How to Build a Castle Tower | Minecraft

Hi, I’m TheChocolateOre. So, first we need the base now let’s add
the 2nd floor and the top and a few fences. And the colors of your choice. This design suits with various biomes, for
these shots I just picked the sunflower plains. Let me show you more. I start with a 3 by 3 cobblestone corner. Now, create 3 more for the other corners. After that, connect them on the top. Now, place 4 blocks of light gray concrete
powder on this corner. After that, use polished andesite like that,
to finish it. And 3 more for the other corners. Place 3 oak wood planks on every corner. Now, fill the sides with stone bricks. After that, place 3 ladders here, for the
next floor. Now, a door for the entrance, and fill the
side gaps with cobblestone wall. Place a line of 5 stone bricks here, and then
extend the sides by 4. Two more here, and then upside down stairs
at the bottom. 3 more blocks at the right and left, and then
oak planks. Now, 2 bricks here, and then stairs underneath. After that, let me build 3 more for the other
sides. Basically this floor will be the main area
of this tower. This tower has 3 floors, but you could make
an underground dungeon too. Now, place one oak plank on every corner. After that, I get inside to place one trapdoor
on top of the ladder, and stone bricks for the floor. And 3 ladders here, for the next level. Now, I use stone bricks and polished andesite,
to create the top corners of the tower. Extend here, and place 4 more on the top. Now, 2 more here, and trapdoors on the top. After that I use gray and light gray powder
to create a small pattern. One more for the other corners too. So, the tower isn’t very big, but you could
build more and connect them with a wall, and the size will add up to a big castle. Now, use oak fences and place them randomly
on every corner, to make it look more raught. The stone bricks and the random fences make
it look like it’s under construction, and that’s what I wanted to achieve here. Now, place one grass block in the center,
and wrap it with trapdoors. After that, place a cobblestone wall, and
9 spruce fences for the flag. And finally, wool, with a color of your choice
on the top. Now, I place stone bricks, around the flag
at this level, for the 3rd floor. Leave a gap here, for the ladder. Now, I place grass blocks on top of it. And one trapdoor here. Now, I use 4 purple powder blocks left and
right. 3 by 2 stone bricks here, and polished andesite
on the top. One trapdoor here, and 2 more bricks right,
and left. I will build the same for the other sides,
with different colors. Of course, you can use whatever color you
like. And to wrap this up, place 2 more ladders
here. You can add a few dispensers to make it more
efficient, or build a few more towers connect them with a wall and you will have something
very close to a full castle. I have this video if you want more. Now, thank you very much for watching, I appreciate
it, and I hope this design inspired you. See you next time.

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Reader Comments

  1. Joshua Milford

    I'm sorry I'm such an inactive subscriber. But hey! I'm back and early this time, and it will always be like that hopefully.
    Oh well, let me watch the vid now :3

  2. Chang'e

    Good stuff, but there are some flaws:
    You use too much trapdoors
    Isn't it better to just use flags instead of wool?
    Different colors? What is this. An LGBT tower?
    Use concrete instead of powder

  3. The MeltingSnowGolem

    You should make other videos showing how to build other parts of a castle, like: -The walls. -An armoury. -The main castle house. (You know, it's where the royal family lives.) -Some kind of drawbridge. (It doesn't have to be retractable, which kind of defies the purpose of a drawbridge.) -A trench. (To go along with the bridge.) -And finally, a video where you put everything together and build the entire castle.

  4. 先輩Hyakkimaru

    I know Russian men how plagiat your buildings(sorry for my English, i'm from Russian)
    Plagiat channel is "Дмитрий Скринник"

  5. Crocoduck

    If you had started your channel earlier, you would be sitting next to MagmaMusen, Grian and Mumbo right now with 1m+ Subs. Keep going on and you may be there one day!

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