How to keep drives, patios, paths, etc permanently clean

Did you know that most so-called “dirt”
is actually the growth of algae, lichen, fungi, moss, or mould? And have you noticed how your property becomes
dirty again after it’s been jet washed – and shockingly fast? This is because live spores left behind after
power washing rapidly re-colonise the surface. This is the main reason outside surfaces rapidly
turn green, red or black in a very short time after cleaning. Perma Cleanze solves this problem by controlling
these growths through the cleaning method we call “softwashing”. By applying Perma Cleanze only once or twice
a year, you can stop these growths from colonising your paths, patios, driveways, fences, sheds
and decking. This means they will remain permanently clean
– and without the mess pressure washing creates! Apply Perma Cleanze immediately, or soon after
pressure washing, softwash pre-cleaning or at the first sign of re-colonisation. Application couldn’t be easier and takes
almost no effort. Simply spray, walk away and let nature wash away the remains of the
growths. If you are concerned about our environment
then you can relax, safe in the knowledge that Perma Cleanze is fully biodegradable
and environmentally responsible. Visit to learn more about
Perma Cleanze and our other softwashing products.

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Reader Comments

  1. cosh row

    Benz softwash im new to the driveway cleaning i would like to know if there is a universal sand that i can sweep in the cracks of driveway block paving after i have pressure wash it ?
    Thanks from the uk

  2. cosh row

    benz softwash i need to find an all purpose biodegradable liquid solution for softwashing ANY surfaces on any type of house including the roof !!! if you have any liquid solutions please message me so i can buy them today thanks again from the uk manchester !!

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