How to make a Bonsai tree (from a starter kit)

A fun way to start grow Bonsai trees, is to buy a
starter kit and grow and train a Bonsai tree yourself. In this movie we will show the progression of this young plant, after pruning, wiring and repotting, this was the result… A starter kit usually contains a young plant, a Bonsai pot, some wire and soil. Alright, so lets get started on this tree. First of all, we start to clean out the tree. Carefully study your tree, and decide on
what shape you intend to create in it. While it is easy to prune branches, it can
be very hard to make them grow back. Once you have decided which branches should be removed,
prune these, slowly working your way up the tree. Start with freeing up the trunk a bit. When pruning larger branches, you need a concave cutter. This cutter leaves behind a hollow
wound, that heals much better. After pruning the larger branches, focus on smaller
branches, until you are satisfied with the result. Next, we wire the branches, starting with the larger ones. Carefully apply wire around the branches
at an angle of about 45 degrees. Try to wire two branches of the same thickness with one wire. As a rule of thumb, apply wire about 1/3 the thickness of the branch. When you’re done wiring the larger branches,
work your way towards the smaller ones. Finish wiring the entire tree, before you start
positioning and bending the branches. Now that we have pruned and wired the tree, it is time to repot it. To get started, we prepare the Bonsai pot. Place two wires that can be used later on
to attach the tree firmly to the pot. We also cover the watering holes by attaching a plastic mesh. When the pot is ready, we prepare the soil mix. Usually a starter kit comes with premixed bonsai soil,
but if not, check our website for more information. Now remove the plant from its plastic
container and get rid of any loose soil. We also want to reveal the trunk a bit. Carefully unravel the roots using a root-hook. To make the tree fit in the pot, you will need to prune away roots. You can prune up to about 1/3 of the total root mass. Now, put some soil in the pot. The tree is now ready to be placed in the pot, but first,
decide on what the front of the tree should be. Place the tree just off the center and attach it carefully
with the wires that were attached in the pot earlier. Cover the roots with soil and by using chopsticks we
make sure that the entire rootmass is filled with soil. When we’re done, we water the tree. Now we have a Bonsai tree; pruned, wired and repotted. So what’s next? Remove the wire after a few months,
otherwise the branches would get damaged. Check our website,, for more information!

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