How to Install a Rabbit-Proof Fence

How to Install a Rabbit-Proof Fence. If little
mister hippity-hop has taken a liking to your plants, put a stop to that furry thief by
building a fence. You will need A shovel Metal posts A hammer Vinyl coated fencing Wire snips
Cable ties and ground staples (optional). Step 1. Dig a trench around your garden that
is at least 3 inches deep to prevent those pesky critters from burrowing under the fence.
Use ground staples to hold the fence down and prevent the rabbits from crawling under
if you cannot dig a trench. Step 2. Hammer one metal post in each corner and then evenly
space the remaining posts every 6 to 8 feet around the perimeter. Step 3. Trim the fencing
into sections with wire snips instead of trying to cover the whole garden in one pass. Use
vinyl coated fencing, since it won’t rust. Make sure the mesh is tight enough to keep
the rabbits out. Step 4. Wrap the fencing outside each post and attach it with cable
ties. Step 5. Backfill the trench and test the fence’s sturdiness. Examine the perimeter
for weak spots and be confident that you’ll be the only one eating from your garden. Did
you know The Australian government was forced to build a 2½-mile long fence in Perth to
protect the parks and reserves from rabbits.

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  1. Artemios

    Just spend a day in your garden with an air gun.You'll rid yourself off of rabbits AND you'll have lots of delicious meat in the end.

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