How To: Install Deck Defense® High Performance Roof Underlayment

Owens Corning® Roofing is committed to providing
quality products that are easy to sell and install. One such product is our Deck Defense® High
Performance Roof Underlayment. In this video we cover the process of how
to properly install our Deck Defense® Underlayment. Deck Defense® High Performance Roof Underlayment
is a strong and durable synthetic underlayment. It acts as a water-shedding barrier that provides
added protection from the elements. Deck Defense® is a premium synthetic that
can protect the roof for up to 6 months of UV exposure. With 10 squares per roll, Deck Defense® underlayment
provides more than 4 times the coverage of a standard #30 organic felt roll. Before getting started make sure you have
the proper safety equipment. Failure to use proper safety equipment and
footwear can result in serious injury. This video complements the written Owens Corning®
installation instructions for Deck Defense® underlayment found on our website Please use the written installation instructions
in conjunction with this video to ensure a correct installation. Owens Corning® Deck Defense® underlayment
should be applied to a properly prepared dry deck that is smooth, clean and free from any
depressions, projections, or protruding nails. Roof decks should be structurally sound and
meet or exceed minimum requirements of the roof deck manufacturer and local building
codes. Deck Defense® underlayment is designed for
use under asphalt shingles only and must be covered within 6 months of application. Deck Defense® underlayment must be attached
to the roof deck using plastic or steel cap fasteners having a minimum 1″ diameter cap. All fasteners should be driven straight and
flush with the surface. Fasten in both the overlapping area and the
field area of Deck Defense® underlayment. Additional fasteners may be required in high
wind regions. Consult local building codes for fastener
type and spacing requirements in these geographies. If two or more pieces are required to continue
a course, lap the ends at least 4″. End laps in a succeeding course should be
located at least 6’ from laps in the preceding course. Lap Deck Defense® underlayment a minimum
of 6” from both sides over all hips, ridges, and valleys. Where the roof meets a wall, extend Deck Defense®
underlayment a minimum 4″ up the wall. Always lay Deck Defense® underlayment parallel
to the eaves. For slopes greater than 4:12, lap each course
at least 3” over the underlying course. For same day coverage, minimum fastening locations
for roofing nails, pneumatic nail guns, staples or cap nails are shown in the written instructions. On lower slope applications from 2:12 to 4:12,
begin by fastening a 25″ wide strip of Deck Defense® underlayment along the eaves with
the minimal fasteners needed to hold the course in place. Place a full-width sheet over the 25″ course
with the long edge placed along the eaves and completely overlapping the initial starter
course. All succeeding courses will be a minimum of
48″ wide and should be positioned to overlap the preceding course by 25″. Deck Defense® underlayment comes with a limited
lifetime warranty* as part of the Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System®. Giving you the assurance that all Owens Corning®
roofing components are working together to help enhance the performance of the roof. For more information about Deck Defense®
underlayment and other roofing accessory products, visit or call

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