How To Install Aluminium Pool Fencing – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to talk you through how to install
aluminum pool fencing around the spa that we have here. The tools that need for this
job are your pool fencing and your gate. You need your latches and your measuring equipment.
You need a hacksaw. You need a couple of clamps and couple of blocks of wood. Of course your
safety gear. You also need screwdrivers, your fittings, and some pencil to mark out with.
You also need your drill and, of course, your level. We want to use black screws for this. So what
we’ve done is taken some screws, we drilled some holes in a board, we’ve popped them through
and then we’ve used a black enamel spray just to spray over them. We’ve planned where we
want our pool fencing to go so now what we need to do is run our string-line so we get
a nice, straight line and then we can set our posts. I’m going to do this, is pop a nail in between
the two boards so I don’t damage any of the face of the board and then I’m going to run
the string-line all the way down, past where the fence is going to end just so I get a
really nice straight fence. The string line is now set. We’re going to set our first post
in. Make sure the base of your post is parallel to your string-line. This will ensure that
the fence is nice and square when you finish. My first post is set. To get the measurement
to my next post, I need to measure the length of the next panel and then I need to let out
a little bit of clearance and then we’ll mount the post. Now that the posts are in, we’re
just going to pop a couple of blocks on the ground, this will hold the fence at the right
height then we can put the brackets on. Now that the fence is on the blocks, we’re going
to slip the brackets over the end with the flat side facing your post and then we’re
going to fix it on using two screws that’s provided in the kit. Now that I’ve fixed the top bracket on this
side, we’ll have to fix the top one onto the other post and then we’ll fix the bottom ones.
Now it’s time to fix our gate. To do that, we just take our hinges and we place one at
the top and one at the bottom of the gate. We’re going to fix to the gate first and then
to our post. It’s just a lot easier that way. Now that the hinges are on the gate, I’m going
to put the blocks down on the ground to lift it to the same height as that panel and then
I’m going to screw the hinges onto the post. If you’re doing this job on your own, it’s
a really good idea to use a clamp to hold your gate in place. In that way, when you
go to screw the hinges, you get it nice and square. We’re just going to put a post in
here and then we’re going to finish the fence the whole way round just repeating the same
process. We’re out to our last panel. We need to cut this panel. If there’s any one thing
you really need to think about when cutting your panels is that the bracket takes up a
little bit of space between the pole and the top part. You need to allow enough room that
the bracket can fit on between the pole and your post. Otherwise, you need to cut a little
bit of both ends. I’ll just measure the gap that I’ve got left
and then I’ll come back and measure my panel. I’m going to transfer my measurement now onto
my panel, checking that it’s not too close to the uprights and using a white marker so
it’s easier to see when I cut it. I’m going to cut the panel now, so I’m just
going to put my safety glasses on and we’ll get cutting. Now the panel is cut, I’m just
going to put my brackets on and repeat the process we did earlier, screwing the brackets
onto the fence. Now, I’m going to install the gate-lock. It
fits on the inside of the gate and with the nob at the top. That way, the kids can’t lift
it and access this bar. I’ve now fit the top bracket. I’m just going to check the length
of my latch again before I fit the second one just to make sure it’s in the right place.
As always, check your instructions before installing any of the hardware for your gate.
Now, we’re going to fit our lock onto our gate. All we have to do is pop two brackets
onto the upright. I’ve got my first bracket on there. I’m going to put my second on. Just
make sure you always follow your instructions when you’re doing this. I’m now going to put the main part of the
latch over the brackets. As you can see, we’ve left the bottom screw because you put a longer
screw through both these part and straight through the bracket into the post. This holds
it in position. We’re going to fit a catch to the gate now. All you need to do is line
up the line on your bracket to the line on the main part of your latch and screw in the
bracket and then we’ll fly the catch over. If there are any screws inside of your catch,
all you need to do is to slip this part over your bracket, tighten the screw and the catch
is done. Now that the latch is fitted, all we need to do is close the gate, make sure
it lines up and that it locks nicely, which it does. There’s also an option of putting
a handle on but because this only a 1,200 high gate, we’re just going to use our arms
over the top because this is a nice height to open and close it. The last step is to tension the gate hinges.
To do this, you take your Allen-key. There are little arrows on the top of your hinge
and you just tighten both the top and bottom hinges making sure that you do them both at
the same tension so that the gate freely shuts on its own and locks. Just in case someone
leaves it open, this will ensure that no children can get through the gate. Now that the fence is built and the gate locks
perfectly, that completes all the structure around their spa. All that’s left to do now
is decorate the back wall, fill up the spa and we can enjoy our party.

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