How to Fix a Fence that Ain’t Broke! This isn’t a grammar lesson. ;-)

Patti’ll tell ya, I’ve never been much of a morning person but that seems to be changing the older I get, the more I appreciate the stillness of a morning especially this time of year it’s so cool outside, and it’s a perfect opportunity to get out and to work on some fence If you’ve been following our channel you know that we recently fenced in a little more than 25 acres using a grant from the NRCS (the Natural Resource Conservation Service) It was a “goat” program, which means that the fence had to meet ummm… specifications designed for keeping in goats Well, the good news is, it’s a very sturdy fence ummm… no chance for goats or the cows to escape, but the bad news is that “goat specs” do not equal “pig specs” So…the fence…while sturdy and well made, has some inherent problems when it comes to pigs two, primarily here’s the first: One of the specs for the goat fence is that the bottom of the fence has to be a minimum of two inches off the ground Well the bad news is, if it’s a minimum of 2″ that means in some places it’s 4″ depending on the…um…terrain some places even higher Here’s the second problem: With “H” braces, if an “H” brace fell in an area where there was a depression Well, the “H”…the fence on the “H” brace, like here in this image could be 12 inches…14 inches…off the ground and, the small pigs that we have…the young ones… uh, can just walk right under it and you can bet your behind even though they’ve got 25 acres to forage in…they see that fence, they’re going right out [laughs] I just don’t get it So that’s what I had to do this morning was, begin the process of…um… uh, “Pig-Proofing” … the fence [hammer sounds] [background music playing] Well, I reckon that was a pretty productive morning, all before breakfast Now I’ve just got three hundred and sixty-something T-posts left to adjust, and six or eight “H” braces So…I guess I know where I’ll be spending my lunch break today.

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  1. sirjimmy71

    I noticed Blake Kirby featured an idea he got from you today in fence building. There must have been some sort of spooky interaction at a distance, because Luke was sporting the same boots-and-shorts look.

  2. Herfmonster

    I would try filling in that depression by the "H" brace with B2E wood chips. I have a feeling pigs actually don't like to root in wood chips, and water would still flow through them. you could probably hold them in place with some cheap chicken wire, and yes they would settle but a wheelbarrow or two every couple of years shouldn't be too much work.

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