How To Install Rails And Plinths For A Paling Fence – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to install rails
and plinths for a pailing fence. To do this, you’ll need a level, nails, circular saw,
set square, pencil, clamps, chisels, hammer, tape measure, safety gear, nail gun, saw horses,
and of course, my plinth and rails. The first thing we need to do is measure and
cut our plinth. when you’re installing your plinth, you need to ensure that it’s mounted
in the center of the post. In order to get that measurement correct, we just measure
from the outside edge of the post to the inside of the next post. It will then be centered
on the post. I’m now going to transfer those measurements onto a plinth, and I’m going
to get my friend Luke to help me. Right, let’s cut this with our circular saw. Now that I’ve cut my plinth to size, I’m going
to attach it to the post. I need to make sure it’s level, so I’m going to get my friend
Luke to help me. Now that we’ve got the plinth in, we don’t need our string line anymore.
So we’ll just detach that. I now know my plinth is level. But as I know, I’m just going to
check it post to post as I go, to make sure it stays level. I’m just going to measure
from the plinth that I’ve just put down to the wall, and cut that to size. Now I’m just going to work out the height
fitment to cut my posts. I’m going to take the pailing, rest it on the plinth, and I’m
just going to mark that height on the post. Just measure down from that mark a bit so
that you don’t see the top of the post visible from the outside of the fence. What we need to do now is establish some fall
on the post, so that the water doesn’t sit on top of the post. To do that, I’ll take
the square and I’ll mark the side of the post. I will then go to the bottom of the square,
do another mark, and a line from here to here will be my fall on the post. What we’ll do
now is cut off the top of the post. Now we’ll finish the cut on the top of the post with
a handsaw. Now I just repeat that process for the rest of the fence posts. We need three fixing plates for our railings.
One at the top, one at the middle, one at the bottom. So We just measure for those now.
What we’re doing is making our spacing 70-mil because that’s that width of our railings.
We then evenly space our center railing between where we’ve done our top railing and our bottom
railing. Now I’ll mark out where those notches go,
so we can then notch them out. Set your saw depths to the thickness of the rail. Then,
cut in your notches. Now we just chisel out those notches. What we’re going to do now
is install our railings. It’s the easiest thing to do. We just slot them into the notches.
And then later on, we’ll cut them so they’re the right length. Now I’m just going to nail
the rail to the post. Now I’m going to cut this railing to the midpoint
because the next railing has to rest on this post as well. I’m just going to continue on
with my railings until I’ve finished the complete length of the fence. That’s how you complete
the railings and plinth for a paling fence.

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