How to Fence : How to Put On Your Fencing Vest & Jacket

My name is Brad Bogus. The next piece to go
on is called the lame. Now there are two types of foil fencing; electric fencing and dry
fencing. Electric fencing is what you will find in any competition or any regulated match.
This is an electrical lame. It goes on and as your see it looks like a piece of metal
pretty much. It keeps an electric current going when you are playing but I won’t get
into that now. Either way I am showing it to you now because I want to show you the
valid target area and that is what the lame covers. You step through the loop just like
when you do with the jacket because this also considered target area. You put it on like
a vest and just like the jacket the zipper is worn according to whether you are left
handed or right handed. Zip that up, latch it around the neck because the neck is also
still valid target area and you are ready to go. Next piece is the glove. This is probably
one of the most important pieces as your hands are constantly hit with weapons. Now the glove
goes on over your sleeve not under because you don’t want a sword poking in through
your sleeve and possibly cutting your arm. The glove itself is padded on the outside
on the knuckles and on the back of the hands to prevent any swords from hitting you and
trust me when that happens, it hurts a lot. The mask prevents any sword obviously from
entering your face and it has a neck guard here to provide a little bit more padding
in case you get hit in the larynx or anything like that. It latches around the back with
this little piece right here and provides a little bit of padding as you can see. You
slip it on like so, now you are ready to fight. Next I will show you the techniques with the

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