How To Build A 3-In-1 Deck Box – A DIY Guide to Multifunction Storage with Chris Palmer

You ever notice how your patio furniture only
serves one real purpose? Today I’m going to show you how to make one
that has three. First step is building the frame. We’re going to cut seventeen inch 2 by 4 sections
to make the vertical portion of the frame. Next part of our frame, we’re going to cut
four pieces at 11 and a half inches, these will act as the braces between our vertical
leg portions. Now the last piece for the frame is going
to be the cross member, which will be marked at 29 inches. Cut four of these. So on every cut end we make sure to add cut
and seal so it retreats the cut lumber. I’m going to begin to assemble the frame,
by doing that I’m actually going to take the vertical piece and turn it 90 degrees to the
longrun. So this here is our long horizontal brace
and this is our leg. I’m going to put two 3 inch wood screws into
this end. Now I repeat the process, flip the frame around,
put another horizontal brace across here and duplicate it by making an alternative mirrored
frame and then I connect them with my short adjoining pieces. With our frame complete, we can now work on
putting the legend that’s going to add our first of the three multifunctional pieces
to this storage bench. So I’m going to mark 8 inches up from the
2 by 4’s. When installing the cross member, I use a
clamp to hold it in place. I make sure the top ledge is up against the
pencil line, so that way the shelf sits on top of that 8 inches. Now take your fence boards and cut the to
20 inch lengths. You’re going to make 19 cuts using these to
line the outside of your box. Before we put the outside of the box on, we
need to think about the bottom shelf. We have to take this measurement here at 18
and 5/8’s, cut five pieces of fence board and lay them evenly across to act as a bottom
shelf. Bottom shelf is in place, now it’s just a
matter of lining the outside with our fence boards. With the ends, I’ve done it so you need 4
boards, it’s 3 boards equally spaced so that I now need to rip 2 pieces to go in-between
here just to add a little bit of a design. Our box is all lined, looking good, I like
to step it up a bit and give it a little bit of a trim detail, so I’m going to rip some
fence boards, much like this, and I’m going to clamp at the bottom and at the top to have
them wrap around, that way it adds a little bit more detail to the box. I butt the ends first and now I’ll take a
full length piece to come off the end, mark it with a pencil so I know where to cut it
on the saw. One more piece to add to the top frame is
an interior trim to act as a ledge so when we put that perfect picture frame on the top,
it has something to sit on. Now we’re done all our trim, we’ve got our
board cladded, it looks great, time to build the second step, the interior shelf that’s
removable, so I’m going to take a measurement of the two spans between the 2 by 4 braces
I installed. 28 and 7/8’s, I’m going to cut three deck
boards to that length, and I’m just going to use 2 off cuts of my fence board scraps
to act as strapping for underneath to hold them as a whole shelf. So I do this, and they simply just come together
with my stapler. And you can see it holds them together perfectly,
and now you have your interior shelf. Now I’m going to use a deck board, rip it
to 2 and a half inches wide and I’m going to cut them on a 45 to create a perfect mitered
box corner. This is going to give a really nice finish. It’s now time to finish off the box of the
lid. In order to make the lid, we’re going to measure
across, and inside measurement here, 17 and a quarter, and cut six deck boards at 17 and
a quarter. Then when we’re done we’ll take this measurement,
2 and 15/16’s and rip two rails that will attach to the deck board lids too. With my rails in the box, I now dry fit the
lid pieces, and now I see that opening and all I’m going to do is take the measurement
of that opening and divide it by two and use that measurement to rip the last two boards
to that width. Now you can see that the dry fit’s perfect,
now it’s just a matter of screwing these down to our rails. Our lid’s done, the last thing to do is put
a hole in there so we can pull the lid on and off. There you have it, your 3 in 1 deck box is
complete. Now you have extra storage, a great place
to show off your plants and of course, an extra table when the guests come over.

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