How To Build TOTAL WIPEOUT in Minecraft!

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and in this one We’re going to take a look at how to build Total Wipeout in Minecraft. Now if you haven’t heard of Total Wipeout before This should probably help you Think we can all agree that that looks like while or fun I mean I personally would quite like to try and conquer the assault course Unfortunately though, total wipeout no longer exists. It’s completely stopped running They’re not filming it anymore which means that unfortunately none of us will ever get the opportunity To play [on] that [sokol] so I thought to myself well You know what I’ll do the next best thing I will construct this in Minecraft so all of us can have fun on it so as you can see right [here] I’ve created a very large ward’s area. This is a 25 block wide by 51 block long at watered area I mean as you can see this is a huge space and we’re going to chucking a bunch of obstacles inside here there should be A bit of a challenge for pretty much every single Minecraft player So the way that I’m going to start this thing is I’m going to create the entrance to the course now in typical total wipeout Fashion we’re going to creating a slide, but unfortunately in Minecraft. We can’t really do the whole slide thing, so instead We’re going to build a slope of blocks which seems to be the next best thing So I’m going to go three blocks in from this side and two blocks in up from this side right here in the back Right-hand Corner and I’m going to place in eight [blocks] So one two [three] four five six seven eight and then I’m going to do two red blocks at the end like that And I’m going to fill in all of those Then I’m going to chuck in at just a [couple] red blocks going up like this so we have a small slope going up was there and then we’re going to place a red blocks going around like that and Then I’m going to create the outline To our area because generally speaking the color scheme for total wipeout [is] blue and red so [we’re] going to have one two three four five blocks like that and then we’re going to run that background like this and Just make our way [back] down [to] the bottom [just] like that and then once again that do our three blocks out the end on both sides and Run this red line going around the front like this. Just a bit like that then unfortunately we have got to fill in all of this space with our blue block so all of these again three blue blocks all of The sides are going to be blue blocks and all of the back as well unfortunately got quite a bit of block placing to do I’m going to crack on with this one. I’ll catch you guys in a little bit, so we go this is what we got so far as you can see I’ve added in a tiny bit extra detail across the top there with the fence post I think [it’s] a nice bit of detail, but if you don’t want to add it of course you don’t have to [ahead] it But anyway, we’re now going to crack gone with our first obstacle, [and] that is going to be the balancing beam So you want to go two blocks out from this book right here? And we’re going to place five blocks going across so it’s a relatively short balancing beam And then we’re going to chuck in some stained glass going across the top in this blue color just to fit the color scheme now Obviously, we’ve just built the balancing beamer, okay. This is what it is. It’s very nice, and simple which isn’t what we want, okay? We don’t want it to be too easy So what we [get] to do is we’re going to chuck in some redstone right here to make the job just a tiny bit hard And I’m going to chuck in a few blocks like this. We’re going to throw in some string going across like that That’s what’s going to detect our player running across Then we’re going to place a redstone torch which is going to invert that Signal and we’re going to take the output from [that] and run it right the way across there and play some redstone dust on top of all of those then on the sides of all of these blocks We’re going to chuck in some Redstone torches And we’re going to play some dispensers running across like this and all of these dispensers are filled to [the] brim up with Snowballs you guys can see where I’m going with this one so as soon as the player runs through that tripwire the snowballs are going To start firing and it’s going to make it just a tiny bit more difficult to run across because as you can see well They would take out the player if we weren’t in creative mode the next thing I’ve done is created a five by [Seven] platformer Which is like the landing platform from our balancing beam and this will allow us to move on to the next obstacle and one quick Thing that I just have to do is Place in some ladders [over] here for the players that fall off the balancing beam and also I’m going to chuck in a ladder over here For the players that fall off on the punching wall now the punching wall is definitely a famous obstacle in total wipeout because it’s absolutely [hilarious] we’re going to do is construct it just off in this area right here, so against place eight blocks going across like this That’s three blocks four [blocks] five blocks six seven eight just going across there And then we’re going to create a slight little structure Just making its way up like this and across the bottom that we’re going to place a line of blocks. Just like that now That’s because this is where [all] of our sticky pistons are going to be going that’s going to make places them quite a lot easier So we need to go up like that Just up like this, and then the last one is up like that and on all of their faces We’re going to be placing in our red [blocks] And then you want to fill in all of the gaps with your blue blocks now It’s time to do the redstone for this thing so the first thing We got [to] do is just place a common blocks out That and then a couple blocks on the top and basically connect up all of these pistons in Exactly the same way, so if it’s on the bottom layer Then you place two blocks at the bottom redstone running directly into it top layer two blocks like this Redstone right there, then you want to place a block above all of this redstone right here, then place a line of blocks going Right the way across with comparators or running into all of those Then you want to place some droppers at facing upWards [just] like that with some hoppers up running back down into them and Then we’re going to place a line of blocks that [is] going to be Powering up all of these droppers with a line of redstone up rang across like this Next up on the to-do list we just need to run a redstone input into this line So you just want to place a couple blocks going across like this a comparator, and then a repeater need two blocks right here and two humpers running into one another With an item on the inside and that will trigger our redstone clock so as you can hear from all of the drop is clicking Really frustrating noise This thing is now Functional so all we have to do is we need to chuck items inside of all of our droppers now the way we have to Do that is we place one non stackable item and one stackable item so there is our stackable item and this right here is going to be our non stackable item and You need to do exactly the same thing for each and every one of these [drops] So all exactly does this do well first up it creates a really really frustrated noise as you can tell right [here] But it creates a randomized punching wallet as well now. This is incredibly difficult obstacle. I’m just gonna warn you right here I’m going to try [my] best door on camera, and note. It hasn’t worked. Let’s try again that happens better We managed to [get] a half way right? Let’s see if we can do this [I] Thought we had it then but as you can see this is incredibly difficult And it is totally luck of the draw whether you manage to make it sometimes all of the pieces exten Sometimes none of the pistons extend that sort of is at the nature of your randomize But anyway the next thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to create another Platform off on the Edge here now. This is going to be a [3X3] area of blue Just like that, and then we’re going to chuck in all of the red blocks as well Just go around like this and this is going to take us up in for the bigger bouncing balls Which is a very famous thing [in] total wipeout this is one of those iconic obstacles The first thing that we got to do is we’ve actually got to create the platform for this thing So I’m going to go five blocks up from this platform right here That’s one two three four Five and [then] I’m going to place [two] blocks down across and create our platform up at the top here once again Just stick in with that blue and red theme right there And then we’re going to have ladders going up like this and down at the bottom We’re going to have some fences that sort of look like structural bits [I] mean once again it you can do whatever you’re really fancy with this one as you [guys] know building isn’t really my strong point, but I definitely think these are pretty cool and we’re going to have some fences going across here as well to stop players from Flying off the edges because we definitely wouldn’t want that sort of thing So your big red balls are going to be going off in this area here But it’s going to have a slight twist as opposed to being in this direction Running off over here. We’re actually going to have it going off in this direction To a make more use of this space the b add a bit of a challenge to the first big red ball because you’ve actually got to jump off onto the pool then turn and Then bounce off onto the next one it’s going to be pretty difficult so now we’ve actually got to build the big red balls So the first thing we’re going to do is we’ve [got] to go four blocks from the end of the platforms That’s two three four going [to] chuck in our block right there then our [2] [Fencepost] Then we’re going to create a sort of cross shape down the bottom right here, and basically repeat that process on every single side So I’m going to create that area there then placing the blocks just like this as you [can] see we’ve got more crosses and then up at the top we also have a cross and there we Go, we’ve got ourselves a ball now. I know you think in okay. This [is] Minecraft Very very difficult to create anything that even remotely looks like a ball, but I would say I’ve done a pretty good job So now it’s time to chuck in some of the redstone going to place in a pressure plate And [we’re] [going] to take out that block right there [placing] some redstone Repeater sets a full ticks then we’re going to have a sticky piston facing Upwards with a slime block on its face and when we stand on this pressure plate then run across We should generally get launched Outwards now It does take a little bit of practice and by the look of things I need much more of it, but I can promise you It’s very functional Next up you want to build the same thing two more times [so] [you] want to go five blocks away from this block [right] here? So that is three four five and [placing] another block and then just repeat the whole process so once again We’re going to create our crosses down at the bottom then our 3X3 area Just making its way around like that then another cross over the top right here our pressure plates taking out this [ugh] the redstone and [then] the repeater, and then the block facing upwards [with] [a] sticky piston And then your slime block now build it again So now it is actually time just don’t work on the platform that we’re going to be landing on after doing the big red Ball So what we have to do is you have to go four blocks away from this block right here We’re going to place a block there and we’re going to carry that out by 13 blocks there’s 1 2 [3] 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 As you can see we’ve got two blocks to go from the edge of our water area which is strange considering this place seemed massive When we started but now it seems really quite small now that we filled it in with all the contraptions Anyway, the next thing that we need to do is we need to go six blocks up [from] this point So you just want to place a block right here? [and] then we want to go one two three or four five six and then Place a block and put it at the top right there and
Then we’re going to chuck in all of the ladders which will take us up onto the surface if you manage to mess up doing the big Red Ball to actually construct the platform you just want to go three blocks across like this then place a block down there and then another line of blocks making its way right the way across to the edge of Where our blue finish is and then once again? You guys know the drill by now We need to chuck in all of our red wall just making this way up like this and Basically surrounding all of our blue wall box a bit like that, and then down the bottom [here] We’re actually going to chuck in all of our fence posts now these fence posts against make their way [right] the way up into the blocks And we’re just going to go [right] the way across here and all the way up to the top here You’ve got a lot of vents poster place here But then it should like a pretty decent support structure The next thing that I’m going to be doing is planning out the final obstacles because well Let’s just say that these are fairly ambitious obstacles, okay? They’re quite redstone heavy, and I want to make sure that I place them in the correct spot So we need to go three blocks from the edge of this [right-hand] corner right here [and] then we’re going [to] chuck in that block right there two blue blocks, and then another block there And then we need to carry that [out] by four blocks just like this And then we’re going to surround all of those blocks with our red blocks right there Then you want to go two blocks from there and placing it your liner two blocks like this and create a 2×2 area Fences then we’re going to go three four five six blocks here then place another two blocks with another 2×2 area Fences so this is where the stubbles de Villiers games? [we’re] going this is where the next one is going to be going then this is actually going to be the finish to your total Wipeout course so for the final obstacle that we’re going to create swings [now] These are the sorts of swings that you normally expect these are basically swinging platforms they have them in [total] [wipeout] but obviously very difficult to create swinging things in Minecraft When [Minecraft] doesn’t really do swinging so what we’re going to do is that we’re going to sort of improvise and create something That looks a little bit like a swing at using slime blocks So the way that we’re going to do that is by placing two books in like this It’s some redstone dust right there then we’re going to have two blocks of obsidian on either side with some blocks popping out like this a Repeater set the two ticks that’s going to be running out into this block right here with redstone dust on top and then a block right there and we’re going to do the exactly the same thing on the other side so two ticks right there a block up like this your Redstone and then your block could just in like that Then what we have to do is check in a few sticky pistons facing in this direction right here So we’re going to have sticky pistons here We’re also going to have sticky pistons on this side as well Then we’re going to have a bunch of slime blocks running across like this with some blue blocks in the center That’s going to be our platform then we’re going to run a redstone clock into this redstone line right here now the way that we’re going to do that is by placing a block a Comparator and then our two blocks like this and then your two hoppers runnin into one another To power that redstone clock or all you have to do is throw in a non stackable item and you should see that this sort Of thing will start happening now there is a chance [that] it will look a little bit broken for example if I break this comparator right here and run it into This block you can see that. We get something like this happening That’s not what you want to happen you want the other thing to be happening Which is [a] little bit strange, and I don’t fully understand it So you might need to play around with your comparator placement? but in theory It should look a little bit like this and that means that we have ourselves a moving platform That we now need to jump [onto] [I] mean that’s going to be Incredibly challenging, so we have to do is recreate what you’ve done right here on this other fence post there So we go we now have ourselves two moving platforms that are incredibly difficult to get [onto] now I’m going to try my best to Demonstrate me doing this and it is going to be very very difficult indeed because as you guys know not exactly a parkour genius But it is totally possible. I could as possible. I’m just not skilled enough to do it on [camera] dcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcffffff So there we [go] that is our obstacle done. unfortunately there was a slight mistake in that one All you have to do is take out all of these blocks We then need to place blocks going across the top here [chuck] in all the redstone right there, and then throw in all of the redstone torches and place blocks going across like this So now that one is fully functional and the snowballs will fire out in full force [as] soon as you try and jump onto the balancing beam there we have it ladies and gents we’ve completed a full total wipeout course This thing is going to be very very difficult to handle and I cannot wait to see this in all your survival worlds But unfortunately ladies and gents that is all I’ve [got] time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did visual to that like ban, and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. [this] is [me] mumbo, and [I’m] at RCA later

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  1. Ender Herobrine

    Mumbo: total wipeout is gone I’ll make it in minecraft so everyone can play it

    Me:😑 ……….. pocket edition ……… console

  2. Gavyn Johnson

    nobody ever:
    mumbo: hey im building a lego set in minecraft here are the instructions:

  3. Freekout27

    I used to watch Wipeout a lot and I've never seen anyone say Total Wipeout cuz I think you're confusing a show called Total Drama Island cuz that was an amazing show also.

  4. Tex Lawson

    I had already had the idea 4 a total wipe out course in Minecraft and I built it and I was quite proud of myself. Then I saw yours and face palmed coz yours is so much better!😂


    Hey mumbo earlier I found a new redstone clock so if you put a observer down then to the right of that place a piston so that when the piston activates it will update the observer then if you run redstone behind the observer and make it going into the piston then activate the piston with a lever on top and then watch it go

  6. ALA_Legend 02

    Total wipeout was so good, they should start it again. Richard Hammond talking about idiots face planting giant red balls is entertainment in its purest form

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