How to Get UNSTUCK from the Nether!

– Are you stuck in the Nether without a flint and steel and need to get back
home to the Overworld? Well, you have found the correct video. We’re gonna go through a whole bunch of different ways to get out of the Nether if you’re stuck. (8-bit music) (creeper hissing) (creeper explodes) So, here we are inside of Minecraft and this is the problem
we’re trying to fix. Got a portal, it’s a full portal. We don’t need obsidian or anything like– (fire sizzling) Ouch! Ow, that’s rude, who did that? There’s a very mean
blaze right over there. I doubt that I can hit him from over here. (arrow shoots) Okay, we’re just going to move over to the other side of the portal. This is obviously the issue. How do we fix it? Well, the first solution to get out of the Nether may be the one of the Nether may be the one that you actually don’t
want to do the most. For this character, as we see him, For this character, as we see him, wouldn’t really be that big of a deal specifically because of the fact that there are no levels
on this character. You may have guessed where I’m going. You’re going to have to
kill yours–(ghast cries) (cow mooing) Okay, kill yourself in order
to get out of the Nether. All you have to do is have a way to store what you currently
have on your body. So, we’re just gonna go
ahead and make up a chest. There we go. Throw it on, hopefully,
near your current portal, take all of our things
out of our inventory, (chest opens) and then stash all of it into the chest, and then just jump out of the Nether. Jump off of–we happen to be on an island. Just kill yourself! (screaming) (lava popping) Goodbye, cruel world. Okie dokie, and then you’ll respawn obviously in the Overworld
wherever your bed was last. (block breaks) Happen to be recording this video, so there is a portal right
in front of me, obviously. Then, when you jump
back through the portal, (portal whooshes) if there isn’t another portal on the other side that is lit, the game will create one for you. And now you just have to– hopefully that’s close to where your other portal is. Get out of here, ghast. (ghast cries) Or you can go find your other portal if it doesn’t happen to be next to the one that you were at before. (projectile explodes) (ghast cries) Rude. Just to show you, this portal, if I was to break it– I switched to Creative Mode. And then I was to kill myself, And then I was to kill myself, and then I was to go back through the portal in the Overworld, jumping back through, it creates a new portal. And that is the original
portal that I had. And, in fact, this is actually the original original portal that I had. So you can see that it
keeps creating portals around where you are so you can easily around where you are so you can easily get back to your stuff once you die. But let’s say that is not an option and you want to make sure that you don’t lose your levels. Or for whatever reason,
you don’t want to die in order to get out of the Nether. That’s commendable! You know, I understand that. So here are your options: Number one is to try to
find another fortress because this is going to make your life a lot easier in a whole bunch of ways. Once you are at the Nether fortress, if you can find chests
within the Nether fortress, which they tend to be
on corners right here, there may be some valuable stuff inside. This one doesn’t happen to have– well, I mean, this is obviously valuable, but this doesn’t have
what we’re looking for. We’re gonna move on. Chest number two. (chest opens) Aha! Iron ingots. So, this is one half of the puzzle. Obviously you need flint and steel, and there is gravel in the Nether, so you can harvest gravel in order to get flint and steel. But still, there’s one easier option if we get lucky. (ghast Here’s another one. Ah! We got lucky! So, this one has a full
flint and steel available to you inside of this chest. to you inside of this chest. I got a few chests. This is all the loot I got inside of them. I got three iron ingots, these could be helpful to make a bucket if you don’t already have one for a tip that I’ll give you in the future. But, you can find full flint and steel inside of a Nether fortress. But, let’s say, sure, you know
where a Nether fortress is, but you have looted that
thing long, long ago. So there is absolutely no flint and steel inside of any of the chests. inside of any of the chests. Well, a Nether fortress
can still be useful to you as long as mobs are still spawning there. So make sure you break all the torches to make sure that mobs continue to spawn. What you are going to be
collecting from these mobs are hopefully some coal
from the wither skeletons, are hopefully some coal
from the wither skeletons, and a blaze rod from the blazes. and a blaze rod from the blazes. I think I just killed
my only wither skeleton. Let’s see, did he die? Yeah, he’s-he’s dead. Dang it, I need another wither skeleton. Die! Die! Nice, okay. We got the blaze rod. Now we need the coal. Now we don’t–we didn’t happen to find any coal anywhere, but I also happen to have oak logs. If you happen to have oak logs, you can obviously change
those into charcoal as long as you have a furnace. So that is also an option. I’m gonna just keep looking
for a wither skeleton just to kind of show you the process. Here’s one. (bell rings) Hey, hopefully we get lucky with him. Wither skeletons have
a one in three chance of dropping a piece of coal. So, if luck holds out, you’ll only have to kill three of them. Well, that doesn’t look
like my luck held out. One… I do realize this is technically my third because the first one fell into the lava, so maybe? Ow! Dang it, he dropped a bone. I need coal! Another one. (sword swings) Oh! There we go. So we got some coal. So now we have two pieces to our puzzle which includes three items. So, the next thing you have to do is kill a few ghasts. So I’ve gotten to an area that has some nice land underneath me because we definitely want to be able to capture whatever this ghast drops. And so, if you can, that would be–Ow. (fire crackles) Can we return this to cinder? No, no, we didn’t. (ghast cries) And…yah! Aw, we missed. Ha, there we go. Get him! Aw man. (lava pops) (ghast dies) There we go. Okay, well he died. And I’m dying! Let’s see what he dropped! There we go! Okay, perfect, we got what we wanted, which was the gunpowder. So, now that we have
all three ingredients, the blaze rod, the
charcoal, and the gunpowder, the blaze rod, the
charcoal, and the gunpowder, we can take our blaze rod and split it into blaze powder. Take our gunpowder and our coal, and it can be charcoal, and we will get three fire charges as the output from three
mobs that we killed while in the Nether. Now back at our unlit portal, we can take that fire
charge and you use it just like flint and steel, and you can click the edge of the portal, and then bam! You have a fully lit
portal to go back home. These only work one time, so you only can turn on the portal three times with this method. But it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Let’s say, “Okay, that was nice and all. I feel very accomplished. I killed lots of mobs in the Nether in order to do that.” But maybe you’re in a bit more of a hurry. If you happen to have
a bed in your inventory or anything that can make a bed, you can place that down
next to the portal, and we’re gonna set it down right there. Stand far away, and if you really want to, you can create a little bit of a barrier– a barrier wall for yourself, and make sure that you
don’t get too much blast. And click it, (bed explodes) and it will explode, causing fire all around, causing fire all around, and that bed has the chance of igniting the portal with this fire. of igniting the portal with this fire. So if any fire showed up inside of that portal frame, then it will light the portal. Okay, let’s say you don’t have a bed or bed-making materials. Don’t worry, we still gotcha covered. If you can lure a ghast or even a blaze If you can lure a ghast or even a blaze back towards your portal, their projectile could relight the portal. And a blaze… Yeah, and the blaze happens to be way over there. I’m not sure if he’s going to notice me either. Notice me! (ghast cries) I just shot you, come on! How do you not notice me, seriously? When have I ever had this
problem in Minecraft? Ghasts won’t fire at you. (arrow shoots) (ghast cries) (ghast shoots) There he goes. Okay, now he’s firing at me. Locked on target, locked on target. And if you can, try to stand in– (projectile explodes) There we go! We lit it. Now, run away. Otherwise his blast may
cause it to break again. Otherwise his blast may
cause it to break again. And remember, you can
direct a ghast fireball, if you’re fast enough, in any direction that you’re pointing your arrow. So it’s not based off of, you know, you compared to the fireball. It’s actually based off
of where you are aiming. So, you can see that my crosshair is aimed say over there or over here. If I can get on the other
side of that fireball, you can send it where– Oh, see? I just shot it. Ow! Oh, oh, don’t hit him. Okay good, we need him back. Uh, so you can actually aim that fireball any direction that your
crosshairs are aiming. You just need to hit that intersection of where the fireball and your arrow are going to pass. And now, I have an unlit portal again, which is what you want to avoid. So you want to try to kill that ghast or run as far away from the lit portal as you can once it relights. And the same thing–there’s
a blaze over there, who’s locked onto me, so he’s firing his projectiles. (fire pops) He can actually do the same thing with his projectiles, as well. You can tell that a blaze has locked on whenever they catch on fire. That’s how you know that
he is locked on target and he’s sort of hitting the– where-where did he go? No, come back. Blaze, oh no. Did you despawn? There we go. I went ahead and summoned one close by. If you happen to stand next to a wall which can catch that projectile, hopefully… (blaze shoots) There we go. Or maybe over here. Come on, come on, hit me. Hit me! He will always fire one
projectile straight ahead and two sort of diagonally. and two sort of diagonally. So, you can try to use
that to your advantage to stand right next to the portal and hopefully get him to attack it. Looks like no projectiles yet. If he could be more at an angle, that would be preferred. So he would have more surface area to hit. (fire crackles) I wish if I was caught on fire, I could just run in here and just stand like, “Hey, I’m on fire, my friend.” I may try to hit him that direction. That way he has more of
the portal to attack. (blaze shoots) No, nothing yet. You really do want to kind of move out of the way so that he will hopefully hit the block instead of you. This is the stormtrooper of blazes. Oh my gosh, I was on the
other side of this block. (chewing) There we go, get some height on you. (blaze shoots) Nice! He lit it. There we go. So then we want to make sure to move out of the way and… You know, thanks for
lighting that–(laughs) portal and all, but time to die. Uh, now it is lit using a blaze. But let’s say ghast and blaze, that’s out of the picture. Maybe your portal is in a location that is just really not gonna get any ghasts or blazes (projectile explodes) Are you–okay, I was like, “If you light that portal when I tried so hard to get you to
light the other portal. I’m gonna be very upset.” So maybe you’re in a sort
of cave-like situation where the…where your
portal really is not going to be seen easily by
other blazes or by ghasts. Or if you happen to be really
really really far away. Blazes will spawn only
in Nether fortresses. Ghasts will spawn anywhere in the Nether, but if you happen to be in an area that’s just not, uh, not good for ghasts, this next tip is for you. Like in this type of situation where the portal has
spawned inside of an area where the portal has
spawned inside of an area that really we’re not going
to get any ghasts over here. So, what you need to look for is lava. In fact, I think I just saw a drop of lava on the ground here. Did I? There it is! Hello–Hello, lava. So I happen to have a bucket, but if you don’t have a bucket, hopefully you can move your portal hopefully you can move your portal to closer to lava. Maybe you have a diamond pick. If you don’t happen to have a diamond pick and you don’t happen to
have a bucket of lava, you’re going to need to get very creative. Remember, lava can flow. So I do know that there is a lava source right above that block and lava will flow just like water. In the Overworld, lava
will only flow three, but in the Nether, it
can flow seven blocks. So, that should be the lava source block. This should be able to be broken. The lava comes this way. It will flow, and there we go, that is the seventh block. And it will continue to flow over. That one happens to be
already kind of set down. So what we can use is use this to our advantage to get a source of fire. to our advantage to get a source of fire. And if you happen to have anything in your inventory that burns, you can use that to relight the fire. you can use that to relight the fire. I’m gonna go down the list of things that are flammable that you could use in this situation. I’m gonna go down the list of items that are flammable, so any of these would be useful in this next tip. You can use logs or wood, which is the logs that have all the sides as the edge, stripped versions of that, coal, planks, wooden slabs, fences or fence gates, signs, wooden stairs, the composter or the beehives in 1.15. or the beehives in 1.15. You can use TNT, vines, bookshelves, lanterns, bee nests, leaves, all the different colors of wool, dried kelp blocks, carpets, hay bales, bamboo, scaffolding, flowers, sweet berry bushes, the
double-high flowers, grass, and dead bushes. All of those can be used in this tip. So what we are going to do is get the lava to flow towards the…uh, the portal. to flow towards the…uh, the portal. And then we will take any of those flammable things (ghast cries) and place it inside or
near this portal frame. and place it inside or
near this portal frame. And what we’re gonna do is put it just on the outside so that an
edge will catch on fire. So if this block was to catch fire, then the portal would be lit. So what we’ll do is we will cover up all of the other sides of this block. There we go. And that way, this block
will catch on fire. So this whole space will catch on fire, lighting our portal. Now here’s how lava will work when it comes to catching things on fire. Let’s say that this orange
block is our lava block. It can cause fire to happen
in any of these blocks, It can cause fire to happen
in any of these blocks, and that includes going out
in all of the directions, So…(mumbles) that’s one, two, three. There we go. All of this can catch fire. And so your lava does not have to be perfectly positioned. By the way, our portal
is already lit here. Your fire does not have
to be perfectly positioned underneath the block you
are trying to catch on fire. It just needs to be nearby. So, we are just watching
our log right here and we will see this portal (fire crackling) light as I (laughs) light myself on fire. There it goes! Perfect timing! Amazing! So, what’s happening before
the game even renders it is this side of the log
is catching on fire, which lights the portal and that way you can go home. And remember, I did say
that TNT can be used And remember, I did say
that TNT can be used in order to light this portal. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to create an area for the TNT to sit. You need to make sure
that the top of the TNT is not exposed because if it is, that is what will light the TNT on fire and explode immediately. So you need to make sure that all of the faces of the TNT are covered except for the bottom,
that can be uncovered, because that is taken
up by the flowing lava, and the edge that you–(laughs) Well, there we go! (laughing) Right? Amazing! It happened so fast. That was just coincidence that it happened so darn fast. But that side of the TNT caught on fire and lit the portal. Then, the fire disappeared, so therefore, the TNT didn’t go off. And so, what you’ll want to do is break that TNT quickly is break that TNT quickly so that it doesn’t explode. And that can just be done, you know, just by punching your hand, it’ll happen immediately. And it fell into the lava, so I didn’t get it back. But hey! Now I can go
back through the portal and back home! And remember, if you
happen to have a bucket, you don’t need to do this crazy lava-flowing stuff that we’ve done. You can just go ahead and grab the lava source block with your bucket, and then carry that over to your portal and create a trough for it just like we did over on the other side. And then this can be where you are putting all of your flammable
items to light the portal. And there you go! Those are all of my tips and tricks on how to unstuck yourself from the Nether. To review, in case you kind of forgot all of our options that we have since the beginning of the video, you could just die and
keep your stuff safe in a chest, then go
back through the portal to collect your stuff. You can find useful items in
the Nether fortress chests, including some steel,
and then gather your own flint to make flint and steel, or you could find–find
pure flint and steel inside of those chests. Also, you can craft a fire charge using the drop from a ghast, a blaze, and a wither skeleton to craft your fire charge. You could use a bed to explode near the portal to create that fire to relight the portal. You could use a ghast or you could use a blaze to relight the portal. And finally, you can create a lava flow or if you happen to have a lava bucket, or a bucket to make a lava bucket, then you can set a block that is flammable then you can set a block that is flammable on fire, and then that will
light your portal back home. I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did, please consider giving this a big ol’ thumbs up! Also make sure you
subscribe for future videos. Tips, tricks, tutorials, and spotlights here on OMGcraft, and I’ll see you next time on OMGcraft. Bye! (cat meows) (8-bit music) (cat purrs) (cat purrs) (cat purrs)

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  1. Rubix_Moon

    I’m early and I don’t know what to say •_•
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    edit:the bed method could work if your difficulty is in peaceful mode

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  3. Teijupeiju - Gacha Life and Roblox

    My method would be if I have wood and cobble: I build a mini place wheres 2 chests from the cobble, then put all of my items there and die. Then I take an flint and steel from my house and go back to nether and get my items.
    Also I realized he did the same

  4. Star GameDragon

    Can't I just break it rebuild it near lava with a piece of wood next to it and it will activate?(unless u don't have a diamond pickaxe)(but I can find diamond in a chest)(but what if I don't have sticks)

  5. Άρης Κεφαλογιαννης

    Orre you can just die next to your portal spawn in your house get a flint and steel and go get your items from the nether and boom bacn to your house !

  6. Hashem Alhadi

    He said if you don’t have access to a nether portal just make a fire charge and for that you need blazepowder which ca only be obtained from a nether fortress via blaze

  7. ScrapDraws

    I havnt really watched the whole vid yet but here’s what I do , 1- get a ghast/blaze to shoot at me while I’m in the portal then I run

    2- this has happened way too many times to me so I’ve build a small fortress around the portal which isn’t completely safe but that’s the reason I’ve got a small obsidian box with an item frame with a flint and steel in it labelled “break in case of NO fire “

  8. Fiiderson

    This is why I always make some kind base to nether with cheats with flint and Steel in it and enderchest so I can throw the valuables in there

  9. _LoneShadowWolf_ 4ever

    But guess what, you completely lost your portal (that's definitely not removed by one other player) search in a dozen of nether fortresses for obsidian, hoping you took enough food with you

  10. vcand007

    Me stuck in the nether: MUST FIND A VIDEO!!!!!

    OMGchad: 1. Store your items, jump into lava

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