How The Avengers: Endgame Trailers Lied To Us

The Russo Brothers have struck again. The filmmaking pair have previously admitted
to including scenes in the trailers of their Marvel films that are misleading or downright
absent from the finished product, and it turns out Avengers: Endgame was no different. Let’s break the deception down. Spoilers ahead! First, consider this shot of Thor glancing
meaningfully at Stormbreaker. This is quite obviously a massive red herring;
not only did the shot appear nowhere in the film, but Thor looks nothing like this for
the majority of Endgame. After the film’s five-year time jump early
on, we see that the God of Thunder has been drowning his sorrows in the recently-established
New Asgard. The trailer’s fakeout is almost certainly
a take from the Infinity War shoot, most likely meant to make us believe that the Avengers
would have to revisit the Battle of Wakanda and give Thor one more shot at going for the
head. “You should’ve gone for the head.” Speaking of that time jump, some of the more
misleading moments from the trailers seem to be designed to throw us off the scent of
that particular plot point. For example, Black Widow is seen with her
Infinity War-style blonde locks when Scott Lang arrives at the Avengers compound in the
trailer — but in the movie, this takes place after the jump, and Natasha’s hair has mostly
gone back to its natural red shade. The shot of Natasha getting down with a little
target practice was omitted from the film altogether, as was a shot of her sitting outside
in the rain in Japan while on the trail of Clint Barton. Another seemingly random alteration: the exchange
between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers before the pair jump back to 1970 to retrieve the
Tesseract and more Pym Particles. While the dialogue exchange in the trailer
is the same as the scene in the film, the handshake appears to have simply been added
to promo spots for dramatic effect and to let us know that, yes, the two Avengers have
finally mended fences. A more significant difference here is Cap’s
uniform; while in the trailers it’s the updated version from Infinity War, in the movie it’s
his Avengers-era original outfit. It’s pretty easy to see why this was done
— Cap was sporting his old duds in order to blend in during the time-traveling excursion
to the Battle of New York. A few other shots seemingly ended up on the
cutting room floor for no reason in particular, except perhaps to shave a few minutes off
Endgame’s mammoth run time. These include Bruce Banner agonizing over
the display showing all of the “missing and presumed dusted” heroes, Clint and Natasha
sharing a private moment, and a poignant shot of Tony Stark’s face as he uses his trashed
Iron Man helmet to record a message to Pepper Potts while adrift in space. One other curious exclusion: Captain Marvel’s
helmet, which she was seen wearing in the trailer, but not during her triumphant return
during Endgame’s climactic battle. There’s only one reason we can think of for
this: to hide Carol Danvers’ new haircut, which she sports after the time jump. Finally, there’s another, much more significant
change having to do with another Captain: Steve Rogers, who is seen in both the trailer
and the film cinching up the straps on his shield, a look of grim determination on his
face, as all hell appears to be breaking loose around him. The spot’s version of the sequence is identical
to the one in the movie, save for one crucial detail: Cap’s shield is whole and unbroken. In the film, it’s been busted nearly in half
after a severe pummeling by Thanos, making Rogers’ action all the more badass as he prepares
to charge the Mad Titan with his trusty weapon shattered beyond repair. You’ve gotta hand it to the Russos: they’re
dead serious about delivering exciting trailers while preserving some of their biggest secrets,
as we saw when the trailers for Infinity War led us to believe that a fully Hulked-out
Banner would be present at the Battle of Wakanda, when he in fact was forced to suit up in Stark’s
Hulkbuster armor due to the not-so-jolly Green Giant refusing to come out to play. Indeed, we’re going to go ahead and say that
their trailer trickery is appreciated, as Endgame’s spots held back details that we
frankly wouldn’t have wanted spoiled for us. When you’re fielding one of the biggest event
films in history, sometimes you’ve got to give the audience what they don’t know they
want, like a heaping helping of deception. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the MCU
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Reader Comments

  1. Shayan Shahriar

    You didn't mention the scene where Nebula charges. In the trailer it seemed to be in the final battle but in the movie it was in the mothership.

  2. Matt Howard

    Spider-man movie announced the snap will obviously be undone and tony walking with the other avengers in the quantum suits was all I needed to know enough of the movie to not like it.

  3. Dino Monzon

    Not a mislead in the trailer per se, but Avengers: Endgame didn't use the mid credits scene from the Captain Marvel movie, where the Avengers deal with Nick Fury's 1990s pager and Carol arrives at the compound asking about him.
    Yet its implied that that scene was used; none of the Avengers question Carol's presence when she arrives on Earth with the starship that carries Tony Stark & Nebula.

  4. Master of Sorrow

    You forgot the scenes with hawkeye. In the film, he had the gauntlet with him in these scenes, but in trailer he holds nothing in his hands.

  5. ๖ۣۜLǝgiƬkɨłłzᎵrσ『ђeяø』

    I’m pretty sure most of us didn’t see the trailer and just waited for the movie to come out…

  6. Sir TroLLington Da 3rd

    End Game was trash. The last battle with all the women heroes coming together to fight was so cheesy and stupid. The only part that was touching happened when Tony died. Pepper touched his chest to assure him that he could finally rest. They castrated Hulk and Thor was a got damn disgrace.

  7. elysium

    Stop it. They just not to want to show you the whole plot. Actually it benefits you and me the viewers and creating suspense. Unlike other movies that from the trailer itself we know the plot already. Im fine with this. I dont see any problem with it.

  8. Genrole June Caspe

    I think I saw the handshake between Tony and Steve taking place on the scene where Tony arrived at the Avengers facility with his Audi. They changed the background a bit.

    Edit: also, you forgot that Nebula's war cry was actually the "other" Nebula during the time travel instead of during the battle on earth. They also changed the background.

  9. tropicAces

    I’m all for misleading in the trailers; I want to know as little as possible. That being said, they avoided showing fat Thor and Professor Hulk because they knew it would be dumb and controversial

  10. feim sh

    This movie is popular due to the storyline, but as a movie individually the first avengers movie was the best for me. This is the least good movie from them all, I find.

  11. le stabby

    the 1 question i have for end game, you know how in infinity war, thanos gauntlet was on his left hand? why is it suddenly only right handed gauntlet in this movie? seems weird to me

  12. i am silver 1

    spolier the funny thing in endgame is when they tracked down thanos and found him living life like a normal human in a wasteland (kinda) and as they were talking to him thor cut of his head and said he went for the head edit comment if you watched the movie

  13. Brian Cervantes

    i loved when thor was fat! he looked like a fucken rockstar! i want a figure of him holding a beer mug or a cold on, unbuttoned shirt with his gut all out, his shades on and hes smiling and shit😂😂 now thats a dope figure ill be proudly owning. even tho his the god of lighting but he’ll be my god of drinking!

  14. R Fire

    This movie sucked! If you're a true fan, watch infinity War, and just tell yourself that's how it ends. End game was a boring ripoff to all true mcu fans.

  15. mydoggylives

    Remember in one of Tom Holland's interviews with Benedict Cumberbatch he said something like "my lines aren't that bad, but he's got to remember a lot of quantum this and quantum that"? I don't think Doctor Strange ever mentions the quantum realm in the movie!!

  16. Giancarlo Rosales

    The scene where nebula was screaming and seemingly about to charge into someone in the TV spot. The background is different in the final movie.

  17. James Mason

    Oh but doesn't america have such a nice ass. Aside from how 'inventing' time travel being such a total plotline fail, the first hour is them with their sad faces on. This movie probably has an exciting ending, (actually I dont see how based on the first half) but I walked out the 2nd time someone in the movie Captain america's ass was america's ass 1hr45m. Another iconic franchise ruined. I'm gonna just say I think some people in the US really despise Caucasian art.

  18. Martin Anastacio

    Thanos: You should have gone for the head…
    Thor: Well… I did that earlier after you pounded the Hulk back in the Asgardian ship. It didn't worked. Don't you remember?

  19. Mary

    She wasn't sitting outside in japan, those are the avengers hq and the shot of her sacrificing her life in volmir was recorded last minute so I'm pretty sure that's her mourning hawkeye because he was the one that's supposed to make the sacrifice in the first place, not nat!!

  20. The Quantum Corner

    Great Video Man! So Pumped For the MCU FUTURE! I am a Crazy HUGE SUPER Fan & if anyone else is check out The Quantum Corner! For All things Super 😁👊💣💥

  21. Jesus Baez

    I'm just disappointed The Hulk in my opinion was pretty much useless in the last to movies was looking forward to a rematch of Hulk and Thanos

  22. Nightcore Nova

    If shaggy was in AVENGERS ENDGAME THANOS would be helping the avengers to take down SHAGGY Don't take this Seriously

  23. Sean Mike

    I just saw endgame in the one thing I don’t understand is how they took out that shot of black widow shooting stuff in that nice room it’s like such a nice room and not a place that you should really be shooting a gun and I just noticed that and it’s just weird

  24. Rin Caelum

    Can we have like every movie deceives us when we watch trailers from now on? The Russo brothers have to start this new movie trend

  25. K. Bermejo

    Also the Rocket and War Machine shot. In the trailers, War Machine's armor is gray and Hulk and Giant-Man are absent in the background; while on the movie, War Machine's armor is now blue and red (which I hate) and Hulk and Giant-Man are present.

  26. Benjamin Forman

    I've only seen it once, but didn't Cap tighten the strap on his shield because his arm was broken and split, to keep it intact?

  27. Lesly Dizon

    I think why Cap's shield can be broken because i think the shield that tony gave to cap was not vibranium because it didnt had the scratches of what black panther put in civil war

  28. sken130-gaming

    Trailer 1:

    Natasha: This is gonna work Steve.
    Steve: I know it is, cause I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't.

    Official film clip on 8 April (the "Just like that" one):

    Rhodey: Look, he's still got the stones, so…
    Carol Danvers: So let's get him… We'll use them to bring everyone back.
    Rhodey: Just like that?
    Steve Rogers: Yeah, just like that.

    Both are the examples of trailer lies, and I like them.

  29. HS2019WuzGud ,

    In the special look trailer for endgame I thought that the first scene where they try to locate thanos and the stones they fight again

  30. Chiggaman23

    These aren’t the only scenes cut. Many people seem to gloss over a few more. First up, Captain Marvel’s haircut was concealed to hide the fact that there WAS a time jump. I thought those shots were in the beginning of the movie for a while.
    The shot of Nebula attacking changed both her outfit and the background to match the 2014 GOTG setting.
    When Hawkeye was running in the trailers, they edited out both the Outriders and the Nano-Gauntlet. I also remember certain other shots including Black Widow, where she was training against a punching bag. This led me to believe that this would’ve been with a training montage including the shooting range. There’s also a shot of her looking to the camera with the outfit she has while planning the Time Heist.
    Finally, Hulk and Thor are edited out of various TV Spots, and the Time-Space GPS was also omitted from the “all hands in the middle” shot.
    I can’t think of much else off the top of my head. I literally was scrutinizing every TV spot I could find the day I went to see it. Just so I could be ready.

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