How hard is it to jump over a fence like Colton on ‘The Bachelor’?

-If you’ve been watching
this season of “The Bachelor,” you might have noticed that they
keep teasing this one moment. -Let’s take a sneak peek
at the most dramatic and unpredictable season in
the history of “The Bachelor.” -Colton!
-Oh, my God! -What just happened?
-Colton! -Oh, my God! -It’s the moment you’ve been
waiting for all season. -Colton!
-Colton! -Holy —
-We have a lot of questions. Why is he doing that?
Is he okay? Is it that he’s really
emotional, and that gave him
a rush of adrenaline, or is it that
he’s just really strong, or can anyone hop
a fence like that? So we came to the Bolt
parkour gym in Bethesda, and we’re here to get
some answers with Diego. He’s a parkour instructor. And Dave wanted to come,
so he’s here, too. I don’t know why. -Coming up on
the Washington Post video that you clicked on —
-Oh, my God! -So, Diego,
you have seen this footage. -Yes.
As a parkour instructor, I definitely could say
he could use better technique. -Really?
-Yes. -I saw that, and it was like
he’s like — fwoop! — and just, like,
levitating up. But you think he actually kind
of sucks at this, like Dave? -I would say he definitely is probably at a Dave level.
-Okay. -I would say that he could do
a lot better. When he goes up the wall, he uses a lot
of his power in his arms. -Mm-hmm. -Which when you want to go
run up a wall, a lot of it actually drives
from your legs and your feet. What do you guys
want to work on? -Uh, bursting into tears
and jumping over a fence. -Got it. -Coming up after the break —
-Oh, my God! -How tall was that fence,
do you think? -I’d say maybe seven
or eight feet tops. -All right. -I’m gonna run up first and then
go up the mat, trying to reach as high
as possible on the wall. -Okay, that’s what
we’re aiming for. Get emotional. -I would say
that’s like six feet. -Get away from me,
Chris Harrison! -I didn’t deserve Tia’s love! -I’m still gonna watch
next season! That was worse. -Coming up on this video — -It wasn’t as bad
as I thought it was gonna be. -If you watch the clip,
when Colton goes over — -Oh, I’ve seen it. -A lot of his leg movement
isn’t very precise, and it’s not as efficient
as it could be. When your hands touch the top,
you want to bring yourself up into what we call
a front support so that you’re really
pushing up and your legs are really supported
by your arms, and your whole
body’s up and over. -Like Ariel in
“The Little Mermaid.” -Exactly.
Just like “The Little Mermaid.” -Arielle?
-What’s her name? -“Like Arielle
in ‘Gilmore Girls. ‘”
-Going up in the front support, and, then, I’m gonna kick
my hips up, land on top so I can just stand right up. Very good.
There you go. Much better.
-Oh, no. -Oops. -It wasn’t as bad as I thought
it was gonna be. -No, that was pretty good. The ending was
the bad part, but — -Coming up next —
-Oh, my God! -I want to try this.
-These two blocks stacked up on each other
are about seven feet tall. -Oh, no!
No! -The way he’s doing it is very
similar to the way you do it. You push up and over. And the way we parkour correctly
would do it, running up the wall,
driving up that wall so you get up and over, and using that momentum
from the wall-rise. -Coming up after the break,
which is this clip — -And then I’d land and roll. -No!
-Very good. Not bad at all. -The same.
-No, that — -Totally.

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Reader Comments

  1. meow meow

    bahahhaha i cant believe this chubby turd is trying to say he could jump that fence better than Colton. yaaaa, sure you can buddy. you eat those taco bell crunch wraps and keep believin' ~

  2. Frodo's Mascara

    you can say a lot of things about colton, but you can't say he doesn't do a great fence jump. he just didn't need to use his legs and that's more impressive than good leg form.

  3. Tsunauticus III

    Big boi just jealous that he has no upper body strength. He can’t manage to pull his chubby frame up a short vertical structure with his arms. Hims jelly AF.

  4. Mathy Don

    This is stupid. I have literally become stupider after watching this. Look- I just wrote “stupider” … I’ve never done that before, it’s so stupid

  5. END

    Democrocy died when Democrat leaders introduced free socialism gift bags with new communism policies. Long live our Constitutional Republic!

  6. dub2459

    "democracy dies in darkness" oh you mean like anyone that disagrees with Democrats being banned from every form of social media… yeah I agree

  7. nlitenurmind

    Is this supposed to prove a Trump wall won't work? Dems are pathetic. 🏗🧱🧱🧱🧱🇺🇸🧱🧱🧱🧱🇺🇸🧱🧱🧱🧱🇺🇸🧱🧱🧱🧱

  8. Doc 23

    I've jumped my fair share of fences and walls as a Army ground pounder. The key to a smooth hop-over is in the core strength. You need to be able to swing your opposing foot over the obstacle and use it as leverage to carry the rest of your body over.

  9. Bunty Chea

    The coach seems bitter that Colton made it look so easy. Technique, schmecknique, he muscled a bar pullover. Parkour not needed.

  10. Gerald V Woodall Jr

    This dude is a professional football player. No fuck'n duh he can just hop a fence. Come to the ghetto, I'll show you lil kids that can flip over that fence w/ ease. This is not impressive at all.

  11. Jeff Putnam

    Much better question would be "Why do humans seek entertainment in watching someone engaged in self-created drama?" Doesn't say much for those that watch tv. Have fun sheep!

  12. Q

    This is some fuckin…..hardcore journalism right here. Putting Cronkite to shame with this masterpiece of reporting. What a washed up sack-o-shit you guys are.

  13. B

    It's not hard if your young and strong, I probably could not do that at my age 65, but when I was 26 like Colton it would have been so easy.

  14. Laura Bastedo

    Colton didn't have a running leap. If you are doing a "how hard is it" video, you need to do it the way he did it! Saunter up to the fence and then spring up… none of this running start nonsense. It invalidated the whole video for me, and that's disappointing, because I would have watched it otherwise.

  15. Jenn Cammel

    Why do people act like this video is the death of journalism? The Washington Post, like most publications have different sections. News, sports, weather, tech, food, and yes, entertainment

  16. Smiley Girl

    I don't watch the bachelor but my nanny came over and played this episode today and as soon as I saw this jump I was like…. bruh this seems so fake. Cool to see this video report

  17. enna e.

    no way the gate is 7-8ft… in the clip, you can see when Colton's right up to it it's about the same height as he is (which according to google is 6'3"). He's barely off the ground before he's able to push himself up & over with his arms.

  18. Officialmjames

    He wasn’t trying to “wall climb” the fence my guy smh. He was hopping the fence. This instructor is high key annoying

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