How to Clean your deck with a K3 premium power washer by Karcher

A couple of days ago we had the British summer it lasted for about three days and so someone decided it would be good idea to clean
the deck! okay just a quick disclaimer I wasn’t paid to do this and Natalie bought it because she wanted to do some jet washing, so that was that. This is not an endorsement it’s just something we’re doing because the deck needs washing and by
the way. You can see the colour of my is, hair four applications of that
controlgx now and it’s quite dark I’ve only used it four times in five weeks so if you put this stuff on every day Your hair will be black. Okay we’ve got an unboxing! This is the karcher K3 premium full control jet wash, jet washer Home kit – Car kit okay so what have we got
here we had got instruction manual. We have got for the car. One is for the patio and the deck. and the other one is for the car Right soap and what not hoses and wheels. Handle, more hoses (lances)
another hose, another handle Cable. And there it is…Karcher Now I’ve just got to put it all
together. First things first Natalie put the wheels on but they
just pop on like that. What else we got? This goes in there. yes That’s very simple. That goes on there That goes in there. This one goes in here
locks into place, snap it into place That goes like that hard, medium, soft. Push it right in then rotate it. And then it comes back. So pushing it right in rotate it and then drop it back And to take it apart you need to do the
reverse which means take it out. Three different nozzles, there’s
a nozzle, these are the ends that clip in. That’s another nozzle look you see and
there’s another end that clips in. So you just put them in like that and then when you want to use this one. You put that in and you click it on like that
and off you go That’s for doing floors and they all come
apart the same way. That’s it. That’s the power supply. That’s the filler for your tank for cleaning fluid. That goes in there Ones for decks and ones for cars. So with this you can just spray your car or you can do it with the other one. It doesn’t matter either way And here’s the hose. I say, quite a long
hose. And then that one goes on to That way around. Yeah you attach the hose to that. You click on your hose on to that. Turn your water on. It’s not not turned off? There it’s in. Done. There’s some algae. This is all algae The deck is full of dirt. It’s actually a very strange color According to those scientific people Green algae like this stuff shows a very
healthy environment. Eden babbles shouts incoherently There’s always someone trying to upstage me! Right. Okay working under difficult circumstances in the field This green stuff this algae. It grows
everywhere and it’s like. It’s like a microscopic world. If you look very carefully It’s amazing. It’s em. I mean this is a whole ecosystem down here Okay so we’re using the water out of the
water butt. This is rainwater collected over the winter. Right the powers on. Reservoir you can see where the water is coming in? Luke No? Undoing the kinks. Surely this creates a
vacuum doesn’t it? If you plug it on? Luke. I would have thought so yeah Natalie. Dry running for more than two minutes leads to damage of the high pressure pump. Right. If the appliance does not build up pressure within two minutes switch the appliance off There’s water. There we go. Now it will
pump… right? Natalie. Full control system. The pressure indicator on the trigger gun shows the currently set pressure position in operation. With a
full control spray lance. The indicator is not significant during bleh bleh bleh! Right. how do you turn the pressure up then? RTFM yeah why don’t yuz? Well you’re reading it for us! Don’t point it at anyone put it over there. Preparation with detergent spray with detergent Pressure is determined by the nozzle
that you use. See look… hard Tee hee! Hang on we need the blade jet Let the pressure build up That’s no good? The wrong nozzle? We need to, we need the blade type one. Blade? Yeah it’s like a wide jet. Let’s try this one it does all three stages. Try it on this Luke look. Right what are we on now? Like a blade Like a blade design…That’s it! That’s hopeless Yes it’s too soft, that’s the hardest stage? That says soft? Hard Turn it to hardest This is only on level one Switch it up to level 4…Can’t It’s determined by the nozzle. That’s no good Too slow Try the other nozzle then. What other nozzles does it have? Maybe the waters not there yet. Not enough pressure in the water? No, that makes the pressure. Yeah this should pull it through No difference in pressure Come this way and blow from this side
out. Go from here in that direction. Think we do need to do it. Got to get in tight all right Get the kinks out of the hose to increase the pressure See how it comes on We’ve done about a third of the deck so far. We’ve used this much water. Not much really. We eventually got it up to full pressure and it’s now Cutting through the dirt and grime You ain’t gonna notice it until it dries out OK so we’ve done the deck. Look how much water we’ve used. Half the barrel. That cleans the windows quick. What about the roof? We’ll have to do it from inside. Take that inside up into the bedroom spray it out of the window Well we’ve jet washed everything to within an inch of its life It works. Not to complicated. We’ve jet washed everything It looks a lot cleaner. And all the algae and all that’s gone! So there we are. We used this patio and deck cleaner That’s the size of a deck And we’ve used 250? We’ve use half a bottle. Just cleaning that deck. The white stuff. There’s the white that I just sprayed it on Leave it for a couple of minutes then
you give it a jet off. We have run out of water almost. We must have a look yeah we’ve got a bit in there. So we’ve run out of?. There’s so many kinks in this hose that it keeps re-kinking for some reason? Which is bizarre? They keep going, these kinks in the hose just keep reappearing No ones moving it or nothing but it’s just weird. Here’s the deck now. Have to wait for a bit of sunshine This Is England so
it could be any time. It’s actually a different colour. It’s done. Well we used most of that up. Now we’ve re-dirtied the patio. Okay done? But these are big chunks so they’ll come off in a second. That was fun covered in grime and slime so I need to have a shower. That’s it. Karcher K3 full control. It’s done it. Now we just got to clean the patio again. But that’s no problem. Luke’s now doing the balancing act. To clean the gutter. This is above and beyond you do realise that? Luke. Yeah! That’s a lot of moss. So there we are. Carnage in the garden. What we need now is some sunshine. Dry this out. To see the fruits of our Labor’s. The joys of having a garden?

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