    Pakistan just wants Land.
    And India doesn't ,cause if it was the case,
    Lahore would be an indian capital, Bangladesh and Nepal , Myanmar,Bhutan would be indian states too.
    Don't compare Terrorist Nation to India.

  30. yash dongarwar

    INDIAN ARMY is most tolerant army in the world, they don't interfere in working of govt, unlike Pakistan, there if u speak what they want, u remain in power.

  31. rahul aryan

    Karl rock who gave u permission to shoot there? As a Indian citizen Ive rights to ask u coz I think u r a ISI agent, a terrorist pakistan financed intelligence agent. No one can do a doubt on u coz u r a foreigner. So u r filming the sensitive issue and information regarding my heart 'INDIA' on indo-pak border. I request bravest and kindest army of world to arrest u and shoot u man. Im going to inform indian army and foreign ministry to arrest u anyhow. U r finished man. Get out of my country u foolish,idiot.

  32. [Pegasus Productions]

    Since his first video, why Karl is so much obsessed about Pakistan?
    Why most of your videos are about Pakistan?
    Are you on some agenda about Pakistan?
    Who is paying Karl to do all this videos against Pakistan while living in India?

  33. myyou tubeaccount

    its not going to change anytime soon, just 2 weeks after your video lol.. Ur a proper nob jockey with a dislocated jaw u Mong.

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