How to Build a Pergola on a Deck: DIY Modern Pergola Tutorial

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  1. Taylor Sessions

    Looks good! Did that reciprocating saw come in handy? I have one but I never know when to use it in a project. Also those mountains in the background remind me of Ogden Utah…. am I close?

  2. Allison Young

    This is so awesome! Anytime you guys wanna come visit Nova Scotia you are welcome to — as long as you bring your tools!!! 😉 Seriously though, this is really fantastic — great job!

  3. thismamasdance

    This is a great pergola option, and I imagine pretty inexpensive due to the small amount of materials. I love how you have hung lights and planters from it. Great project!

  4. Colleen Pastoor

    I love this! We really would love to build a structure over our deck so we can hang patio lights easily but between the railing and the overhang of the roof we can't decide how to go about it. I love the modern look of this… and that hammer looks SO cool!

  5. VJ Pink Tool Belt Diva


  6. VIXXY

    hey man, i like your video and have a question. are those simpson tie downs strong enough to put up a hammock between your two posts? im thinking of doing this but dont really want to dig down 2 feet/set concrete. would you hang a hammock from your pergola? thanks

  7. Rini Boo

    Very nice job… for a 9' height structure, how stable are the posts? any wobbling? Say you lean on it… I am thinking doing similar on our existing deck, but instead mounting on top of the deck, I think I am mounting it to the deck frame. I have a low deck too. Many people told me to drill new post holes and pour concrete to support the pergola, but that is not really an option… and then I found your video!

  8. Salvador Nobre Veiga

    no woobling at all on the posts? because i assume those bolts are only going through the 1 inch planks and not going into the joists… i wonder how sturdy these are… i get you had the deck already done but i think best approach would have been to bolt it sideways to the joists underneath with the post knotched? i liked how you sandwiched the 2×6 🙂 i like thick big posts and i dont think they have them at my lowes … i will have to check… i am building our deck and pergola next spring/summer

  9. 321sawan

    Really Cool style and you made it easy! I have a raised deck and for many days was thinking to do something next Spring to make it more functional and Modern look. ….. with some flowering ivys on and around. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea.


    Looks really good but I'd paint the deck in same colour to give it a modern look, but otherwise I love it..
    Tim from wood 4 nothing

  11. Rafal L

    Excellent tutorial and great work. I am about to build the timber decking too so I will take this opportunity to cement my posts in the ground instead of bolting them to the decking which should make the structure even stronger.

  12. Jason Anaka

    Just thought I’d say thanks for this. I modified this design and it built one today and it turned out great. My wife thinks I’m a Genius!

  13. Tchit87

    Hi. I am desperate need of help. For my eagle scout project I am building a pergola on top of a deck like this but I have no idea how I am suppose to attach the post base to the deck. I bought Ozco 4×4 Post Bases, but they didn't come with any material to attach those bases to the deck. Is there anything under the deck that made you certain it would be sturdy? What length screws should I use? It will be an 8'x12' pergola so a good bit bigger than yours. Thank you so much! I am also putting wood brackets at the top to make it sturdy.

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