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(upbeat music) – So when choosing an
outdoor living contractor, you want to be able to
compare apples to apples. It’s a saying that has said so much, but so many people forget about it. A lot of times we’re
competing on a product that is half the outdoor
living space than what we are. The square footage is no matchup, or the dimensions of the
materials, like the wood, so are they doing six by six posts and we’re doing eight by eight? Are they putting stone column wraps? Are we doing that? These are all the things that you want to be able to compare. You don’t want to just take
a look at the company itself, you want to be able to go on
and read the online reviews. Doesn’t always have to be just on Google. There’s tons of places that you can go and you can see stuff. You can ask questions. You can go into your forums
for your neighborhoods. Everybody’s got their own
neighborhood Facebook account. You can go on there, you
can ask who to use there. Find out who’s used who and
what pictures are out there. In our case, you can go to our website and you can see before and after stuff. When you meet with your project manager, that’s actually with us, that’s gonna be the project manager that’s gonna facilitate your job. Want to make sure that
you have good vibes. I’ve always said that if you
don’t feel it at that point, you’re not for each other. And that goes both ways. It’s not just you picking us. I think that if we don’t have a good vibe, we want to make sure that we’re going to reach
all of your hot buttons. And if don’t feel like
we’re gonna do that, then we also need to walk away, because it’s gotta be
good for both people. It’s a partnership. We’re not looking at
this as a one-time job, we’re looking at this
as our first of many. To be in your backyard.

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