how do you deal with negativity how do
you block negativity when you’re operating at a higher frequency than the
peers around you in this video I want to teach you guys how to stay into high
frequency and not let their negativity or their low frequency bring you down to
that level stay tuned what you need to realize is
that you literally have the power to choose so how do you overcome people’s
negativity towards you or basically just block out their negativity or their
opinions one thing that you need to realize is that you literally have the
power to choose all right I want to say you have a part to choose you have the
part to choose your emotions an example of this if you were to close your eyes
at this very moment and you’re to think of the most happiest memory that you
could think of as you’re thinking about this you can’t help but smile you can’t
help but to feel the emotions all right the goodness of what you’re feeling
same concept if you’re to close your eyes and think about the most saddest or
devastating event I’ve ever experienced you’re probably gonna know if you’ll be
pressed you’re probably gonna change your posture your posture is gonna sulk
you’re gonna maybe tear up a little your neutral face expression is gonna
definitely turn into a frown or something that shows depression all
right your body is gonna react to your emotions this is an example of how you
are choosing your emotions all right and your body reacts to that emotion knowing
this we know that our body and our mind are are connected in a way that one
follows the other so my point of this video that I’m
teaching you is that when somebody is radiating negativity whether they say
something towards you that is negative whether they are talking about negative
things that is affecting you whether they’re talking about your friend or
basically bringing up news about the world that is depressing towards you you
don’t want to feel that energy you need to be aware that you have the power to
choose your energy you have the power to choose how you mentally and even
physically react to what you’re hearing in knowing that she also had the power
to block it out how I deal with negativity whether it is around me or
somebody talking I well I tune them out one of the things
you need to be aware of is that you are operating at a different frequency okay
you’re operating at a different frequency I want to say that your high
operating at a high frequency okay you are living breathing positivity and and
life into who you are who you’re becoming and what are your doing you
know what I mean it is high level frequency now when somebody is operating
at low frequency obviously they’re gonna talk negative they’re gonna bring doubt
talk doubt about how your dreams maybe is unachievable how their dreams is
unachievable you know I’m saying they’re operating at I want to say low class
hello class frequency they’re operating here all right you’re operating here
every time you hear them every time they are speaking to you you have the power
to just ignore them and just continue operating man continue operating at
where you’re operating at and again it is your mind that chooses where to
operate your mind shows like earlier in my example when I said that close your
eyes and imagine yourself living living or experiencing the most happiest
experience that you could experience you chose to experience that and operate and
live and breathe in this high level frequency and when I told you to hey
imagine living and breathing or experiencing that negative experience
that you experienced before you chose and imagined and you slowly operated in
that frequency again the low frequency based on what your mind is thinking and
your body followed remember you sulk you weren’t smiling anymore so whenever
you’re operating at this frequency start training yourself to physically and
mentally operate at that frequency when it’s a physically posture up posture up
and smile occasionally so that every time you smile you are triggering your
body and mind to continue to stay at this frequency you’ll do this so often
enough that when somebody is operating at this low frequency and they try to
whatnot where they’re trying to but when they do say shit that it’s gonna try to
bring you down all right unconsciously or not if they’re trying
to bring you down or not when they say stuff that is gonna bring
you down operate this frequency smile and again trigger yourself to stay at
this frequency I do it with a smile I do it with bringing myself back to Who I am
and who I’m becoming and that’s how I to myself out remember you’re operating at
this frequency people majority of the people are operating at low frequency
every time they they say something every time they they put their reality onto
yours it’s it’s it’s a magnetic pull man but you again you have that power to
just nullify that and just stay where you’re at okay smile remind yourself who
you are and don’t deal with your bullshit alright guys so that is my
video and again I hope you guys got something from this if you guys like
this channel you guys like the content before you leave like this video okay
it’s gonna help me tremendously it’s gonna help this channel grow
tremendously and again guys I would love your guy’s help to grow this channel
together there’s our channel not just mine so
guys thank you so much for watching comment down below let me know what you
think share this with a friend if you think somebody could gain from this and
if you have not already be sure to subscribe so you get to get more content
like this weekly again thank you so much for your time guys remember whatever
you’re going through strive to be better if the average and be yourself as always
god bless you have unless they ever

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