How to build a Japanese Cafe in Minecraft 1.14

Here’s this build’s layout. It’s 13 by 20. First, build pillars using spruce wood. It’s four blocks high. Place them on top of the diamond blocks. Make a wall out of spruce planks, just one block high. Now, let’s make the floor with stripped birch logs.
Place them in an alternating pattern. Now, let’s make windows with spruce fences. Use barrel blocks and spruce planks for this center wall. Place oak stairs upside down as decorative rafters. Now, let’s build a roof with cobblestone slabs Use cobblestone blocks instead of slabs for the third layer. Place cobblestone slabs to make the roof look more sloped. Add one more layer with cobblestone blocks. Fill the rest of the space. Let’s make the second roof.
First, place spruce wood and planks. Use cobblestone slabs to make the roof. Place cobblestone slabs to make the roof look more elaborate. Put signs on to add more detail. Hang banners and place green carpet. Place spruce trapdoors which look like an open door. Hang white banners as a small curtain which called Noren(暖簾) in Japanese. Hang lanterns from the ceiling. Build a counter with oak stairs, gates, and stripped logs. Let’s put menus on the wall. Place item frames and put a snowball in it to represent Mochi, which is a Japanese rice cake dessert. Do the same with the second row, this time putting a bowl for Matcha, a type of green tea. Then put signs with the menu. Now, make a kitchen. Place decorative items.
Use a flower pot and sea pickles as cups. Now place red beds and oak slabs as low chairs and table. Make normal size chairs and table using oak stairs, gates, and brown carpet. Let’s place chairs and tables outside as well. Also, place a cauldron as a trash can. Build a small shade using spruce fences and leaf blocks. Finally, make an umbrella with spruce fences, dark oak button, red wool, and banners. Now it’s done! As always, thank you for watching this video. Hit the like button if you liked it and subscribe if you want to see more Minecraft tutorials in the future. This’s been YoheyTheAndroid. Hope to see you again soon.

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  1. OakFlash

    Hey i make minecraft videos too check me out and if you subscribe to me i will subscribe to you 4x (i have four accounts)

    Nice video tho

  2. Andrew Seether

    Hey, i loved the bar interior video, i was wondering if you could design a hang-out room with like a T.V, couch, pool table etc. I would like a V.I.P section for the bar that i built from your bar interior video thx 🙂 Sorta like a modded man cave

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