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hey it’s Justin and if you want to make
your very first Clickbank Commission online today then make sure to watch
every second of this presentation because if you’ve never had that feeling
before you’re in for a surprise there’s no bigger rush online than
landing your very first Clickbank sale when you see that first cash deposit
sitting in your account it changes everything
why because if you can generate one sale you can generate dozens hundreds maybe
even thousands and it’s possible for you to do that each and every month
practically on demand so keep watching in this short video we’re going to share
with you how thousands of people are using Clickbank to live the dream of an
automated side income or a full time income and doing it 24/7 and how you can
join them as soon as this afternoon we’ll do that by handing you the only
blueprint for Clickbank success created by Clickbank themselves hi my name is
Justin Atlin I’m head of Clickbank University faculty my business partner
Adam and I were actually some of the first people to make it really big with
Clickbank by bringing in over millions of dollars in sales of our own products
and affiliate commissions in record time in fact one of our products generated a
million dollars in just one week and I’d like to introduce you to malonic Kelly
Malaya she’s the head of product and user experience at Clickbank University
it was years ago Justin invited me to join Clickbank on their mission to help
1 million people just like you achieve their financial dreams how using
Clickbank of course you see every single day we help show people the way to their
very first click big sale and the men and women we help along their journey
come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common when they get
that very first clipping Commission they get so excited for instance Ryan made
sales in his very first week Austin knows it feels awesome to make that
first Clickbank sale and check out Zack who’s really starting to get some
momentum believe me when you see that first Commission in your own Clickbank
account it gives you the confidence to go on and make so much more over the
past 10 years Clickbank has sold over 300
digital products and created wealth for more than a hundred thousand people now
we want to make it easier than ever before for people just like you to make
the extra income that you deserve people right now on Clickbank are reaching
their financial goals whether that means bringing home a few hundred extra
dollars in their spare time generating a job replacing income so they never have
to show up for anything or work for anyone ever again
or swinging for the fences and generating six and seven figure months
and years in the next three minutes Justin and I are going to reveal how we
can help you generate clipping Commission’s every month like clockwork
and the only place you find this information is right here right now in
this free presentation and there’s never been a better or more urgent time to
kick start your own online income why well let me introduce you to mordar now
this isn’t a still from some old science fiction movie mortar is the future of
customer service she’s a robot waitress bringing drinks to customers in a coffee
shop called Robo cafe in Vietnam pretty cool right well not if you’re the
waitress whose job just got replaced by a machine now we may not have those
kinds of robots in our coffee shops all around the world yet but you can’t feel
to notice the small human replacing changes that are happening each day for
instance robotic machines stack the shelves in Amazon’s warehouses another
robot called Baxter is taking the place of men and women on the factory lines
and chatbots just simple lines of code can now give us realistic human
conversations they’re single-handedly putting thousands of call center workers
out of their jobs around the world Plus let’s not forget the self-serve checkout
kiosks replacing grocery store clerks and bank tellers by the thousands yet we
always think it’s someone else’s job that’s going to be replaced don’t we the
truth of the matter is we all need to be aware that over the next few years we’re
going to see huge changes in the world of work now we don’t say all of this to
scare you but to prepare you because although few of us can rely on a job for
life and more we believe that right now more than
ever is the real opportunity in fact this just may be the greatest time in
history to create wealth for yourself and maybe you’ve already dabbled in a
few things online many of our clients at Clickbank University tried and failed at
things like SEO Facebook Ads network marketing writing articles for pennies
yet things could have been so different for them what they were missing was a
helping hand a guide along the path to that first life-changing sale or
commission so if you want to do things the right way where do you start take it
from me the flat-out simplest way is with the platform the tools and the
training of the Internet’s most trusted retailer of digital products Clickbank
Clickbank enabled Melanie to live her dream traveling the world with her
husband melanie has no boss to report to no job tying her down she enjoys a
freedom most of us can only dream about yet it’s all because she uses Clickbank
to sell her digital product on meditation with Clickbank many of her
sales and income are automated paid into her bank account every two weeks without
fail and then there’s Ron Ron quit his job and painful 50 hour work weeks to
put his homemade digital cookbook on the Clickbank platform over time he’s
generated a million dollars in sales from his cookbooks these are just simple
PDFs digitally delivered the entire sales process is actually taken care by
Clickbank and it’s not just creating products that are making our clients
money in fact we have dozens of clients that bring in the high five figures per
month simply by sending people to offers that aren’t even theirs
some of them aren’t making even seven figures per month
think about that you don’t need a product to bring in serious money in
fact I started making money using Clickbank without a product or even a
website and if you’re thinking yeah that’s okay for those guys Justin but
how do I get started when I have no expertise no tech skills and no clue
well let me tell you it wasn’t too long ago that I was right where you are right
now just looking for an easy way to make that first
little chunk of cash online and thank goodness for a Clickbank it was a total
game changer for me when I found them you see back then I was ecstatic to
discover Clickbank had done away with the middleman what that means is you
don’t even need a product to get earning right away you don’t need a website
either and you definitely don’t need to understand any fancy technology I was
able to generate serious income simply by pointing people to various Clickbank
offers that’s right Clickbank can do much of the hard work
for you I used YouTube to direct people to an offer and bam Commission’s after
commissions appeared in my Clickbank account at the time it felt like magic
I got so excited this strategy made me enough money to move out of my parents
house and get my own place in Los Angeles now
times have changed a little and there are other better and actually even
simpler ways to do this and that’s exactly what we teach inside of
Clickbank University using the Clickbank platform I then began to create my own
products and over the next couple years well my income exploded that’s actually
what led my business partner Adam and I to being named two of the top 100 young
entrepreneurs in the USA and getting flown out to the White House all at the
age of just 19 we even got this letter written and
personally signed by the president at the time Barack Obama thanking us for
our contribution to the USA so after visiting actually got this cool letter
from the White House and in it two things once brock obama signed a photo
and then also this letter which is pretty cool
that says thanks for meeting with members of my administration youth
engagement is vital to maintaining a vibrant democracy and i appreciate you
sharing your insights and yeah and signed by personal signature by brock
obama – so this was a pretty cool experience so when it comes to
generating income with clickbank well rest assured we know what we’re talking
about miles I’ve always believed in extra ways to
make money and I believe in the power of the Internet I just couldn’t find
anything that worked for me I will get you with his heart and to be honest and
then I came across a Clickbank University I really liked the training
videos they’re very easy to understand I really like the community sharing ideas
giving feedback the weekly steps just finish the projects Clickbank University
really helped me to get through those final stages where I used to give up or
not even give up to skip board and the videos help you construe and finish it
which in itself is a huge achievement maybe right now you just want to make a
little extra cash each month from home and after talking with so many clients
here at Clickbank University I know that for a lot of people the thought of being
a millionaire just sounds too far-fetched it’s too unrealistic and me
personally well I just wanted extra cash to be able to travel and Clickbank helps
me to live that dream I was able to spend several months travelling around
Europe last summer today I’m in Norway on Norway hang out with all these kids
happy I’m in Santorini overlooking the island
and Stonehenge I’m in the Boqueria in Spain it’s basically like this big
farmers market the first day I’m in Italy I’m in Venice as you can tell from
the Venice canals I’m in the South of France a at the beach because in the end
the point of life is to live it so having an online business gives me the
ultimate freedom to spend my my biggest asset time exactly the way I want
whether it’s hanging out traveling Europe or just going out to the
mountains snowboarding with my loved ones on a Tuesday and we want the same
freedom for you too that’s why we created a system in collaboration with
Clickbank that gets you pulling in your first crucial Clickbank dollars fast
that’s the key maybe like you most people first want to see some proof
that they can do this that’s exactly why we focus on helping you make that first
sale that first commission that first chunk of cash so you can see success
fast and then grow it from there so right now
let me share our secret weapon that can help you make that happen you see here
at clickbank we have thousands of businesses in dozens of different
markets generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year and that
also means Clickbank is in the unique position of knowing what’s working right
now they know what types of products are selling they know how they’re being sold
so successfully and they know which are the hottest markets right now plus they
get to scoop up all the newest affiliate tactics to help you bypass the product
creation process and get straight to banking commissions and all of this
proprietary information is something we’re able to share with you see here at
Clickbank we believe a rising tide lifts all boats
your success is our success by sharing by being generous we can make all of our
members wealthier and it gets even better because we’re not just going to
show you how to do this we’re not just going to teach you or give you a road
map a blueprint a guide no you’re going to become certified in Clickbank income
generation you’ll know exactly what to do and when no guesswork knowing what
steps to take no confusion no distractions just step one two and three
to help you pull an extra money each month like bradlee who is so excited
when he made his first big sale alan yang who let us know when he made his
first sale and Adam who made well over $1,000 in his very first month with us
here at Clickbank University I’ll share more amazing stories with you in a
moment but first let me assure you if you worry that you’re too late to join
the party if you fear that there’s simply too much competition or you’re
concerned making money with Clickbank all sounds way too technical and too
complicated for you here’s the truth you’ve got a rare advantage over even
our current Clickbank success stories why because the same system they used to
make that very first sale has been enhanced even more we’re constantly
upgrading it with the newest breakthroughs now it’s easier than ever
to get started making money on the internet and you’ll be able to do it
even if you’re completely new to making money on
even if everything you’ve tried so far has failed you and even if you’re a busy
mom holding a gaggle of screaming kids that’s right by the end of this video
you’ll know everything you need to make your first income online because if
you’re a beginner and you haven’t generated a ton of money online before
this is perfect for you for the first time Clickbank is opening the doors so
that anyone can get started online and make money as soon as tonight if you
want there’s virtually no technical barriers zero previous knowledge needed
and in fact you already have almost everything you need to get started I’m
going to share with you the missing piece of the puzzle right at the end of
this presentation of course you could figure this out all
for yourself after all there are hundreds of courses out there that claim
to have all the answers but doesn’t it just make sense to get your training
direct from the source from the people who already have generated over three
billion for their members sure it does and now you for the very first time are
going to get the unique and incredibly powerful insider’s training strategies
used by some of the most successful marketers on Clickbank introducing
Clickbank University 2.0 Clickbank University 2.0 is the only online
program dedicated to making you your very first Clickbank Sale created by the
team most qualified to do that Clickbank themselves like I said here at
Clickbank we have a unique advantage every day a tidal wave of data rushes
through our systems and it’s all painstakingly analyzed to give you
priceless Intel like which products niches and markets are making the most
money right now which traffic sources are converting the best and making the
most sales for our members and which tools tactics and techniques are
stuffing the most money into our clients pockets now we can share that very same
information with you Clickbank University 2.0 has been built from the
ground up to provide you a roadmap to Clickbank success like no other while
other programs may dump a truckload of content on you video after video PDFs
audios epic 3 our trainings the reality is by being
overloaded with content you’re actually being shortchanged and you’re left
spinning your wheels desperate to figure out the best path for yourself
feeling overwhelmed you remain frozen stuck afraid maybe just worried about
making the wrong move and unable to take action that’s why it’s important to
realize it’s not your fault here at Clickbank University 2.0 we do things
differently that’s why our members are so pleased that they find us finally
they’ve got a simple proven roadmap to follow and we want you to start
generating income with Clickbank why well it’s because your success becomes
our success and so you know that’s not some cheesy corporate slogan it’s true
Clickbank only makes money if you make money so let’s help you
let’s work side-by-side and we can generate fortunes together guaranteed no
other program or course out there even comes close they simply don’t have the
data the knowledge and the Intel that we have that’s why Clickbank University 2.0
is the only proven path to success with Clickbank now you’ve already seen a
handful of the success stories we’ve helped create with our training regular
people making extraordinary income using the power of the Clickbank platform
think about it like this you have an insanely powerful wealth generating tool
right in front of you totally free to use it contains so much opportunity it’s
vital that someone takes you by the hand and walks you through every feature
every trick and every tool and technique and that’s exactly what we’ll do in our
new improved and fully upgraded training portal will guide you step by step to
building your very first ultra profitable Clickbank business that’s
right we’re going to clear away all of the
foggy confusion literally telling you what to do and
when to do it there’s no excuse with Clickbank
University 2.0 by your side on your laptop iPad or even smartphone suddenly
everybody has the opportunity to build real wealth online in fact we’ll go one
step further and we’ll even certify your ability to generate income online yes
inside Clickbank University 2.0 we’re offering an official clipping
certification for the very first time you can’t get this qualification
anywhere else once certified you can feel sure you have the confidence the
skills the know how to generate Clickbank income and to do it
practically on demand you have what it takes so from this point on making money
on the internet can become almost second nature plus we’ve recently introduced a
new series of trainings inside Clickbank University called CB you crash courses
these are a bite-sized mini courses designed to help you master a new
money-making skill for instance the YouTube crash course will show you how
to profit with YouTube even if you don’t want to be on camera in the copywriting
crash course one of the world’s top copywriters reveals how to write copy
specifically for Clickbank products and in the marketing avatar crash course
you’ll discover how to figure out exactly who wants what you have to sell
this is super valuable information that can mean the difference between a six
and seven figure business hey there my name is Mike Clickbank University has
provided the most value for the least amount of my money invested of anything
that I can recall in years I would say and that’s saying a lot quick Bank
University not just its lessons but its instructors amend their webinars where
you can ask questions of them have provided so much instruction and value
to me it’s been beyond words for me my favorite part was probably the webinars
where I could actually you know pose my questions to the instructors and get you
know custom specific answers to my questions oh that’s just been invaluable
as well as very enjoyable you know if you’re feeling a little uncertain well
I’m not very tech savvy or I haven’t sold anything online if you’ve got the
interest and the determination then yes you can succeed via Clickbank using
Clickbank University’s lessons and instruction it’s really up to you
hey this is patty we can learn with Pat one of my least favorite moments in my
life when I was working in the corporate was waking up in the morning to my alarm
clock this is for all of you that are us driving to make it driving get out of
the rat race to get your own business started online this is Paul you guys
this is my personal alarm clock it has a date with destiny today with the
sledgehammer I literally spent years trying to figure out a way out
while all sorts of shiny objects I’ll never forget just doing the simple
things I forgot about it I did it I forgot about it and I went
back to studying and implementing and continuing my education at Clickbank
University a few weeks later I and I forgot about I pop back into my
Clickbank account and there were hundreds of dollars there and that first
check was the happiest day of my life in affiliate marketing because it proved to
me what was actually possible I like the fact that CDU provides the conceptual
knowledge as well as the practical hands-on nuts-and-bolts technical
information that you need when you’re first starting out they have a great
portal they have instructional videos when you look over the shoulder so you
can see exactly how to do things a great support and in my opinion there’s simply
no better place to start your alarm clock to be the next one here’s what’s
really cool if you’ve never made a single cent online before or you’re just
getting started that’s actually even better
why because you get to skip over all the mistakes the pitfalls the snafus most
online entrepreneurs make when they’re just starting out believe me these can
be fatal crushing your hopes dreams and ambitions
after all the internet is littered with half-built products unfinished sales
letters and wasted affiliate campaigns the majority of people get all excited
when they start out and they’re full of hope and visions of money pouring in and
then they hit the first sign of trouble maybe there’s a technical hitch maybe
they can’t generate any traffic they lack the expertise they need in a
particular moment in time and they give up with Clickbank University 2.0 that’s
not going to happen not on our watch you get to avoid all of the heartache and
skip to the fun part we’re here to teach you to train you to guide you all the
way to that very first Clickbank Sale and from there well the sky really is
the limit now just before we deep dive inside the University prospectus
so you can see exactly what you get here’s something you may not be aware of
the vast majority and I’m talking close to 90% of the members inside of
Clickbank University do not sell their own products that’s not how they make
their money with Clickbank so what do they do simple they promote other
people’s products remember that’s how I first got started by sending traffic to
Clickbank offer pages you can make commissions as high as 75 percent of the
retail price and you don’t have to worry about a product a sales page even a
website to make an absolute fortune online what’s more Clickbank makes it so
easy to get started if you can cut and paste a line of code you can get rockin
and when you have our step-by-step blueprint to follow it becomes easier
than ever before again you’re getting training from the team that practically
invented this method of income generation online you can’t get this
anywhere else however making money with other people’s products is only one part
of the curriculum we know that once you have a few hundred extra dollars a month
coming in you’ll want to scale things up further and the easiest way to do that
is by creating your own offers based around your passion you’ll find out how
alex is rank 31st in the list of the most influential people in the world in
Hispanic markets thanks to his Clickbank business how Nick’s
income shot from fifty thousand to over three hundred thousand because of his
digital book on fat burning foods and how Michael rebounded from the brink of
bankruptcy to build a six-figure Clickbank Empire we kick off with the
very basics to get you up to speed fast and then hold tight because we’ve
outlined and seek the training to help you get to the
money part pronto all you have to do is watch one training video at a time and
follow the simple instructions we imagine what we would want to see if we
were starting out today what would get us making money the quickest with the
least amount of hassle and I think we’ve delivered that for you and even if
you’ve already attempted to make some money online here’s why Clickbank
University 2.0 is like nothing you’ve ever seen or tried before it’s a proven
path a roadmap a blueprint that you can follow step by step each video not only
increases your knowledge it literally boosts your income potential and
remember Adam Justin and I have already followed this path and our success
speaks for itself and the best part inside the training area you’ll see we
don’t just give you follow along training videos we’re there to
personally guide you to success you can even direct message Justin and me inside
and finally with Clickbank University 2.0 you’re getting a proven path to
financial success from the definitive source nowhere else can you access
training so comprehensive and so time proven to work because it’s been
collated from tens of thousands of success stories right across the
Clickbank network and it’s been streamlined into a proven system here
listen to a couple more clipping success stories hi I’m Joey Atlas founder of
about cellulite comm creator of naked beauty of stimulus method which is one
of the top selling programs on Clickbank I’m a fan of self-improvement because of
the nature of my work I can be anywhere as long as I have a notebook for writing
things down really quickly and smartphone I’ve I can basically go
anywhere I want the theme is flexibility to really
manage my schedule and my days exactly how I want to that’s the beauty of this
this is why I built this business in the first place is to give myself the
flexibility and freedom to go out and do the things I want
I hope it’s helped to give you some insights and maybe even inspire you to
strive to get to same place as I am I’ll be back in touch
soon thanks for watching this is how a typical day starts which is so awesome
compared to the 5 a.m. alarm clock I can work as hard or is not hard as I want to
that’s one of the big benefits of owning my own business is the freedom and
flexibility so thank you to Clickbank for providing me with the vehicle to
bring my expertise to the rest of the world
I had the expertise but I didn’t know how to get it out
Clickbank provides that vehicle and no they did not ask me to say that you’re
thinking of trying this route becoming an entrepreneur my best advice for you
is don’t give up and to go for it and with that thanks for watching and good
luck to you now before you get started it’s
important for you to understand what Clickbank University 2.0 is not it’s not
some get-rich-quick scheme designed to take your money and give you nothing in
return it’s also not some pie-in-the-sky fantasyland nonsense that gets you all
excited only to bring you back down earth with a thud when you realize
you’ve been tricked and it’s definitely not some push-button software that
promises to rain down cash with a click of your mouse if you watch this far into
the video we know you’re ready for something real something that flat-out
works and the Clickbank University 2.0 system is very real and very achievable
for you and that’s because it’s been based on real proven strategies
techniques and ideas from people just like you who are succeeding beyond their
wildest dreams with the power of the Clickbank platform and remember those
people are no different to you except for one tiny detail they actually didn’t
have the proven and fully upgraded system you now have right in front of
you so if they can do it by figuring it out all by themselves it’s that much
easier for you with our simple and proven roadmap to follow listen there’s
no such thing as a big red button that causes an avalanche of cash to roll into
your bank account and starting to say there’s really no such thing as lazy
riches either at least not in the beginning yes you will get to the point
where you can kick back in the mornings sip
a cup of java and feel blissful peace of mind because you know the sales money
and profits are rolling in in fact I know I speak for thousands of the
successful people leveraging Clickbank when I say that checking your stats in
the morning is going to be one of the highlights of your day I just love
seeing how much money I made literally while I slept the night before however
you’re gonna have to put an effort and hard work as you follow the training
videos and you implement what you learn yet after a short time once you start
making sales and set up automated selling systems you’re gonna find that
income can continue to pour in whether you work or you don’t there’s no such
thing as push-button automated instant cash but this this is likely as close as
you’ll ever get hi my name is miles Baker I had heard about other people
making money online and I was really intrigued by the idea I made numerous
short-lived attempts in the process I came across Clickbank in 2001 I received
a check in my mailbox from Clickbank for $7.38 it was the first time ever in my
life that I had received any kind of residual income my mind totally started
racing of all the possibilities of what I could do if I really applied myself
few years later I was marketing with Clickbank full-time I quit my job and I
was receiving checks for over ten thousand dollars every two weeks I’ve
been recognized as one of clickbank’s top 100 affiliates and vendors I’ve
achieved a work-at-home lifestyle that I consider totally priceless Clickbank has
changed my life in ways that I only used to dream about and I do mean that
sincerely and because of that I am really eternally and very grateful now
remember this is the new improved and fully upgraded Clickbank University 2.0
that means you’ll regularly get expert tutorials for marketing Superstars
people you’ve probably heard of like Gary Vaynerchuk Clickbank super
affiliates and top vendors who will drop by each
month to give us all the juice on what’s working right now in online marketing
here’s the clip from our interview with Gary what is up click
Bank University I’ve learned as most people are crippled because they like
ten things just pick one and never look back the thing that’s not okay is to
complain and do nothing about it then they’re sitting and saying now what
nothing do if you die tomorrow would you be pumped if the answer is no if you’re
going to live with regret you’ve got to try to do this we’re talking real
celebrities of online marketing they too know the power of the Clickbank platform
we’ll also be talking with the top Clickbank clients people that are
bringing in millions of dollars each year and all happily sharing strategies
on how they became hugely successful well when you work for someone you reach
a EF to work 9:00 to 5:00 and the other thing is is you have you Pato out on how
much you can make when it comes to a living I don’t like having a ceiling I
like to work when I want to work that kind of end up being my motivation to
look to see what else was out there that I could do that
would remove that ceiling that allowed me to work whenever I wanted to work and
so then that’s kind of how it worked I took what I did in the clinic and the
little workouts that I did in the clinic to help people with their shoulder pain
and knee pain and this and that brought them online and made it available to
everyone in the world and it started off with like one sale one sale a month then
one sale a week and then one sale a day and it’s just kind of progressed from
there then there’s our monthly live masterminds each month will hold live
trainings on the hottest topics let me give you a sneak peak of our past topics
like how we’ve built sixty one thousand subscribers in one month by leveraging
social media apps a case study on how one Clickbank client is generating a
hundred and six thousand dollars a month online plus behind the scenes of a two
hundred thousand a month paid traffic funnel generated from Facebook Ads you
also get access to the crash courses we’re talking trainings from a level
copywriters insider secrets from traffic Titans and what’s working now with
well-known marketing maven and much more we know that you’ll have questions and
that’s why Justin Adam and I are right there with you in our weekly Q&A s to
answer your most pressing queries life remember we’re right there
with you every step of the way to your first clipping Commission and will even
share our private rolodex and toolkit contained inside you’ll find all the
tech providers essential services and special deals you need to get up and
running simple quick and easy you’ll get the best tools for building a list
getting your website live where to find the best and most affordable hosting a
crash course in analytics screen recorders webinar services our favorite
outsourcing platforms and more all with how-to pdfs checklists videos and
starter guides save huge amounts of time and money learning all of the shortcuts
and tricks to getting things done effectively and often for free and we’ve
not even mentioned our live events yes we’ll be hosting our very own live
events and we’d love for you to join us that’s why as a member of Clickbank
University 2.0 you’re eligible for massive savings on the entry fees
guaranteed there are going to be life-changing events not only because of
the knowledge you gain but the lasting relationships that you’ll build hi
everyone I’m Cathy Frost I am a nutritionist and former business owner
by trade and I’ve been with Clickbank for about a year I first met Justin when
he offered the CBU and so I signed up for Clickbank University and theirs
started my education and figuring out a little bit how to do business on
Clickbank Justin’s a very sincere honest personal coach that is willing to take
and listen to you and give you advice and he shares everything he knows he’s
not one that just hides the secrets he actually shares with you what he knows
and gives you the confidence to really be able to now go and do it
my product is about ready to roll and I am so excited as its going to not only
change my life for my family’s life and I am anxious to share this with others
and I would encourage anybody that has any interest knowing how to pursue
selling products or just helping others sell their product being an affiliate to
be able to hook up with Justin because he’s going to change your life Thank You
Justin thank you for being so humble and so sincere your humility is astonishing
and I greatly admire you thank you very much
inside the total traffic Center you’ll learn how to generate almost unlimited
traffic practically on-demand you see over the past couple of years we’ve
realized traffic is a big stumbling block for many of our members that’s why
we’ve created brand-new modules to deliver all the latest traffic training
and easy-to-follow video tutorials and now you know exactly
where to go and what to do to unleash a flash flood of traffic to your own
offers or to someone else’s whenever you want and finally the clipping kuna
versity private forum community if you ask me to name the number one way you
could speed up your success with the Clickbank business it would be this get
involved with a mastermind group of like-minded people success seeking
people who are there to encourage critique and inspire you along the way
we’ve created the Clickbank University private forum community so you don’t
have to go at it alone guaranteed you’re going to want to spill your success
stories on the forum motivating others to reach higher and shoot for the stars
and in turn when you read other people’s success stories you too are going to
feel that rush of excitement as you realize that if they can do it you can
do it too there’s nothing more powerful than tapping into a brain trust of folks
all in the same journey to wealth that you are honestly I can’t think of a more
valuable addition to Clickbank University 2.0 than the forum you’re
going to love it and it’s all free as part of your membership now you may be
worried about the price of this program thinking is probably a little
a bit out of reach after all you can’t expect to build a sustainable online
business for anything less than thousands of
dollars right well the good news is you’re not going to have to invest
thousands of dollars you’re not even going to have to invest hundreds of
dollars here at Clickbank University 2.0 it’s our wish to provide you a can’t
fail blueprint for creating an income online and we want to make it affordable
for everyone remember we want to inspire and create 1 million successful
Clickbank entrepreneurs because of that we’ve put together a very special deal
for you click the button below right now and you can get access for just forty
seven dollars that’s a drop in a bucket for the potential income this training
can generate for you and there’s no risk either everything is backed up by
Clickbank very own ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee you have a full 30
days to go through the training and implement and if anytime before those 30
days you’re not thrilled with the cold hard cash results that appear when you
put together your Clickbank campaigns then you’re entitled to a full no
questions asked refund if you’re not over the moon at what this all means for
your income your future wealth and the higher standard of living for you and
those around you you’re entitled to a full no questions asked refund and even
if you just get bored listening to mallanna and I then guess what you’re
entitled to a full no questions asked refund so check out the entire program
today because there’s absolutely no risk you have nothing to lose and you have
just Clickbank income streams to gain hi I’m Andrea Albright founder of bikini
but calm and I am a huge fan of Clickbank Clickbank has allowed me to
create products that have helped hundreds of thousands of women to lose
weight and get a great butt and they also are so reliable they take part of
my business and growing my business and I know that I can count on them month
after month which allows me to just vote on what I love to do I also love that
they have the best affiliate network I’ve ever seen the affiliates are so
well taken care of I’m a affiliate for many of Clickbank products and it is
just a great place to build a business to have a fantastic internet lifestyle I
mean I’m in Mexico right now beautiful Cancun if you have to do
business somewhere you might as well enjoy it have a great time and work with
incredible people so thank you clickbank okay let’s have a little fun let’s say
you want to aim for some recurring revenue recurring revenue is predictable
it’s stable and can be counted on in the future let me give you an example just
one sale per day of $50 will yield a cool 1500 for the month but let’s take
that a step further let’s say you create a membership site where new content is
added every week or every month and now instead of a $50 one-time fee having new
content added regularly merits a membership fee of $50 per month so we
know the first month would yield up to 1500 yet in the second month assuming
everybody sticks and every cell continues to come in earnings could then
double up to $3,000 a month and then the next month
you could be up to $4,500 and in the next a healthy 6,000 a month
that’s how recurring revenue works and it just grows it expands and it
decreases from there day by day and month by month does that sound like fun
you bet it does and we’ll show you how inside the members area
remember when you enroll in Clickbank University you’re not just getting an
online income generating training program you’re joining an entire
movement you’re becoming part of clicking school to empower and rich and
inspire 1 million online entrepreneurs we want you to be our newest recruit so
what do you have to lose join us today and be part of something really special
tell them what they’re going to get Justin just go ahead and click the
button below this video and you’re going to gain immediate access to brand new
fully upgraded Clickbank University 2.0 courses the weekly expert
classes the specially curated add-on crash courses the weekly live Q&A is
with us the CBU toolkit massive discounts our favorite tools and
services the opportunity to join us at CBU live events for the fraction of the
full price and the private Clickbank University forum community when you
click the button below you’re going to be taken to a screen that looks like
this simply fill in the form it’s totally secure with Clickbank
world-renowned encryption technology and then you’re going to end up at a page
where you can access everything I told you about in this video let me ask you a
question what will your life look like within the next year or two
imagine this time next year you’ve got an online business that generates income
for you around the clock a business that you’re just so proud of that you wake up
every single day feeling inspired simply recommending products you love for a
healthy commission payment or sharing your favorite hobby passion or pastime
with the whole world work begins to feel like play now you’ve got a sense of
momentum and drive every day because you’re clear on how to generate sales
profits and income online and when you make that first Clickbank sale oh boy
alright it is such a rush you may even jump up and down on the spot because
that’s what I did and you made it because not only do you have expert
training directly from the source you also have the support of a community of
like-minded entrepreneurs who’ve got your back you’re never alone and you’re
always on the right path to hitting your financial goals picture yourself with
more than enough money pouring in every month to cover your car payment your
bills your groceries free and clear with nothing to worry about
you’ve finally got enough stored away in the bank to pay off all your debts maybe
put down a payment on a new home or take a fully paid for vacation once in a
while maybe now you have enough money coming
in to cover your kids college fees or put away for your retirement
imagine the security and peace of mind that that would bring you or maybe
you’ve always wanted to go backpacking overseas spend an entire summer in
another country or maybe support a cause that you believe in speaking of which a
percentage of the revenue generated from enrollment of our members in Clickbank
University will go directly to our sponsor charity pencils of promise
pencils of promise believes that every child should have access to education
they create schools programs and global communities around the common goal of
Education for all and we’re so proud to support them here at Clickbank
University now you’re not just investing in your future but in the future of
thousands of disadvantaged children at the same time we want to help 1 million
people like you reach their financial goals we want to give continued support
to pencils of promise and help you taste the freedom online success can bring are
you beginning to see how you can build a great business and generate real wealth
online it all starts right here right now yes
maybe you’ve been led down the wrong path before you’ve been led astray by
shiny objects pitched to you by unscrupulous marketers it’s not your
fault but it is your chance it’s your opportunity heck it’s your
responsibility to make all of that change right now take Clickbank
University for a 30 day test drive today if you’re not blown away by how easy it
is to set up fresh new income streams day after day without needing to spend
any money then simply send an email requesting a full refund no questions
asked you’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain as soon as you
get access here’s what we want you to do click on the start here tab where we’ll
give you an overview of the system and the full uncut story of how we got
successful on Clickbank and how you can now copy our success remember you get
the all new Clickbank University 2.0 program the weekly expert classes
the specially curated crash courses the weekly live Q&A s the CBU rolodex
massive discounts on our favorite tools and services the opportunity to join us
at CBU live events and the private Clickbank University forum community so
right now there’s only one thing left to do click on the button below and let’s
get you making that first oh so sweet click bake sale and watch how your life
changes in ways unimaginable aughh into your Clickbank account you’re so
inspired and excited because every time you implement something new from
Clickbank University your income grows it expands until you’re making more than
part-time cash you’re bringing down a full-time salary and you know it will
get even bigger from there and every day you’re checking in with the private
community because you can’t wait to share your success stories you love
connecting with others helping them along and of course they do the same for
you so join us right now and go ahead and
become part of the new breed of online entrepreneurs who said thea to the 9 to
5 grind and started picturing the kind of life that you’ve always wanted to
live because now it’s within your reach hit the button below and let’s get
started together we look forward to seeing you inside the University this is
mallanna and I’m Justin and we can’t wait to hear your success story hey it’s Justin again from Clickbank we
thought you might have a few questions so here are the most popular and a few
are not so popular but important questions we receive sit back and let’s
make sure this is the right option for you first question we get this a lot how
much money can I make with Clickbank University
well the income potential is quite frankly completely unlimited there are
an infinite number of hobbies interests and passions to choose from and there
are billions of people out there that could potentially want to buy something
from you so the only real limit is how much work
you want to put in however I would like to stress that a little extra cash on
the side is the most achievable goal for you in the beginning then as you grow
with the university alongside you’ll be able to skyrocket that income as you
realize all you have to do is duplicate the process again and again to scale so
don’t think about how much money you can make with Clickbank University instead
begin planning on how much you want to make and then set goals from there well
shine a light to guide you along the way inside the members area another question
are you guys for real um yeah we’re real people we got started on Clickbank years
ago been featured on Business Insider Yahoo Finance CNN Money and a tons more
because of our success with Clickbank and then we’ve been able to partner up
and deliver Clickbank University to help clients like you be successful like
we’ve been able to achieve another question I’ve tried to make money online
before and it didn’t work out what makes you guys different
well here at Clickbank we have a very unique advantage because we’re able to
learn and grow with our clients and customers in other words we get a
bird’s-eye view of what’s working right now in online marketing and we’ve
discovered that there are certain time-tested proven principles that work
in any market at any time for anyone it doesn’t matter how much experience you
have you don’t need to be tech savvy as long as you can follow a simple roadmap
laid out for you in our step by step videos you’re pretty much good to go
with CBU you can really take advantage of our unique
source of Intel and get a head start on everyone else think of us as your secret
weapon here’s another question aren’t you just another Clickbank
training program no we’re not just another Clickbank training program we
are the Clickbank training program made by clickbank themselves to make sure
that we can deliver the best quality training for you to be successful and
here’s a question that’s a tough one how do I explain all of this to my friends
and family and that’s a great question and it might be something that’s a
little bit difficult at first because it’s kind of an unwelcome yet necessary
side-effect of trying to find another path and being successful online your
friends and family may not understand what’s possible online creating a
successful online business whether it’s just making a site income or building
real wealth it’s kind of a type of subculture it’s something that 98% of
the population has zero clue about and will simply never understand and this
may lead to you being asked some odd questions getting some suspicious looks
don’t sweat it keep moving forward with us here at
Clickbank and you’ll find you effortlessly leave behind any negativity
that was holding you back all right that’s it we’ll see you inside you you

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