How to build Horse Stable Minecraft Tutorial

Hello and welcome My name is Jay and I’ll be your guide for this tutorial In today’s tutorial we will be building a horse stable. This is the stables and it will be, in case you are building the entire village It will be on the right side of the gate outside. So when you face the gate On the right, the second pillar and then the 3rd block away from the pillar so 1, 2, 3, That is where we will start the tutorial So let me load up the map and we’ll get right in to it Alright, here we are. So as mentioned in the intro of the video We’ll start with the first block on the corner here We’ll leave a 4 block gap, block, a 2 block gap, block and a 4 block gap, block Now we’ll place 3 slabs on those first 3 blocks, leave that last one as it is And then place fences in the 4 block gaps but leave that last block here open because we’ll nee that for the house we’ll attach to the stables Place two gates in that two block gap and then 5 more fences behind this block to create the little area where the horses can actually eat and stuff then on the corner here we’ll place two full blocks of cobblestone with stairs like that to form the corner of the stables And then we’ll add pillars. 4 blocks high in that corner Leave 2 block gaps between each pillar and we want to have 3 pillars on the left side of the build In the front we’ll have 4 more pillars like that, 4 blocks high And in the back of the build we’ll do the exact same thing so 1,2,3,4 and each time leaving a 2 block gap and then just bring them up to 4 blocks high And then smack in the middle here, so the middle pillar We’ll place another pillar in the middle there to divide the stables in to two separate stables for the horses Then on the right side here we want to fill up the entire wall with spruce wood blocks as well And that is your main setup for the stables Now we’ll go around… Lets do the front here first We’ll just place full blocks against the pillars with stairs on top and that is all you need to do for the front For the side however and the back, we want to do the same against the pillars But we will also add slabs in between like so And we’ll just do that around, like the entire back of the build Then around the corner we want to place two more blocks with a gap in between, place a slab in there Then that stair, you want to point it that way And this one towards the pillar again And then we’ll just finish off those stairs Then we’ll go inside the stables and with dark oak slabs right above that slab you want to place a row of slabs around the stables But in the front of the stables we’ll leave 2 of them open And that will be the 2 middle ones here… like so then place full blocks on top of the slabs. This is just temporary so we can add the trap doors And then cover all those blocks up with another row of dark oak slabs So yeah, those full blocks you put in between. It doesn’t matter what you put in there, its just temporary to place the trap doors against them like so, just break those blocks and close them

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  1. Cubi Craft - Minecraft

    I hope you like the stable design we came up with for you. Let us know what you think about this build. Enjoy the tutorial everyone.

  2. Venomous Leopard

    This is really cool. I've been watching the series and have been building the town. It's going really well. Awesome video. Keep up the good work

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