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hello and welcome welcome and hello
everyone Kunipshun Fit here and thank you all for joining me today for another
episode of the minecraft creative showcase we have this little area
prepped right over here this is my solo world from a long time ago you guys
should go check those videos out there super cringy anyway we don’t have long
to do this but i wanted to create a little video woops that’s wrong oh well
here we go I wanted to create a little video just to do a camp site kind of
thing on the side of a river let’s put another one of those over here just
wanted a little bit of vegetation growing on the sides over here we’re
gonna let that grow as we play the rest of the game now we need a little bit of
a beach and I don’t think that this Beach is doing the trick
nope that’s looking good this is gonna be kind of a speed build thing because I
don’t have a lot of time today but I wanted to put this video out for you
guys cuz it’s been it’s been on my mind for a couple of days I’ve been thinking
about it a little bit and I’m kind of kind of excited about okay beach is
almost done and let’s do like like that and like that good Beach done quit all
right quit messing with stuff okay so what do we got let’s see let’s get some
lily pads we’re gonna put a couple of them here and there just to make it look
a little bit more lively around here we’ve got some double tall grass we’re
gonna throw some of them in here along the water’s edge remember this is this
is gonna be a camp site this is not a place where people you know they have
haven’t been here for a long time all right so let’s we’ve got some materials
here let’s grab our bonemeal come back we’re gonna bonemeal these guys this
just gives some color variation right on the edge let’s run back over here little
glitch there run back over here we’re gonna bone mill these dudes and make
them look real good sweet cool let’s bonemeal the ground that’s too much
double tall grass come on give me a flower or something oh man oh well it’s
fine we’re getting what we’re gonna get cool got some flowers on this side
that’s looking good let’s go down this way spam that around good to go okay
that’s enough of that now we’re gonna need a couple of boats it’s like maybe
some kayaks or something so what bad broke some stuff
don’t worry about it and let’s see we’re gonna get that and a lead did you know
you can put a lead on boat I didn’t know that till this morning and I just
figured it out check that out you can put leads on your boats good so the
kayaks are hanging out that’s how the people got here awesome so now what do
we got um let’s see up fish traps fish traps can go in the water you know gotta
got to be trying to catch some fish there’s one we’ll put another one here
and maybe another one over there cool we got fish traps let’s uh this is
this flowing waters bugging me let’s fix that right quick cool and get rid of
that and we’ll take this put another fish trap that there we go another fish
trap right there good to go so we’ve got a couple of fish traps in and around
it’s looking good already I’m kind of liking the vibe this is this is looking
like we need another piece of sand right there good I like it no more saying no
more monsters boners let’s get that out of here okay we’re done with the lily
pads we’re let’s make some room to double tall grass can go large fern
large firms can be cool yep we’ll put one there put one there we’ll put a
couple of them up here up the side of that you know it’s kind of like a
diorama sort of thing when you build these things in Minecraft you kind of
want to create the whole scene you know I mean we just put a couple of those
around now this little edge right here is looking pretty good let’s get rid of
the large fern how are you guys doing today I’m doing great it is awesome
let’s get rid of the boats get rid of the leads let’s keep the dark oak fence
for now okay now we need to set up a campsite so we’re gonna need some cobble
we’re gonna put a campfire in in a little while we’re gonna need some
couple stone slabs and we’re gonna need these logs for sure and we’ll need that
in a minute okay so let’s just go right here and we’re gonna go one two three
four no that’s too many yeah we’ll figure it out okay so let’s put that
there and well you won’t even see it under the campfire so let’s just go like
that Oh got some got some friends hanging out over there with us let’s put
this around like this good we’re gonna go ahead whoops nope we’re
gonna we’re gonna do like getting a little ahead of myself here there we go
we’re gonna do like this you know because you always want you campfire to
be contained by something and let’s go ahead grab that campfire put it in Wow
oh I forgot I got my shader pack on ah that’s gonna be super cool for later on
no worries it’s gonna be fine let’s bring it there’s not really gonna be any
mossy cobble on that because the fire would have cooked it I’m not liking how
perfect that’s looking so let’s break that up oh that’s way better yeah cool
so around the fire what are you gonna have of course you are going to have
logs to sit on hanging out around the fire that one’s not good so a little
short one there we’re gonna come here and we’ll do a short one a space and
another short one like that good so cool we got logs chilling around the fire
good what else might you have around a fire so let’s see let’s take some dark
oak fence let’s go get some nether wrack good you know these people they’ve been
here for a little while so maybe there is oh that’s one too many yeah that’s
okay that looks pretty good let’s do it like that yeah mm-hmm we’re gonna go
like that we’re gonna go like that we’re gonna take that put it in there bang
we’re cooking some meat baby it’s awesome yeah huh I could put a hay bale
under that yeah let’s do that put hay bale under there make the smoke
go higher hey hey hey Matthew McConaughey hey no idea what I
just said that but it’s okay cuz we’re having fun we are having a good time
today a little bit of good times with scar coming through right there oh let’s
see but tone way let’s get some buttons buttons put a button here here there
it’s a too many buttons yeah screw it’s rocks you know what I mean cool okay a
couple of more buttons okay now we need paths we need pass get rid of that let’s
do some of this right here and like I said guys this is gonna be
sort of a quick thing and I know it’s not my normal style to just like talk
talk talk real super fast and build all crazy fast and stuff like that but I
don’t have a lot of time today and we need a little path down here sure that
looks good why not and let’s have another path because I have another
thing that’s gonna be going on right over here down by the beach but uh
anyway so yeah what do you think about this speed build style do you guys like
this is it too spastic I don’t know I’ve done a couple of these now this one I’m
trying to do really fast because I have things going on today and but I wanted
to make a video for you guys cuz that’s my favorite thing in the world to do is
make people happy I like to make people happy so let’s take Wow okay slow down
just a little bit get the blocks you need okay there we go so we’re gonna use
those I need some iron these guys yes okay cool so let’s take the blue and
we’re gonna go like that and we’re gonna go let’s start under the tree here we’re
gonna come out that many blocks I don’t even know how many that was whoops let’s
put that block back and we’re gonna come out that many again and we’re gonna go
right here and we’re gonna go like so said to me yeah
alright and that one’s gonna go like that that’s gonna go they’re just
putting some little tents in here you know what I mean you can’t have a camp
site without tents we’re gonna have to get rid of some of this tree sorry tree
but we had to trim your leaves back you’re all you’re all good it’s fine
don’t worry about it so let’s go up here like that get rid of that and that huh
it’s kind of a pain in the butt because I’ve built it so close to get out of
there now so close to that tree but there we go okay so let’s go around the
tree and we’re gonna take that and put it in like that there we go there we go
that’s one okay so let’s go to this side do the same thing so we’re gonna need
one here we’re gonna need one there I’m gonna go back in a minute and take the
ones out from the back because we’re not gonna need those whoops that one
and we’re gonna need that so get rid of these and yes I know it’s a little bit
of creative license on the tent but you know it’s it’s fine it’s fine don’t
worry about it okay we need to I can’t get in I can’t
get him a tent well that’s stupid how ridiculous okay so let’s change the
design let’s let’s go like that can I get in now yes I can thank you very much
okay so we’re gonna need some puzzle we are going to take that and you know you
can’t you can’t go oops broke the tent you can’t do something
like this and not have leaves inside the tent you know that’s gonna soften the
ground and that’s just the thing that you got to do when you’re camping you on
me so anyway what do you guys been up to lately tell me down in the comments
you know if y’all been like hanging out with the family you’ve been doing any
barbecue and even you know it’s the summertime man kids are out of school
can I put puzzle yes okay cool so that’s good all right now we need to go fix
this you know it’s fine it’s fine we’re gonna leave it it’s fine let’s get rid
of some of this grass I didn’t prep that far back here so tell me down in the
comments yeah what you guys got going on for the summer time we decided that we
were going to pull some of our money out of my wife’s retirement program and
which may not have been the smartest decision in the world but you know what
you only live once and we have amazing kiddos and those kiddos deserve to have
amazing things in their lives and so we are we’re putting a swimming pool in in
the back it’s it’s not one of the in-ground kind it’s it’s the
above-ground kind but you know what water is water in Louisiana it gets
ridiculously hot during the summer time it has averaged in the high 90s
Fahrenheit over the last week which is pretty freakin hot you know I mean I
think I might be a little bit off on the
conversion here but I’m thinking that like 40 degrees Celsius is somewhere
around a hundred degrees Fahrenheit so we’ve we’ve been averaging like in the
high 30s see for my my European friends who used the metric systems metric
systems awesome everybody should switch to the metric system anyway back to the
build yeah so we’ve got the tent thing going on here just looking pretty cool
I’m super excited about the pool man and the kids are excited too
it’s been quite a grind get it getting to the spot where we could actually get
it done we actually purchased one and the Installer never showed up to put it
in because we’ve done one once ourselves and I vowed never to do that again
because putting up an above-ground pool is not a fun experience in the slightest
I’m not talking about one of them little blow-up kind you know that you get at
the store with a little little blow-up thing around the outside that’s not what
I’m talking about I’m talking about like the ones that you know they have hard
sides and you gotta you gotta really really put them correctly sorry don’t
know why I couldn’t place and talk right there I was trying to think it wasn’t
working okay so let’s put some leaves about just here and there we need you
know just random placement of some leaves that’s you would see that kind of
thing at a campsite so that’s looking pretty cool let’s do a couple back here
randomly placements yep that’s looking good the beautiful thing about this one
is we don’t have to put pond in because uh yeah anyway we got water everywhere
all right cool this is looking good I’m diggin it now
I’m trying to remember some of the other things that I had thought up in my head
oh I do remember one thing all right um I don’t know how well it’s gonna look
but we’re gonna go with it okay so right back here we are going to let’s see it
would actually be on the beach so are we gonna need more sand we’re gonna need
more sand okay this all has got to go it’s got gotta go and we’re gonna take
this back a little bit like that we need a bigger beach so yeah things change
halfway through the bill go away you ain’t good all right so yeah that’s fine
that can stay that that that do like that and that yep we’re gonna need to
fill this whole area up that’s no good okay is that good is that good it’s it’s
getting close to being good we’re not totally good yet all right so here we go
we’re putting in some more sand I hope you guys like this style of build thing
I don’t know this is a new thing for me it seems kind of erratic but it’s okay
so let’s take that and we’re gonna take that and you know what the ladies that
are camping they’re wanting to lay out on the beach for the summertime so we
got some one three now we’ll go like that cool so we got some beach towels
laying over here what would they have down at the beach they might have a
cooler we don’t have coolers we have chests what could I put for a cooler
let’s see concrete oh I got it yes it just hit me okay so we’ve got that and
we need white carpet yeah okay cool so in between right here at the top we get
there we go that’s our little cooler man they got
their drinks in there and everything that actually that’s relapsed man I’m
proud of that you know we’re gonna put another one in right over here by the
fire cool so now we’ve got a couple of tenths and some kayaks we got a cooler
dad they’ve been ladies have been laying out by the beach you know men two men
lay out at the beach – that was not did not
don’t be discriminatory okay get that yeah stop doing that all right so let’s
see let’s get rid of this let’s get rid of that let’s get rid of that and that
well it didn’t mean to put oh my gosh put it up there there we go oh yeah I
remember another thing that I wanted to do so these people are out of Beach so
let’s go up and up and up like that and we’re gonna come let’s see we’ll put one
there skip one foot one there go up up up here we are going to do okay yeah see
I didn’t really think that one through they’re not gonna
have iron bars with them I mean the tent poles but yeah so it’ll be okay you know
they built it with sticks that’s fine and we’re gonna hang some beach towels
cool beach towels be hanging out by the beach I like it cool all right so let’s
see let’s take some spruce a baton neighs and that was a little mythical
sausage I think coming out right there see you know that’s the thing that I do
guys I don’t know why I do that but it is a thing that happens
it’s okay so is that enough is that too many yeah I don’t know all right so
let’s take some buttons and you know what oh you know what else needs to be
by the beach or by this place let’s do a little bit of cobble all right I got a
hurry up here so we’re gonna have some cobble and some mossy cobble and we’re
gonna put all this stuff down right here okay so this is a place that let’s see
let’s do that and this is down by the thing cool so we got a little rock
formation right here let’s put another one back over here well we’re just gonna
do something like that and we’ll do one of those nope one of those like that and
go I don’t have the other fences but that’s no that’s look stupid we’ll put
it there and there cool little rock formation there good um mossy cobble
over here by that let’s get that block mossy cobble over here by the tent maybe
we’ll go right around that there’s water under there huh strange anyway
it’s okay we’ll put this and let’s do like that and do one of those sure why
not that’s looking good cool all right so what are we thinking what are we
thinking we got to look at this man this is cool I’m digging this I’m digging
this I think I think we need some you know what they’re going never mind
I’m thinking it’s it’s getting close to being finished what else do you need at
a campsite man they came here by kayak so we don’t need like horses or animals
or anything we got the paths we got the beach we got
coolers we got tents we got food cooking over the campfire and logs to sit on I
wish we could put like sticks on the ground and stuff like that let’s look in
our inventory Oh trees what in the man we need trees
okay so let’s go right back here we’re gonna go one two three four cuz I want
it to be a big one hopefully it’ll work work work give me a big this give me a
big tree it’s not gonna work it ain’t workin the spruce trees even do this man
okay let’s get rid of those oh hello you know what it’s fine it’s fine I’m not
even worried about it it’s cool I mean that trees lookin all right let’s go
back over here and we’re gonna put one there OOP I’m stuck I’m stuck in the
tree I can’t get out cool all right there we go there we go
all right oh you know what else we need let’s get rid of the trees I don’t know
why I didn’t think about this earlier and let’s go leaf
let’s do dark oak I like that leaf it’s it’s a pretty leaf we need just we need
some vegetation stuff from falling down from around the trees you know what I
mean so we got some bushes up in here push
there we go and there we go so that’s a bush let’s uh let’s do a small little
bush here just a little one just a little one this is not working thick and
there and into the water nope there we go hey that looks good
let’s do that a couple more times cool so we got that in there and we got this
over here do a little bit of Bush action over here and like this and that and
that that any anyway done okay cool um what else do we need by a campsite up
cobwebs we could definitely put a couple of them here in there up in the trees so
there’s one let’s go under there was one and we’re gonna do one more over here in
the top of that tree cuz you know spiders are definitely a thing that
you’re gonna have around the campsite and I’m calling it I’m calling it it’s
good it’s done let’s time sit let’s do sunrise like that which way is
Sun coming from it’s coming over there look at that that looks epic I’m gonna
wait just a few minutes and I’m gonna get a screen shot and we’re gonna make
that two thumbnail and I’m calling it done Riverside campsite whoo alright
everybody well it’s done so we come around the corner here and we take a
look at the little campsite you know it’s it’s looking really sweet I think
that this would be a welcome addition life spot kind of a build to pretty much
anybody’s world grumpy our gaming taught me about life spots in builds this build
serves absolutely no purpose except it looks cool and it gives a little life to
build it looks like some people are here doing some stuff and you know you could
even put a couple of villagers in there put some beds in there for them and they
will be doing their thing anyway I am going to leave you all with that this
build is done and thank you so much for watching
hash tag one k-19 and hash tag long-hauler down in the comments if
you’ve made it this far you guys know by now I’m shooting for 1,000 subscribers
by the end of the year I got a spider web on my face but it’s okay anyway I
got a couple of other friends that are going for 1k 19 this year too so make
sure you check out the other castaways links are in the description below I had
a lot of fun doing this bill with you guys I hope that you enjoyed it too I’m
gonna leave a card up there check the cards do you like the go go fast type
build creative style sort of thing let me know we’ll see you all
in the next one

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