How Do You Eat This Strange-Looking Vegetable?!

So earlier this week I did a harvesting video showing kind of how I harvest for my weekly vegetable bags and one of the things I was harvesting was kohlrabi and we had a lot of people Commenting on that video saying they want us to show ways to prepare it Because it looks like something fun to grow but they’re never eating it and they don’t know how to fix anything with it and so I’ll let you do the honors. Well, Kohlrabi is something I’ve been growing for probably about five or six years now I kind of happen to punt it and I’ve really loved to grow it in my garden in the fall and winter time in the springtime because it is insect resistant It’s easy to grow fast and this fast and it’s simple. So anybody that’s growing a garden if you’re a beginner gardener you definitely should be thinking about Kohlrabi if you’re an experienced gardener You should be thinking about kohlrabi because it adds a little special something that you’ve never had before Now your way you grow it is is just normally like you would any other brassicas However, it does tend to get ready a little quicker than your broccoli and things do for me So when I grow it you see you have this bulb here that’s right above the ground And I go up there and I take my knife and I shear it off right there. Then I take all the leaves off I take my knife and cut all the leaves off I’m not going to go through the whole process here, but give you an idea of what we do. And it looks about like a little little apple when you get all the leaves off of it now the Green ones or the white kohlrabi have a little more flattened bulb. The purple ones have a little more round bulb looking like a tennis ball. Yep. So you take this right here, and then you peel it just like you would an apple here I got one that’s already peeled here Now the way we like to do it is we like to put it in our little deal right here that my wife has a little grater, a little grater here, which I really like. Is that gonna catch it all. We’re gonna catch a enough to show it here, now you have to be careful with this thing here it will bust your knuckles You don’t want to get too greedy with that last a little bit No you don’t want to get to greedy, what I do is I take my other one and put it in there And kind of help push down now see here what you got You got this little strips here and we substitute this for cabbage and we make a coleslaw out of it Mm-hmm Excuse me, you could take this same right here and you could use your favorite coleslaw recipe The wife likes to dress it up a little bit with some ginger some more things but there is Multitude of things you can do with this right here And what I like about it is is these kohlrabi’s is pretty much single serving size So instead of a cabbage where you make way more coleslaw than what you need for a couple of people You can take a couple of these bulb’s right here Grade them up and it’s perfect servings for two to three people. A lot of people ask what scoot that Cutter over there to the side there A lot of people ask what this tastes like and the way I describe it’s got the texture of like a cucumber little more of the flavor of a cabbage. Yep. and it’s really good Now, it’s not spicy really it’s uh, It’s good. So I like to so you got something right here. I got some right here That’s been doctored up, doctored up and I like to take a little onion Spring onion as we call it and cut on top of that with some of the greens on there. Mm-hmm And I want you to look what we got right here Let’s show everybody what that looks like. I’m wanting to dig in it’s already been doctored up Almost looks like a little noodle dish or something there. Oh it’s delicious alright now give you a try of that. Okay. Give me a big ol bite here a little bit of everything Another thing you can do that I did the other night is I put a little lime juice on it. That right here that’s amazing. So this is a fresh dish it’s not cooked. So what you got in there? ohh a actually Mrs. Hoss is the one that prepared this it’s kind of her thing we may have to post the recipe, okay Well, have to get back to everybody on the recipe. I’m umm I kind of oversee it and she does all the, you know, the making part of it She she experiments, she made some the other night, she put ginger I had a little lime juice to it. I mean, you know the Possibilities are endless. Now I, it’s like a little coleslaw. Yeah, I love onions that’s the reason we always put onions on there. That’s good stuff right there. You could eat that by itself. You can put that on a hot dog or a bratwurst mm-hmm, and it would be good or just You know by itself as a salad right there so Kohlrabi comes in green and purple They both grow pretty similar to me and when you peel them they all look the same inside there Yeah so and we got a new variety coming next year called a Quickstar which is a kind of hybrid improved variety For those that like to grow to hybrids and stuff like that. I made a mess. You did make a mess. It’ll be alright. Let’s say to everybody before we get any further. Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly Row by Row Garden Show. I’m Travis and I’m Greg and we’re excited that you’re joining us tonight. If this is your first time watching our show go ahead and hit that subscribe button down below and hit that bell button So you get notified every time we come out with a new video and if you’re a frequent viewer of our channel It’s always good to have you back. So we’ve got Kohlrabi being harvested lots of things being harvested we had Kale soup video come out earlier this week showing how to make that we’ve talked about that a lot. Another thing that’s new for me this year and if you really want to impress your wife you pick her some flowers in a Dixie cup Well who woulda thought you could grow nice flowers this time of the year. I wouldn’t have I never really grown cool flowers and our friend Lisa Talks about cool flowers all the time, but I’ve never really tried it or done it But I can tell you I wish I had grown more of them, next year My cool flower game is gonna be on point, this year I was a rookie at it, but I can say that It it’s amazing and it’s just add some nice color to your garden. So, this is our calendula prince mix and there’s actually I don’t know if you can tell on camera they all kind of look yellow but there are some slight variations in the you know it favors a marigold to me a little bit, it is it’s what they call a Scottish marigold I think or maybe a french there are several different variations of Marigold but this particular one makes a great cut flower it does make a good cut flower and The stems will get I’d say a little bit longer than that So you could put them in a bigger vace like a mason jar or something like that I’ve got them in this fancy green Dixie cup, right here. You did well with your green, Your green your green complements your yellow well with your solo cup. Yeah a very very nice presentation I was trying to see if I could find some of these that are Differ I noticed it well, so you plant these after the weather cools off a little bit, correct? Yeah so I planted these same time I planted some my beets that are getting ready and kohlrabi that’s getting ready and So for zone eight, I’m assuming you’re talking about first of October, somewhere around there. Yeah, grew these from transplants and They grew pretty good in the seed trays, so We’ve got a lot more flower varieties coming Being added to the site within the next month or so Some of those are cool flower varieties so next year I’m gonna have my cool flower game Kicked up a notch. I may dip my toe in that a little bit. I love growing flowers, and I don’t know I couldn’t tell you what Temperatures are gonna kill these things. I don’t know if we get a hard frost, you know, 25 degrees will knock them back I don’t know, but I do know right now they are They are steadily going on Great color for this time of the year. So we’ve been in this kind of strange weather pattern here where we’ve been getting some rain about once every week and what will happen is They’ll breathe this progression where it gets warmer and warmer and we’ll get up to about a 75 almost 80 degrees yesterday 80 degree day once it gets real hot like that. You know it’s about to rain and Then you’ll get a rain and then the temperature will drop and it will cool on down and then it will drop down to about mid 30s and then Within that next week after that little really sharp drop it will start gradually warming back up, rain cool down again It’s been this little cycle We’ve been in the last month or so. When I see that temperature start warming up I wanna make sure my plants have got plenty of fertility I went out here the other day Knowing that that temperature was gonna rise up and I I hit my plants again, shooting some juice to them yep Yep, my lettuce you can stand outside And watch it grow so the Good thing about having those little warm spells there is it’s keeping things growing good my English peas are looking real good and I’m almost tempted and I ain’t figured out how I’m gonna rig it yet But I’m thinking about making me a little tunnel over my pea trellis cause I Got some work in them things and I’d hate for a hard frost come-along and zap them once they just looking just right like they are now so I might take me some PVC pipe Put me some rebar in the ground And make me a little hoop and put me some white a clear plastic over the top of it And if that works, I could have English peas for months to come sounds like a lot of work to me. If anybody out there has ever tried anything like that, let me know in the comments So we’ve been real busy around here. We got a lot and I say a lot of new varieties We’re putting off for next year. A lot of seed varieties man next year is gonna be kicking around here We got the girls packing them now we’re getting them in daily and we are excited about what we got coming out for 2020 Yeah so I’ve been busy doing product pages for the Website got lots of really exciting pie pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, a lot of winter squash pumpkins were adding summer squash the other day I was writing product pages for watermelons and That’s just torture this time of year. I just my mouth was watering I wanted to go buy me a watermelon so bad, but we got some orange watermelon, some a yellow watermelon, called baby doll, lots of good watermelon. Cantaloupes, we’re adding some cantaloupes we’ve got some OP varieties and we’re gonna be getting one called Athena which is Supposed to be kind of top of the list, it’s the that’s a standard go-to commercial variety in our area. Yeah. a couple of other things Talking about the seeds there So we’re adding those seeds to it And as far as the seeds go, I just wanted to mention this so that there’s obviously there’s lots of different places out There you can buy seeds But if you buy seeds from us or if you’re interested in our seeds we make these three promises I promise you will ship faster than anybody out there selling seeds online. There’s no doubt about that We’ll pack them and ship them faster than anybody out there We also germ test and store our seeds better than anybody out there We germ test everything we have every nine months so our germ testing program is top of the line and the third thing is You won’t beat our customer service. If for some reason you do have an issue We’ll take care of that if something doesn’t germinate well for you All you gotta do is give us a call. What we’ll try to do is figure out why that happened and If it was because the seed was bad will be glad to send you some more or we’ll try to figure out What you could have done different to to get them to work. Can I expand on that a minute? Sure so we have made a lot of investment in our seed facility to make sure that the climate conditions we store them in are ideal. Also, we’ve made big investments in our shipping system So that’s the reason we’re able to store these seeds in a situation or environment so that they’re going to be good They’re not in somebody’s carport They’re not somebody’s house or whatever or whatever these things are stored in the primary They need to be so that they’re good seeds and we can ship these orders pack them and get them out immediately Because if you place your order before 3 o’clock p.m. Eastern, Eastern Time that order is going out that day and we do not ship surepost we ship post office And UPS, so it’s not going to be one of these things where you get drugged out A lot of these seed companies are using surepost or some of these other Systems take two weeks, that takes two weeks That’s not the way we do things we get your order out that day and it gets on the road going to you because we know you want those seeds when you Order them. Yeah, if you order if it’s a smaller order a smaller box usually goes Priority Mail Which means it gets anywhere in the country in three days The bigger stuff goes UPS ground for most of the country from where we are in, Georgia That’s two to three days. West Coast is closer to five days, and we’re not perfect around here, we don’t expect everything to be perfect We understand. We got a how many varieties you think we got we’re gonna have? Will end up with close to 300-400 we try to do our best But if there is a problem, this is what we tell our customer service people and this is how to handle customer service It’s a mandate to make the customer happy. So if you have any problem whatsoever Our job is to make you happy and that’s the way that we handle customer service We don’t care what the issue is If you’re not happy, we’re here to make you happy and that’s the way whoever answers that phone That is the chore or that is the mandate that they have is to make that customer happy. That’s right. So if for some reason another you do have a problem with something other don’t sweat it all you gotta do is call email Whatever and you can be rest assured We’re gonna make you happy And speaking of shipping and a lot of people in the comments have been asking where your Gardening with Greg videos have been, why you ain’t Posting videos with it. He’s been really busy in the back getting a new shipping software implemented getting some new Workflow systems implemented and things seem to be going pretty good our previous system we had If we had over 200, 200 orders a day, it would kind of hamstring us this new system. What do you think our capacity? We can double that, so about 400 orders a day. So we’re doing all we can to be able to make sure we can get those orders out Same day you order them so you don’t have to wait now a lot of times Those orders are packed I’m talking as they’re coming in. So you might order something and 30 minutes later get a tracking number on it It’s that fast. Customer service and fast shipping is a pet peeve of mine. Pet peeve bad customer service and slow shipping is a uhh yeah, I won’t anyway let’s move on Let’s move on. Alright, so he’s getting to be Christmas time we ain’t but a few weeks away and So it’s gift-giving season time, yes it is, and everybody’s getting there Christmas shopping done You you got some most of yours taken care of. I did just did some just a few moments ago Okay. I’m wrapping it up. Okay, I’m close to it. Done mine online. I’m close to I got everybody took care of but my wife and she ain’t really sent me anything She want and I told her she’d better come on or it’s gonna be empty. Yeah we had to have a little conversation about that cause my wife Went out of budget a little bit and we had uh-oh and we had to work on that. Uh-oh Anyway, so today we want to go over our top ten and these won’t be any particular order but our top 10 Christmas gifts That we have in our product line and we try to keep this in the reasonable price range under $100, you know kind of in that gift price range So it would cover everybody on your list and we want to go through these and all these are really kind of Items that we we sell a lot of they’re really popular But also make really good gifts and I promise you whoever you get them for won’t be disappointed And number one is number one is and I don’t know we made an official announcement that we had these on the site. So we did a giveaway with some of these tools here while back we’ve carried this Hoe Dag for a while and we recently added this little hand shovel here and this nice little rake and I like the fact that these handles are offset a little bit gives you a little more action there Getting in so we call this the Hoe Dag Tool Kit you get the Hoe Dag which is kind of a little chisel hoe This nice little cultivating rake here and this nice little shovel which you can transplant with or turn over the soil All these are made in the USA high carbon steel Really really high quality tools the way they make these things with the handles and the rivets there You ain’t going to break them and they gonna last a lifetime. So we call that our Hoe Dag Tool Kit. What does that come in at? I I don’t know. Ahh I don’t know, I didn’t. It’s under $100 Yeah, and just to, all these are under $100 and I’ve created a page on our website a page called gift ideas and I’ll put if you’re watching this on YouTube, I’ll put a link to that page below we’ll have all these ten that we show today plus a few more so you can see them all on one page there and Do your shopping there. So that was what we call our Hoe Dag Tool Kit. The next one is something that you you’ve got something that’s Kind of somebody’s hard to buy for But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. We got an ideal, right here. And these are these make excellent stocking stuffers Excellent stocking stuffers Let me just just sit them up right here So everybody can see them so these are what we call our seed collections and each of these has I think 10 seed packs in them, yeah, so You get this nice little tin here. You can reuse this store your seeds or whatever and so you get There’s one two, three, four, five, there’s six in this one some of them there’s eight some of them there’s 10, but they’re themed and Actually, they’re seven you get Lots of seeds in there plant all kind of stuff. This is our pollinator garden collection. So you get some cockscomb, some cosmos, some ageratum, some sunflowers, and zinnias. So each of these are themed nice little tin these things fit nicely in a little stocking or Little gift bag and I believe these come in at $19.99. That’s right. So we got the pollinator We’ve got the heirloom garden, we’ve got the cool season garden, and then the fresh salad garden collection. Something for everyone. That’s right. Alright and the next one maybe something that your not you wouldn’t think about buying somebody for Christmas and I especially if they love to garden or if they just love to work in the yard This is a good idea this is something that everybody can use and everybody can benefit from And like he said this is not something you would normally think of as a gift but I promise you everybody that grows a garden can use this stuff this 20-20-20 fertilizer because it’s easy to use it’s anybody has got a watering can sitting around you don’t have to have a fantasy system You dissolve some in the watering can and feed your plants. You know, we’re all about growing vegetables but this stuff works wonderful on ornamentals as well with your flowers and everything if Anybody likes growing anything They’re gonna like this stuff and it’s gonna be very useful for them the same exact product as the miracle growing except it’s Less expensive so that is our 20-20-20 water-soluble fertilizer. And then the next one on the list is for the the preservers out there And this is our mason tops Fermentation kit and so this gives you basically everything you need except the jar To make your own fermented foods whether it be carrots, pickles, you could ferment some of that kohlrabi. Oh yeah. Anything you want to ferment you’ve got everything in here, you’ve got the the jar tamper you’ve got the the pickle pipes, the lids that let the The keep the airlock right airlock so everything you need in there Even the the glass weights that hold everything in the jar below that liquid level This is a great little kit here a great little gift and it’s easy to wrap comes in this nice sturdy box here Wrap that up. A good beginners kit for fermentation pickling and it’s got a really good little recipe book in there and so get you get your probiotics going on with that fermenting kit. Next we’ve got a few more hand tools So we showed you our Hoe Dag tool kit earlier, this is what we call our small garden tool kit So these are tools that are made by our buddy, Will, blacksmith in, Missouri and these are hand made and We give a lifetime warranty on these So if anything ever happens to them, you just let us know and we will replace them. Best of my memory We’ve only had one of these that has come back that was broke and we replaced it. I don’t ever remember warranting anything else With this kit. Right. That’s how sturdy it is. Yeah I ain’t never heard of anybody bending one of these trowels in fact, I seen Will do a video one time He put one of these trowels in a vise, now Will he’s Professional blacksmith and been one for a long time so he’s got some forearms on him He put this thing in a vise and he couldn’t He couldn’t turn it over and bend it So you get the trowel you get this crows foot cultivator and you get the batwing hoe there It’s a great little set for raised bed or container gardens everything you need right there. Alright, next one is a product that we brought out this year that we’ve been using for Three or four years and we think it’s great We’ve brought it out with our brand on there so we could sell it to the customer Micro-Boost, yep, we’ve had great reviews on this stuff of course, we knew it worked well, but had a lot of customers that have really enjoyed using this stuff and We call it micro-boost supplement because that’s exactly what it is whatever kind of fertilizer your using add a little of this micro-boost and it’s a supplement gives you all your micro nutrients it has everything in it Besides your N-P-K so you got your NPK which is main fertilizer And this one here rounds it all out with everything that plant could need and everybody that we’ve talked to that use this stuff has experienced the same thing we do you can since it’s in liquid form there and you can watch your plants pop when you spoon feed them with this stuff once every couple of weeks and You’d be surprised how healthy your plants look and you can’t mess up with it. You can’t burn with it So it’s a great product, right. Alright Our next one is probably one of our most popular items and one of them we’ve had this one a long time we’ve had this Product back since when we were just Wheel Hoes. This is our over the shoulder harvesting bucket and you get the little straps there We don’t have it installed the straps that sits right here right here, right there on your belly, if you like Me you got a big belly kind of rest it’s got a little curve on it so it can fit around that big belly, that uhh However your belly shape there and This is one of those things. You don’t realize how much you needed this a long time ago until you get one and We pick everything in it. We pick mulberries in it We pick figs in it, we pick muscadines, tomatoes, but let me tell me talk about this just for a second So you think to you’re self and it was designed for picking fruit But when you lean over like you’re picking tomatoes on the ground this thing will kind of level itself out And you just you just shovel them in there. Right. Yeah. Okra, okra. Just about anything you can imagine. Everybody loves these picking buckets. I don’t think I’ve ever had single one of these come back. Made in USA. Made in the USA. Alright now our next one on the list are these garden gloves here and I wanna open this one up cause I wanna show everybody. Let me get my knife out here. So these aren’t just any garden gloves out here These are very tough and useful garden gloves But they’re also the most comfortable garden gloves a lot of gloves out there When you put especially them big old leather ones when you put them on You really can’t do a whole lot. You can hold on to a chainsaw, but you can’t change the oil in it You can’t put gas in it You can’t work on the blade these right here and I wear a large you probably wear extra-large. You got all that Arthur in your hands So the the top part of them here is this made of the stretchy material That helps it fit real tight and nice on your hands and then you got this padded portion right here So you maintain a lot of your dexterity with these. Dexterity. You can still do a lot of things. Just we’ve been using these for a long time. We brought them on I think last year and Best garden gloves there are out there in my opinion. It comes in three sizes, I believe small, medium, no excuse me 4 sizes a small, medium, large, and extra-large and we’ve got The kind of green color here and we’ve got the red color there. So these are great for Women will like them because they’re comfortable Men will like them because they’re comfortable and tough as well. I mean we sell them as garden gloves, but they also great driving gloves, I use these for picking okra. Yeah Lots of different things. And I alternate between every other time I’ll get a different color. I’m on the green pair right now I had the red ones before and I wore them out and I’m on the green ones now So yeah, just go back and forth. Yep. Alright. What we got next, the next one is our most Popular gift item. Yeah, where’s it at? Over there, oh it’s over here Gotta grunt down there and get it. So as many of you know We sell some of our products on Amazon you can get them cheaper if you buy them directly from us But this thing right here is really really popular on our Amazon store and on our site as well and this is a unique gift and You look at this and some people will say I could make one of those You couldn’t make it This well cause you tried it, didn’t you. Yeah, if you’ve got a lady that you’d like to buy a gift for and she’s maybe not a gardener. I Guarantee, she’ll love this right here. It makes for a great Addition to the kitchen they can put their vegetables in here and they can wash them off Even if she’s not a gardener she would love this right if she is a gardener she would like it even better. If you’re a garden you pick you stuff and then you can rinse it off there outside Because it can flow through that wire frame and this wire stuff is tough here this is some good stuff same thing that’s on our potting bench and but it like you said if you don’t like to garden a lot of people like to use these just to they go to the Grocery store and they keep their vegetables for the week in here. Of course. It’s got a great logo on it too. Mm-hmm. That’s right burned in there. And then our last one number 10 right there by you. Are our pruning shears and these puppies have a lifetime warranty on them. They are sharp right out of the box, be careful with them. There’s no nonsense pruners. This is for getting the job done Real simple. There is no extra frills or extra pieces on there to get hung up or break or tear up. It’s just If you if you’re gonna do some pruning I’ve been using these on my muscadine vines You got a little bolt there. You can take them apart sharpen them I’ve had a pair for three or four years. The only maintenance I’ve ever done is every now and then I’ll I’ll sprayed me some WD-40 right in there and Just kind of lubricate everything but you shouldn’t have any problems with those now You can take these apart and sharpen them, but I’m gonna tell you what’s special about these This is not a mystery still. This is high carbon steel and if you familiar with steels whatsoever You remember those old case knives that turns black on you or those old kitchen knives that would turn black and get a patina that steel was good because it’s easy to sharpen and it holds the blade real good. Some of these new clippers that they got out there have these mystery steels in there this stainless and everything that you can’t sharpen and won’t get real sharp because they just want you to buy another pair. The benefit of this particular one here is the steel That’s right. Sharp easy to sharpen Need to keep it coated with some mineral or some some type of oil take care of it Put it out of the weather when you’re not using it and it’ll last you a long long time Simple to take apart and sharpen if you need to if you see pruners out there and they say they’re made with surgical steel Back away. I won’t tell you what that actually means but it’s not good. So there you have it There’s ten great gift ideas. Ten great gifts and check out that page We didn’t mention our new seed starting kits, but but they’re on that page those make great gifts as well We talked about those last week. If you didn’t see that you can go watch last week’s show so The gift ideas page all kind of good stuff they’re what we mentioned today and a few more and we’ve got some questions from last week’s show that we want to talk about or Answer and if we do answer your question on the show Send us an email with your address to [email protected] and we’ll be glad to send you a nice little prize. So, let’s see what we got here. Our first question comes from Marino Bortoli and he says I’m using your cell trays to sow seeds The seedlings grow to about an inch and do not develop develop further. Can I have your advice? Well, I think what’s happening is a fertility problem. I think you may be right So once those plants come up out of the dirt They have two little these small leaves on them and about all your plants must say all you plant something about dicots which are broadleaves have two little small leaves on them and when those leaves Start going away and you start developing two more leaves We call those the tree leaves so we don’t call the first thing you see a true leaf the second set, third and fourth I guess is where you’d say it is when it comes out and it becomes a true leaf when a plant gets to that true Leaf stage is when you need to start throwing some fertilizer on to it now You want to hit it kind of like the first time or two because it’s just developing that root system We use 20-20-20 and we use our inject not an injector but our brass siphon mixer, brass siphon mixer to shoot our 20-20-20 in there and I would recommend that if you’re an experienced gardener or and you have the time and wherewithal to do it because It gets there quick and you can regulate it. You can put right When you want it, you can shoot it spoon feed them, spoon feed them, there’s a different method if you don’t have all that and you want to be successful you can take this product right here and mix it in with your potting soil and It will give that plant the nutrients it needs and it’s going to be a little bit slower but it’s going to be a good method to use if you don’t have the wherewithal to use the 20-20-20 to spoon feed it and That’s the same stuff that we put in the kits it is It’s an organic fertilizer it’s poultry manure mix it in with your potting soil and that plant will have it now I’m not gonna tell you the plants going to do quite as well as if what if you did if you babied it along with the 20-20-20 and the micro-boost but it’s the next best thing but the two problems we see with seed starting is number one, light the plants getting Leggy and number two not have enough fertility. Mm-hmm because you gotta remember that you’re starting with a sterile potting mix for the most part with the pro mix Sterile seed starting mix which is what you want to have. But that means there’s really nothing in there So you got to shoot that fertilize that seed has Enough energy to pop out and come up to get to that true leaf stage when it gets to that true leaf stage Then you take over from there and give it some food. Okay, number two prefer Travis in it from MJP, and he says any plans to sell the seed starting tray separate from the kits I like the Humidity domes and the trays and inserts, but I don’t need the wood labels or the soil So I had quite a few people ask this within the last week since our show aired and This has been my response to everybody which is the truth to be honest with you we don’t really have anything in that soil or That little bit of fertilizer or those labels or markers in there Those are just the added value we put in there so you have bonus items, bonus items you that you have Everything you need if we took those items out Some people are asking this because they think it would be cheaper if we didn’t put those things in there It would be the same price if we took those items out. Those are just kind of bonus items That we put in there just to make it complete It wouldn’t change the cost of the trays and it doesn’t change the cost of shipping really any. Right. So so, you know that those are negligible items To us, but should be very valuable to you So don’t let that hang you up on the kits if we took those out It would be the same and everybody can always use a little more potting soil or fertilizer and labels. Right, right Alright, our next question is from reduen, I think I’m saying that right, and he says I know this question is off topic But it never hurts to ask I have a problem with cedar rust on my apple trees I was wondering if you guys have anything that could help me with this problem When you have cedar rust on your apple trees the host for cedar rust is of course cedar trees So if you got a cedar tree close around the best thing you can do is do away with it and that would help control The cedar rust on your apple trees cuz that would take away the host. Mm-hmm however, if you in a situation where you can’t do that If you got a neighbor that’s got one close by and you can’t do that. Then these other ways you can still help control it Use coppertox, coppertox use copper sun coppertox I’m thinking about goat feed we used to put coppertox on goat feet for I thought you use talking about Coppertone sunscreen. No, we’re talking about copper that we sell. What’s the name of the copper products? we sell Liquid Cop, Liquid Cop take the liquid cop and spray it on your apple trees at pre bloom stage But once that apple tree gets full leaves on there. Then you have to move over to a couple more products sulfur and actually Neem Oil. Neem oil will help suppress the the cedar rust some so use your copper products early on once it gets to that full leaf stage you want to switch over and use Neem Oil and you can also use Sulfur the problem with neem oil and so far they work great but they wash off real easy and you have to reapply Pretty regular so you can switch over and use those products and they’re a lot safer. Once that Apple sits on the bloom and when you have full foliage, so there you have it Take away that host if you can that cedar tree treat early on with copper then move on to Neem Oil. Neem Oils gonna help with also your insects and then If you can get in a sulfur type product use on those to me more than the sulfurs are really safe Alright move on to number, number four Mike Heidberg, Heidburg I thinks how you say that he’s got two questions actually He says I never see you guys using the plow attachments to actually turn over the soil or turn under small cover crops The second is I never see fences around your gardens if I didn’t have a fence I would be stripped bare Thanks much. Enjoy the show Okay, so two questions and I meant to bring up our plow set attachment for the wheel hoe so I could talk a little bit more about this, but The wheel hoe is not the plow we never show the plows being used like that because that’s not what they’re designed to do our plow set on the wheel hoe are designed for making a furrow or making a hill They’re not designed like a bottom plow. You pull behind a tractor to flip over inches and inches of soil They’re just not designed for that. We don’t use them for that And not to say you couldn’t get out there and wear your hiney out real quick like trying it But that’s not what they’re designed for there’s better methods, there’s better ways to skin that cat the second thing The fences around the garden. He actually does have a fence around his garden I got a portable fence that I use cause I have trouble with rabbits. Uh-huh. So I have a portable fence that I can move around to keep the rabbits out. Yeah, I don’t have a fence around my garden And and I’ve got a couple cats now. I’ve got a dog and I know what a lot of people have a problem with deer, but neither one of us have a deer problem. No, no, no I’ll sit in the stand and hunt deer and can’t see a much less coming out in my garden and on the rabbits I have the cats the dogs and I also imply a Elmer Fudd strategy. I will go out into my garden several times between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 and in the evening I’m assuming yeah, I keep my shotgun handy and If you see a rabbit, they usually stand still for you and we’ll take care of that problem You’re just gonna start eating before we finish the show I can’t stand it. I’m hungry, you hungry, okay Well, I hope everybody enjoy the show tonight. If you did give us a big thumbs up, Give us a big like, or a share and go check out that gift page on our website and we hope everybody Has a great night and a great weekend. See you later.

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  1. Michael Morris

    I have placed a lot of orders from Hoss Tools… I don't want to lie.. probably more than 20, but I haven't gone and counted, and I can tell you every single order has arrived fast… even when I really didn't need it to happen fast… they simply ship whatever you order. I think if Travis was any happier he would need professional help. Glad to see someone really excited about their business, and doing what they love. Seen several things tonight, I didn't even know you had… hard to believe as many times as I've been on your website… usually I have a list, and I'm focused on getting what I need and getting back to work. Looks like I'm gonna be placing yet another order soon. I still have several gifts to by, and probably going to get several of them from Hoss.

  2. MJ P

    Keep the geese away from kohlrabi, Ask me how I know ……

    I've ordered from Hoss a few times and it's not uncommon for orders to arrive * ahead * of schedule.

  3. Right Wing Environmentalist

    On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love came to me, Hoss Tools with Garden Seeds.

    On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love came to me, 2 wheeled hoes
    and Hoss Tools with Garden Seeds.

  4. Bren C

    Really enjoyed the video. I have been recommending HOSS TOOLS to everyone that gardens here in East Texas because of your excellent customer service, the best seeds and great products made in the USA.

  5. Robert McMeel

    These gentlemen are correct, their service is second to none. I have made 3 different orders with them and the shipping was super fast. My last order was for 2 of the germination kits. One of the lids came in broken, because the carrier threw the package around and broken, not because of their packing. Our emails back and forth were very positive and they replaced the lid at no additional cost. Very happy with their products and exceptional service.
    Glad I saw your show on the kohlrabi. Tried it for the first time this year and it is very good. Will continue to grow this one.
    Many thanks for the shows and the 2 minuet tips that you do, very informative. Keep up the good work

  6. reduen

    Thanks guys, my wife bought me a couple of hats from you and I was tickled. I have never paid that much for a hat before but I am glad that she got them for me…

  7. Angie1111

    Love to watch you two. I've shown videos to my dad, we are the only ones in the family that garden. He drives the tractor🙃 he's no longer with us, complete shock with his passing, dec 8. I've walked out to our garden area since, I couldn't stay long, kind of lost. Remember to hug each other❤️ anyhow, great products/fast shipping, great channel!

  8. Carol Avant

    Most of y'all know what I think about the Hoss Toos' customer service – It's second to NONE! I also can't say too much about Hoss seeds. For years, I bought seeds from other companies, and it was a crap shoot. I have much more success with Hoss seeds, and you can't put a price on the guidance you get with this company!! They really have helped me grow my own food!

  9. Portia Holliday

    The set is looking ans sounding perfect! Calendula is a flower that will and does volunteer in zone 6. The seeds look like curled toenails:-) Right now in the winter we Northerners are in no hurry to get seeds fast. We have until April to get our seeds. A unique and valuable seed that Hoss sells are Sunn Hemp cover crop seeds. To see Sunn Hemp's beautiful deep yellow flowers plan to grow it behind a fence bc the PA whitetail deer love it, legumes, and ate my tops. Yesterday I collected (3) full bags of leaves at a restaurant's parking lot while I waited for my lunch order of fried zucchini. I always have empty plastic Starbucks bags in the back of my car. The LONG handle tools are the way to go so you can enjoy your gardening. I NEVER use handheld tools. A great gift for a gardener is an artist apron. I got mine from Amazon BUT I use a leather Carhart tool belt as of late.

  10. That Texan

    Holy Cow! Now I have to add Kohlrabi to my seed list. My garden is being "re-focused" in 2020. The Hubby is Type-2 diabetic (runs in his family) and so I am newly committed to having our garden reflect what we should be eating, if we could find it in our limited grocery stores. Out with the potatoes and corn to make room for more variety in greens and, now, Kohlrabi. I just have to solve my issue with some of them getting too leggy when I start them out.
    I can tell folks, that the MasonTops Fermentation kit is wonderful, especially if you have been thinking about the benefits of fermentation (and we should really all be thinking about the benefits of fermentation, I think it is a "habit" that our country grew out of that we need to grow back into … did that make sense?). You can find imitators but MasonTops is the way to go. You get what you pay for and these products are made to last. (and No, I don't work for the company … I am just a transplanted Texan sitting on this stupid mountain =)

  11. Rhonda Ayers

    Couple of questions. First, if you plant on a smaller scale and do not need/use a full pack of seeds (any type) how long will they store assuming they are stored properly. Second, does fertilizer go bad over time meaning if it’s stored to long does it’s composition change?I came across a bag that was left over from a few seasons back and when I opened it it smells very strong of ammonia. I assumed it was not safe to use on plants (20 20 20).

  12. Farmer Bob

    We’re of Eastern European descent and kohlrabi is used extensively (along with cabbage) in lots of soups, stews and sides. It’s kind of a mild turnip. My favorite is au gratin, baked with cream and topped with cheese. Powerful stuff!

  13. Scott Johns

    I’ve never seen a grater like that, didn’t know I needed one till now and that hand forged garden set was sweet to. It’ll be on my Christmas list.

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