How to add/remove options to your right click menu | video tutorial by TechyV

This is Charlie from and today we are going to learn about how to add some items in the right
click menu. So when you click on any particular file, outlets, I am clicking on this folder. These are different actions that you can perform on this file or folder. So you can add some actions and here you can also remove some actions. So first of all, go to registry by typing the command regedit. Now you will navigate to root star and then go to shellex. So first we will learn that how to remove the items. So let’s say here we can see these zip activity can be done, I can get to archive and to zip compression email and remove all these zip activities. So first I will go to context menu handler, here these are different actions listed out here. If I want to remove the zip activity, I should remove this file But for safer side, we will just the modified
these key. So in the future, if you want
to restore the same future and again in that case, you we will not have any trouble. So just rename this key value by other garbage value. Press ok and then press F5, that is refresh. Now when you right click on this, all the Zip
features will not be available over here. So let me restore it again. So now I will restore this item. So that is again available over here. Now let’s say I want to add something, some program over here. So for that go to shell, right click, then addnew key value and I am using notepad. So I will create this key value with name notepad. Again create a new key inside that. Give the name as command. And in this value, provide notepad.exe. You can specify the exe path or
any particular program path over here. So that the program will be launched. So when I right click on this file, this notepad, option is available and when I click on that, notepad is launching. So same thing let me delete this first. Similarly you can do the same thing for folder. So in this HKEY CLASSES ROOT, you search for folder, so there is folder available over here. Now in that, go to shell, or shellex and you can similarly key at
the same thing we have done for text files. So the process is same for both text files and folders and
you can remove this extra items in similar way that I have explained previously. You can add
another prograM also. You can specify the path of the program, that you want to
launch. So this is all about adding new items to the right click menu. For more tips, tricks and trouble shooting, visit .

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  1. Jhon Eccles

    Great! I have been searching for this kind of tutorial. I never knew about this and this video tutorial is very useful. Context menu or the right-click menu is a very important part of a computer operation in Windows. It offers us a shortcut technique to open any file instantly, but sometimes it becomes tricky due to some unwelcome applications added to the right-click option and then it becomes quite large and takes too long to load. So I want to remove any unwanted application and add some useful options. But before watching this video I have no idea how I will be able to add or remove some options on my right-click menu. Now I am feeling good, Techyv is like one of the stop shop online where I am able to find everything that I needed.

  2. lowry zender

    Sometimes, I want to remove a few unwanted items from New Menu to shrink its size or to retract others from creating new files, shortcut or I want to add few new items to “New” menu such as new file types and more. But how I will do that? That’s where my problem started. But going through this video, I am surprised at how easy I can do that. It is a very powerful program, so I am lucky that it is easy to configure and customize. This video nicely illustrates on how to do it right. It is very excellent and I found out many ways to make the right-click work better for me.

  3. Dawn Fraser

    This tutorial explains how to add or remove programs from our right-click menu. I like it very much and being a novice, I am surprised to watch the easy procedure. Techyv, thanks for your easy to understand guide. Thank you for being so supportive and sharing what you know. It is well appreciated. Good job and keep sharing your knowledge more and more!

  4. Namatjira Albert

    Techyv, you are great and I am surprised on how you acquire all the interesting and informative information on your site! We use the right-click option on Desktop to help us in creating new files, folders and shortcuts easily and quickly. This video illustrates the process nicely. I am impressed with your notable explanations. Keep it up and big thanks to you.

  5. imbatman8472

    i just want to get rid of the option to "create shortcut" something that i have only ever done by accident when trying to delete a file and then i have two of them the exact opposite of what i wanted please tell me how.

  6. Old Hickory

    I Right click on my context menu and my "New" right click shows the Powerpoint and microsoft icons but the name is a bunch of code and when i right click it says: "Error 0x8007007A: the data area passed to a systam call is to small". I Have no clue how to fix this and i would like my context menu to allow me to add new powerpoint and microsoft word files. Here is my problem.

  7. Noelio Emerald-Isle

    'Select all' 'Print' 'Read aloud' ….this is only what I get if I rightclick, ever since I took the free upgrade to Windows 10…….any one know how to get the old menu back, whereby 'Create Shortcut' appears???…..Cheers from Western Ireland

  8. G Abbas Awan

    Sir please tell how to hide format option from hard drive and delete
    option from files and folders on right click menu ???????????????
    please help i have important study data

  9. Asuka Langley Soryu


  10. Gaurav Singh

    hi Techyv! amazing video!! but here's one problem i'm stuck on: I deleted all the options under shellex -> contextMenuHandlers -> WorkFolders in order to solve slowed right click problem, but I can't find "new" option anywhere when I right click, I am unable to create new folders :(. Please help me!

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