How to Build a Wrought Iron Fence : Designing A Wrought Iron Fence

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry, and
I’m here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. Once your customer is
established, you want to kind of find out what they want to do as far as decor around
their home or business, what they’re looking for so you can kind of get a design in mind.
If they really don’t know where they want to go, there’s a lot of catalogs. This is
a king catalog, which has basically almost every wrought iron design made. You don’t
have to stick to designs that they have in the book, you can, once you order, like say
this design here, you can cut it in half if you’d like, and install it in a gate. You
don’t have to stick to that design. We had a lady one time, the design she picked in
the book after we got it installed looked like an alien to her, so we had to cut it
up and redesign it a little bit. You can get scrolls and things like this. We do a lot
of this with our blacksmithing too, if there’s something that can’t be ordered, or has to
be back ordered. So that’s usually when you go to that. You can keep your design simple,
as we have here. This was an indoor hand rail, or you can make it complex. Every little thing
in here you can order out of this catalog or you can build on your own out of whatever
materials you have. It just basically depends on what the customer wants and what their
budget is around. If money’s no object you can get as intricate as you want. But, you
know, if you’re wanting to keep it simple, of course, that costs less. Simple, it’s going
to cost you anywhere from sixty-five dollars a foot to complex, we’ve made hand railing
gates as much as three hundred eighty-five dollars a foot. So it’s basically up to the
customer, their budget, and their needs.

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