How To Get Rid Of Moss On Walkways, Driveways, Roofs, Fences, Gardens, Sidewalks

How to get rid of moss on walkways, driveways, roofs, fences 30 Second Spray and Walk Away Moss Killer hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have moss on your walkway I will show you how to keep it under control first thing you want to do is take a broom and sweep it quickly remove any loose leaves pine needles cones how to get rid of moss on walkways driveways roofs fences 30 Seconds Spray Walk Away Moss Mold Algae Lichen Killer I know that moss is pretty on trees and in
the forest but not on your sidewalk or driveway because it’s very
slippery and they can cause you to fall so I choose 30 SECONDS SPRAY AND WALK AWAY lichen moss mold algae killer and
you can get it at Home Depot or another hardware
store and it works really well I’m gonna show you
how simple it is to use it 30 SECOND SPRAY AND WALK AWAY need to dilute it 30 second spray and walk away really works it really works and gets rid of moss mold lichen algae dilute 30 second spray and walk away with 5 parts water to 1 part spray use my HDX Garden Sprayer I already put in with a simple cup 5 parts water now I am going to put 1of the spray concentrate shake it around have my solution make sure you dilute it make sure you don’t use a kitchen measuring cup that would put chemicals in your food don’t do that put on the pumper screw it down in there make sure your valves are closed pump it up you are ready to start spraying take your sprayer press on nozzle spray your moss this is safe for sidewalks roofs fences patios don’t spray onto your garden it is not safe for plants keep your pets off of it for at least 12 hours if they do get on it wipe off their feet so they don’ t lick it off that is all you have to do this is going to die off I can sweep it later if I want to it is going to be gone this beats power washing scrubbing with soap having to hose it off broom it away this is
the easiest thing ever that’s all you have to do and this whole
section is done if you have mossy overgrowth on your fence you can
spray that too just make sure there’s no delicate
plants right down below that it could damage this will make your property look better last longer and help you
maintain your home don’t worry about slipping on you driveway or sidewalk anymore it doesn’t have to be slippery with moss try using 30 SECOND SPRAY AND WALK AWAY moss
killer see if it doesn’t help keep your surfaces free of moss around your home
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Reader Comments

  1. Anna Forhisglory

    does that chemical have round up?
     I am asking because it never dissolves, you cannot plant any edible tree or anyveg. near that. just saying probable if someone has any idea maybe vinager would of done it. peace.

  2. slim439

    Leo Welch. You really are a waste of space. Do some research about mold & moss, then you post an apology for commenting on a subject you have no knowledge of, admitting you are a complete turd who should've kept his uninformed opinions to himself.


    From personal experience power washing is best to get rid of the moss for a longer period of time. Spraying is easier but the moss comes back quicker because you can't get the moss growth out of the fine cracks underneath the moss you are spraying. Some spraying products can cause staining on your bricks or patio stones. I have sprayed my fence with moss killer and it didn't do anything but the power washer did the job. I also didn't need to put chemicals on anything, i only used water and pressure.

  4. Robert Swift

    i used this product on my fence and brick patio and power washed them both,,they both look brand spanking new now.Great product

  5. rbbartho

    She should have made a 2 part video. It works but it won't show for about 10 days. On moss that thick, it would take more product. Just let it do its job. Then sweep or hose off 10 days later. Better than spending all day with a power washer.

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