How To Block Content On YouTube

It may sound heavy-handed and oppressive
but at times, blocking content is actually rather beneficial particularly
when you have children. But also other ways to block content on YouTube/
There are things I simply just don’t want to see on YouTube. -Yeah, well of all
the thousands and thousands of videos uploaded each day, how do you block the
ones that you don’t want to see? So, that’s we’re going to show you. “How to
block content on YouTube?” -Let’s dive right in because this is of interest
even to me. And I’m not saying that most of the things you talk about aren’t of
interest to me. But the implication is fairly clear. So, let’s talk about
blocking content on YouTube. Where do we start first? What do we do? -What I want to
recommend is that you actually…If we’re talking about children and… -Okay, yes. -Like
my children are going to have a different experience than I will. It’s
depending on their age. But they’re going to want to see kids stuff they’re not even
going to want to watch, you know, some of these things about how to be a happier
teenage girl. Maybe that is good for teenagers But what causes speech and
language disorders? That might not even be relevant for them but especially the
inappropriate stuff that you just don’t want them to see it all. Create a channel
that’s just for them. Even if they’re not going to post any videos. But that when they
view YouTube, you switch to their account. -Right. -So that it’s all the settings, all
the filters, everything are set up that’s meant it’s going to be the safest
environment possible for them. And I want to show you how you do that. Alright,
now I want to show you some things that you can specifically do on a channel. Now,
this is a secondary channel for me that I don’t use. One that I don’t have any
public videos on. -Just a user basically with this account. -Yeah. I don’t
know… I’m never logged in when I watch stuff and it’s just interesting. 40
lifehacks you should know. And it shows this. That’s just a hilarious thumbnail.
But let’s say that that was offensive to me. I hate seeing, you know, people’s noses
being pinched or something like that. I could come and click on these 3 dots
and say, “Not interested.” So, that’s actually the first tip. You got to do
that. You got to take some time on your YouTube channel and go through and
select the videos and the channels that you don’t like. -And you can… But
you can also under the tent click on “Tell us why.” Because that’s important. -You click tell us why. You just say, “I don’t like it.” Or if you put I’ve already
watched it… -They’re still going to send you once you like that. So… I’m not liking the
video or even I’m not interested in this channel is good too. -So on this one,
I’ll say, “I don’t like this video” and hit submit.
So now, YouTube remembers that and if I were to log into this account again, it’s
going to… It’s going to try and show me videos that are more similar to what I do like
not what I have filtered out. And eliminated. Down here, it… You know,
Recommends a channel. And I can just come over here and get rid of the whole
channel. So, if I don’t like the bright side, I can say, “Oh, just get rid of that.”
-And then will tune your recommendations. I love that message. You know, it’s saying,
“We’ll remember this and act accordingly.” -What about interesting facts? What about
Stanley topic? I don’t even know who Stanley is. -Yes just died. He’s the Marvel
Comics founder. -He founded Marvel? -Yeah. -Okay. I have no idea. -And all the great comics. -I
mean I’ve seen him. -Like Spider-Man and everything, yeah. -I’ve seen him as an
actor but I didn’t know…. -As an actor. No, he’s like Hitchcock. He appears you
know once in all of his little comic… -That’s interesting. You know? Alright. So, I
mean… -You’re the last person on earth who doesn’t know who Stanley is. Or maybe the
old… -You are an actor and that’s your world. -I know. But Stan Lee. -I know Bruce Lee. -Okay. -That’s got to count for something. They’re related, probably. -Yeah, probably.
Vivian Lee. -Okay. So we could obviously spend a lot more time and demonstrate
that. But that’s… That’s pretty simple. You know, you just got to do that and on your
kid’s account. You know, if you create a separate YouTube channel, you’re going to
need to monitor that regularly and make sure. -Well, and even proactively,
right? Be aware that no matter what video you
watch, it’s going to automatically do this again. It’s going to say, “Oh, you
watched a clip from Late Night with whoever’s on little Seth Meyers.” Then
it’s going to do more recommended stuff. It’s going to show more Seth Meyers things
or it’s going to show more celebrity clips. That kind of… Or if you like
Filipino female or mud wrestling. And you watch that once, it’s kind of show up on
maybe someone else’s page. Time and time and time… I’m just saying,
if you’re in someone else’s account. If I’m in your account and I put that in,
I’m going to get that. So, you just have to be very mindful. Wink, wink, nod, nod. Alright. Moving on. -Okay, the next thing is there’s a great tool over here to pay
attention to called history. If you watch the video, you thought, “You know what? I
don’t want to be shown more videos like this in the future.” You can come in here
and… -The third one I don’t ever want to see it. -Well, he’s got a handsome beard there. -Well groomed. -But whatever this news is here… Like, “I just don’t want
to see those anymore.” You could just remove it from your history. And
therefore, it’s as if YouTube doesn’t know that you watched it and won’t show
you things recommend it to taht. -That’s great. -So, it’s just a way of… But it’s
also, if you want to go through your child’s YouTube account and see what
their watch history is. To see if anything kind of slipped throughs, some
conversations you want to have with your kids and also do some more cleaning up
so they won’t be shown or suggested any more videos like that in the future. -Now,
so this is really… Is this YouTube’s filter? You know what I’m saying? I mean,
when we talk about trying to block content, is it really is… Is this the only
method to do that is to annually… -There is. There’s like a safe search that
you do want to turn on for kids. So let me… -Yeah. -I have to go to my my page or my
channel. How do I get to? There you go. Sometimes it move it. So if you go to my
channel then you scroll all the way down to the bottom. Okay, it’s not appearing
for me. -I’ve probably asked you a question that will throw… -No, no. It’s customize channel. -There we go. -Yeah. You go to customize channel
and then it’s at the bottom. That’d be funny if it wasn’t. But I know it is. Then
you come down here to restricted mode off. So right now, it’s off. -Oh, I see. And
we would definitely want to turn it on for kids. I mean you can read that at me.
Hides videos that may contain inappropriate content. So you would turn
that on and hit save. And then it’s turned on. So, that… -That’s kind of based
on whatever their values are. I mean we don’t know what… I think the Motion Picture Association of America. You know what I
mean? It’s… It’s them. Are they a conservative outfit or what? -Well, honestly I don’t know how to… I don’t know how to speak to that. So, that’s it’s based on their
criteria, not ours. But know that all the technology is really, really
advance. They can take a thumbnail and scan it and they’ll assign a whole bunch
of words. This is happy, this is smiling, this is a man. You know,
they can tell bikini, they can tell… They can tell anger, they can tell weapon. So
they can just… They can have technology that can look at a thumbnail and scan
the video content and kind of know what it is and know if it’s appropriate. -Okay.
That’s what I am going to say because generally speaking from what I understand is that
just flat-out pornographic imagery that passes a certain threshold of being, you
know, smutty. It just doesn’t really show up. And this is… This is the technology
they have that detect and determine. Because there’s millions of videos being
uploaded all the time. -But understand that there’s… There’s going to be things like…
Let’s say… Let’s if we’re trying to filter out videos that talk about…
That show sex, okay? That’s one thing. But what if there’s a video that talks about
it. That you’re like, “No, they don’t show anything but I don’t want my kids to
watch that video.” You just got to be careful and add in these filters, monitor
things along the way. And in my opinion, like observe and be proactive in seeing
what your kids watch because there’s lots of things that might
slip through. -Yeah, I mean it really is… It’s such a huge living organism
that’s constantly growing. Constantly. There’s constantly things being uploaded
and added all the time. It seems virtually impossible that that could be
monitored for, you know, morals and all of that. But to have the kind of
technology, they’ve clearly spent money on to detect it anyway is pretty
impressive. -Alright. One last thing that that you can do and this is especially
helpful for children because the comments on YouTube can be vile. On
LinkedIn comments are better. Because comments are connected to a person’s
actual profile and people on LinkedIn are generally more professional. -Yeah.
-But on YouTube, people are just behind there they’re crazy
YouTube name and they can say whatever they want and nobody knows it was them
or her who said it. And so comments can be really vile, hateful. Yeah. So, I
recommend turning off comments on a child’s YouTube account.
-Well I’ve even turned off comments on… I mean, I’ve hit you can and even on your
own stuff. Those comments, there are some that I just don’t allow or I hide
because they’re just so… -Okay, so there’s actually a couple things on this page I
came in here to community settings. And I’ll scroll down to what we were talking
about here. Allow all comment. Basically you can come down here and just disable
the comments. And any others other settings that you can read about
there. The other thing is you can block words. So, if you are going to allow
comments but you can filter out bad language. Now, there are a million
different ways people can use bad language. They can take a swear word and
change a letter or put in a dollar sign instead of the letter S. And so Grant
Thompson shared with me his list of blocked words. He basically emailed me a
list of all this vile, vulgar swear words and whatever. And so I just didn’t look,
you know, the best I could. Copied and pasted it into mine and hit save like,
“Okay.” And we’ve actually done that on all several channels with our clients. Just
so. Because if people are going to talk about that way in my comments. I don’t
want their comment to appear. -Yeah. So, that’s… That’s kind of a way of filtering
your comments out when you are actively using it or obviously here’s a way that
you can just disable it altogether so they don’t have anyone… You know, if your
kids are posting videos to YouTube and you don’t want some predator on there or
some idiot coming on and… -Just disable them. Yeah. The kids really need to
hear comments. You know, I mean… Alright. -So, it’s not a perfect system. But now you
know how to block content on YouTube and how to do a decent job of keeping
things clean. And then the rest, you just got to in to personally monitor. -So, take a
second if you like what we’ve done and said here today, please let us know. Our
comments are allowed. -Yeah, comments are allowed. -And encouraged and filtered. And
like, subscribe, share and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. USN luna

    I don't care about comments, weapons, bikinis or anything like that. My problem is because I watch alot of funimation and gaming, music videos for specific songs. YouTube tries to put AMVs animated music videos. How will I completely block AMV from ever giving recommend to watch. Or anything political, religious, anti-government,military, cops. My recommend should be the channels I watch not stuff that comes up because I watched those. If I wanted to watch these other things I would have looked their channels up.

  2. Heather J

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  4. Maiyamin Md. Nor

    I've blocked accounts but when I search for something, videos from that particular channel still come up in the suggestion. So the blocking doesn't work at all for search algorithm especially if the channel is getting very high traction

  5. Jason Desjardins

    how about, blocking a channel even if you are not logged into your account.
    I have dozens of channels blocked for my kids but if I am logged out, all those channels are still shown…

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    Never heard of a human that didnt know who stan lee is. i find that really hard to believe. i honestly believed that you did not know who stan lee is too. i am not a fan of marvel here either but like i went to school and i do clean my ears. it is weird to not know who he is. do you know donald trump? bob hope? elvis presley? einstien? henry ford? just wow. thank you very much for this concise video it had the info i needed and then some. today you are my hero.

  9. Tom Critter

    They need a block channel option for when you search. Like I don't like a channel that is quite huge and is often a top result when searching a certain topic, I'd like that channel to not pop up anymore.

  10. Cajun Lady


  11. Cabin Crawl

    Seems like incredibly low hanging fruit to tell YouTube, "Hey, I don't ever want to see Channel XYZ" and you'll never see it in your search results.

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    I am always looking at what is trending and I want to blockseeing anything from Shane and that freak Jeffee Star from showing up on my screen…Nothing is working. I am literally repulsed seeing Jeffee Star face. Youtube is pumping this agenda

  13. Jerry DeCouto

    so u set up a channel for your child..they go to chrome & go to utube do you know they're going to be on the channel you setup….I don't want them to know what i'm doing of course..tks for replying

  14. Malia Smith

    I've blocked channels and then spent an hour clicking "don't suggest this" because even though I blocked the channel and erased the history it was still showing the same user? So I went and did everything to get the content off my son's YouTube and now he woke up and is watching the same users I just blocked.

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    For anyone wanting a real answer just download Video Blocker on Chrome for example and you won't see anything you don't want to see and that influences what YouTube suggests to you on mobile too since you don't see the content you blocked 🙂

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