How To Build A Forklift In Minecraft

-You know, recently, I’ve been thinking that you guys need a tutorial for something that will lift you up. So I decided “Why not a forklift?” Let’s go ahead and get started Now this tutorial is going to be a little different then my normal style (I like the logo Zee ๐Ÿ™‚ ) We’re gonna do this kind of step-by-step So let’s go ahead and begin. To start we’re gonna use four coal blocks, all for the wheels. To follow up we’re gonna use 6 yellow stained clay blocks for the body. Next we’re gonna play 2 stone brick slabs, one on each side under the stained clay. As shown here. Now to fill it in, we’re gonna use three Diorite blocks. This is going to be for the floor of the fork lift. Every driver needs a comfortable seat so we’re gonna throw in One stone brick stair Right in the middle. Now go ahead and throw in one more yellow stained clay in the back and then add three stone brick slabs for the spoiler. Now, we have to keep the driver safe right? So we’re gonna add in some doors, to do this we’re gonna use two stained black glass panes. Directly as shown Next, to cover up those wheels we’re gonna use two upside down stone bricks stairs for the wheel cap. Drop one anvil right in the middle. (clang) And cover it up with a grey carpet. A driver is never complete without steering, to do this we are gonna add in one open Spruce fence. Pointed directly at the anvil. Now we need to protect the driver so, we’re gonna go ahead and add in the cage. To do this We’re gonna use 8 cobblestone walls next, we’re gonna connect each pillar using spruce fences directly as shown. Now go ahead and throw a hat on it using 8 grey carpets followed by one stone brick slab. Directly in the middle. Now, let’s go ahead and swing around to the front to finish this thing off. To finish this bad boy off we’re gonna go ahead and add in four stone brick slabs. Two for each arm on the front of the wheel. Next, we’re gonna add one random slab in the middle. it’s not really necessary. it’s just for looks and support. Next, we’re gonna go ahead and protect the driver with some fall-back protection by adding four iron bars directly infront. While we’re at it go ahead and add four stone buttons on each wheel for extra style. The last step is to give it something cool to hold so maybe Crates or, hey, the driver might have an awesome salary so, diamond, ehh- let’s be honest, probably gold. You could add a SystemZee which, coincidentally, is me! Or, probably Soil, sand, SpongeBob (Spongebob laughs) , Patrick (Patrick says his name) Or some explosives or even a button (this isn’t Game Pass Grabbers Zee, we don’t need a button) Yes, there’s a button on there. You canr really hold anything The point is give it something awesome and really make it customized to the are that you’re putting it in. If you’re working in a desert, sand. If you’re working in a construction zone,maybe some muddy dirt. Just make it cool and make it your own. Thanks for watching guys! “THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOYED” “SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOYED” “SYSTEMZEE” (English subtitles provided by KAV Gaming | Pokemon and More)

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Reader Comments

  1. rosevelt

    this is a really good concept for tutorial videos, but i would recommend some more variety of camera angles to give a more 360 perspective. other than that, great video : )

  2. Molly Raichle

    Zee you have taken it to the
    Next level tutorial wise. I love
    how you made the camera view so much better.
    you could have done the vehicle a little bit
    better but other wise great job.

  3. Thetracker3

    Very nice! Love the way the video was edited! A quick suggestion: Maybe use some arrows to help show where you place a block that can't be seen? Like those Diorite blocks.

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