How to build Blacksmith Interior Minecraft Tutorial

Hello, and welcome My name is Jay, and today is blacksmith interior day. This tutorial was requested by Blue lLghtning We are going to make the top floor of the blacksmith a store with vendor and as a bonus we are going to add a basement to the build which holds the living quarters, bedroom and bathroom We’ll also change a small thing on the forge outside because as it is now It’s not survival friendly so we are going to fix that. Now let’s get right into building this interior So as mentioned we’ll start with the forge outside because those first three rows on the left-hand side of the roof So these three here, they burn on survival so we’ll fix that first. Just remove those three rows completely and then also the fences and those two blocks at the bottom of the forge as well And we’ll start with replacing these spruce fences here with cobblestone wall to make it match together with the forge because that is going to be in cobblestone Add some pressure plates on that table to decorate it further and then we’ll rebuild the right side edge of this roof to the left side but first replace this with a slab and then start with your full block on that corner against the forge. Place your walls there and then slabs following the roof In the back here, we’ll place one more pillar. So full block with three walls And then for the forge we’ll add two cobblestone walls here and here and then add two stairs on both of them That middle gap you can fill that up with cobblestone slabs Now if you want, you can make that come out at the top. Me personally, I like it best this way Now for the forge itself. For a blacksmith. In my personal opinion lava looks best for a blacksmith forge However. You could go for a fiery look by placing some netherrack in those bottom two gaps and then firing that up Now if you go for this way of a forge. I would suggest placing two iron trapdoors on top of it as well Now both of these ways work on survival. I tested both of them and the roof won’t burn anymore. so pick the one you like the most and go for that one And now we can start with the interior of the blacksmith Now, as mentioned, we will make this a shop with a vendor and the shop will be on that side The vendor will be where the fireplace is So we’ll start with a spruce wood pillar here and here and at the top we’ll place a crossbeam That makes the gap a little bit smaller And then we can add some oak fence on both sides and a oak gate in the middle Now for the stall itself we’ll start right there with upside down stone brick stairs At the top we’ll place two slabs and a oak fence to connect it to the ceiling Place one more gate here as well Now for the carpet I’m using black and red wool because that’s my favorite combination If you want to use different colors, by all means, go for it Add some brown carpet on the counter itself And then in this corner we’ll add a cauldron with some leaves on top Then to finish this part off, we can add some item frames with some of the items the shop is selling inside So I’ll go for weapons even though we are selling armors as well While we are at it, we can just place the vendor in there and I think that is it for this little part So then we can start with the shop itself and we’ll start with spruce wood One block away from this pillar here, we will place our next pillar Now the gap behind that pillar, that is where the staircase will be so remove these four blocks and then that one block in the corner as well And then fill up this gap with oak fence Now at the top you can see those stairs from the roof so we are going to change those in to full blocks You won’t see that on the outside but it will look a lot better on the inside Like so And then we’ll add a crossbeam in spruce wood against it And now we’ll repeat the same thing on the right side here as well And as you can see, it already looks a whole of a lot better Then with stone brick we’ll add two stairs in this fashion and also in the corner And then two more times here as well So these are actually the displays in the store that will show the customer what is for sale We’ll use these for the weapons and then we’ll place some armor stands for the armors as well But before we do all that In this corner, place a slab. Don’t use a full block there because you’ll bump in to it when you go down the stairs Then here we’ll add a carpet again. The same one as in the front so use the same colors here as well In this corner a oak fence with a torch and two armor stands like that And then just add two sets of armor to decorate that further And then to finish off this shopping area we can also add a row of spruce slabs here at the top Before I forget… On the outside, where the blacksmith is working Also place a few armor stands with a few pieces of armor, not full sets That way it looks like the blacksmith is still making them. Looks more realistic Place one more gate here and then we can start with the living quarters in the basement Now we’ll have to dig out this basement first To do this, just go around the floor that you have from the shopping area And then you’ll have a basement that is nine blocks wide on the short sides And eleven blocks long on the long sides The basement is five blocks high and the sixth block is your spruce woof floor so place that floor in as well And then we can basically start with our interior We’ll start with the stairs here And we’ll just go down to the end of that gap we just dug out for that staircase So that’s three stairs and then on that corner we want to place a slab and change the direction of the stairs to that way and just continue until you reach the floor with stairs Then underneath the stairs we are going to build a little storage area But before we can do that, we’ll add a pillar in this corner Then leave a three block gap. So that’s at the bottom of the stair, and place another pillar And then again a three block gap, in this corner, the next one So three block gaps on the short sides. And on the long sides we want to have four block gaps Continue doing that around the basement Now at the top we are going to place a crossbeam going around the basement Before I continue with this, replace these three blocks as well with white wool and spruce wood Because that will be dirt and you do want that to look good as well And then just continue placing that crossbeam And now we can start with the storage area by placing a pillar at the bottom of the stair and in the corner as well. So a one block gap there And then in the back of the stair we could either go for one gap or two gaps… Lets go for two gap. It will look better if its in line with that middle pillar so right there we want to place the next one And then we’ll fill up that two block gap and that one block gap with oak wood fence And that way the storage area will be nicely hidden Now next. All the walls are in dirt and we don’t really want that so… So we’ll replace all those walls with either white concrete or white wool depending on what you used for this build But just go around the basement replacing all those walls with one of those two to get this result Now for that storage area. What i did to decorate it is just place two chests underneath that staircase a block and a torch, and then I made a little shelf with stone brick and placed some random stuff on there just to make it look like a storage area Now, at the top here we want to place a crossbeam We’ll remove the two top fences and place a crossbeam and then in that one gap as well And here you want to put some oak wood fence because when you go down the stairs you have a chance of falling in to that gap so that way that won’t happen Next we’ll place two fences here so that looks like a doorway as well And then we can start with the ceiling And we’ll start here with a crossbeam And then that other one And bring those two all the way across And then here in the middle, we’ll place crossbeams as well so you have a one block gap everyhere And then you can fill up all those one block gaps with dark oak slabs Like this And now we can build the kitchen area which we will build next to the storage area So one block away from the wall, in line with this pillar, we’ll place our first block and then upside down stairs connecting that pillar to that block on top we’ll place two oak fence and some brown carpet to decorate that And then on top of the fence we’ll place a row of slabs In that one gap we’ll place one more gate And then to decorate that kitchen we’ll place two spruce wood sideways In this corner we’ll add a cauldron with some water and a lever And then in between that we can add a crafting table Ow and we can put a brewing stand here in the corner as well Now you could put a chest on this remaining block but what I decided to do is make a shelf here, right above the brewing stand and that way you can store some more stuff on top of that shelf I’ll just fill this up with brewing stands but you can place anything you want on there of course Now the lighting… we’ll do that when the build is done because we’ll be using the same kind of lighting throughout the interior For the dining area we’ll place a block two blocks away from both those walls And then dark oak stairs surrounding it to represent the chairs On top just place a flowerpot with some flowers And then three black wool behind the stairs Again use the same colors of carpet you used in the store at the top so everything matches together So I’m just going to fill up these gaps with red wool Then, on those two walls we want to have a painting and two chairs here as well For those paintings I’ll just place to slabs on the sides so the size of the paintings will be right instantly One here, and then one here and then we can just remove those slabs Then we’ll build a little sitting area here as well So four bookshelves against those fences and on the side of those bookshelves we’ll place a spruce door to hide the side of that Then we’ll place some dark oak stairs like this and one in the corner so you have a corner seat like that In the corner we’ll add a table with a flowerpot and some flowers and then add some carpet to finish that part off as well But were not done yet because we don’t have a bedroom and a bathroom yet So lets do that now. Here in this wall we’ll just dig out a four block gap so that’s that wall behind the sitting area And then from the inside you want to place two spruce doors I’ll go over the dimensions right after this but it just looks better when you place them from the inside Now this room is five blocks on this side And six blocks on this side Its four blocks high and the floor is in spruce wood Don’t bother with the ceiling yet, we’ll go over that soon And then the bathroom is four by four blocks and again four blocks high Now for the bedroom First things first, make sure all the walls are changed to white wool And then we’ll start with red beds in the middle In the corners we’ll place a pillar And then two more pillars on the short sides of the room. So the five block sides Connect them at the top And then we also want to connect them going across that six block wide side of the room And then fill up the gaps with dark oak slabs like all the other ceilings Now place three blocks for the size of the painting like that And then spam the painting until you find the one you like the most In my opinion, that’s this one for a bedroom. It just matches it really well Place two torches and then two nightstands next to it And then some carpet surrounding that bed Now at the top we’ll add two slabs on both sides In between those slabs, four full blocks of red wool And then we’ll change those two last slab with upside down stairs In those gaps next to the beds we can also add a few chests And then lastly we have that one gap on the left we can decorate with some slabs and a flowerpot with flowers inside And then we can basically start with the bathroom I’ll keep it very simple here So we’ll just add a pillar in each of those corners and don’t forget to place that door in connect them at the top and fill up the gap in the middle with dark oak slabs Like every other ceiling again then on the right side we’ll place a cauldron with water and a lever again And then a dark oak upside down stair next to that with an item frame and a glass pane inside to represent a mirror On the left side we’ll build the toilet. Now in those days it was just a hole in the ground so we’ll keep it simple Trapdoor and lever and that’s it Then in the back we’ll place two upside down stairs with a chest on top so you can store whatever you want to store there And then here we’ll place the lighting and this is the lighting we’ll use for the entire interior so just a item frame with a slab inside and then a torch I’m using stone brick slabs but you can use whatever slab you want Depending on the colors you used in your interior basically We’ll add one more on that pillar next to the two block high painting Then one more here, next to the four block painting One more where the bookshelves are And then one more where the kitchen is. You can choose here… I first wanted to put it there on that pillar but then I decided to place it there So just try them out and pick the one you like the most And there we go. Your blacksmith now has an interior If you like the interior we came up with for you, give it a like and share it with your friends It helps me and the channel so I’d appreciate it greatly Do subscribe to the channel for more minecraft candy And remember, you can place requests in the comments bellow so don’t hesitate to do so This is your channel as much as it is ours With that, lets call it for this tutorial This was Jay, Thank you for watching and all your support And I’ll see you in the next video Bye ‘waves’

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  1. sempiternal

    Awesome, Cubi Craft!!! All of your builds are awesome! Can you make more buildings in the Medieval Town?? Please!
    BTW, you earned a new sub! 😀

  2. Cubi Craft - Minecraft

    Hope you guys like the interior guys. To build the blacksmith first, the tutorial is here
    And as you can see in this tutorial, we are making it survival friendly for you as well. Enjoy ladies and gents.

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