How To Make a Fence Rail Quilt Block

Hi and welcome to Crazy Dave’s Crew This
is another edition of Thursday Threads. I am having so much fun with my Facebook
quilting groups with the block swaps, the jelly bean swaps, the the birthday
everything. This is just been a blast and I am learning so much and you would
think something as simple as the fence rail, what is there to learn? You’d be
surprised. I learned something and I am really
excited and I want to share it with you so let’s get started shall we So for this fence rail, I opened up a
jelly roll and it is for this particular one we’re gonna do four strips of two
and a half inches okay and I’m gonna go light to dark now you don’t have to do
it all you can do them with coordinating fabrics you can do them with your scraps
it’s a great way to use up scraps but to begin with you are just going to sew
down your strips but what I learned in researching how to do this for the quilt
block swap was you don’t want to sew the same direction for each one so we’re
going to have three scenes so we need to sew this seam going one direction this
seam going that direction and then this seam this direction we want to alternate
the direction of our sewing to keep the seams from bowing or having like a round
look did that explained a lot to me why some of my strip quilting had a bit of a
bow to it now I know so this was really exciting so this is gonna help me
improve just a one little step to help me improve my sewing so let’s go press
these down because it just kind of helps to press and then we will sew these down
and I’ll show you what’s next be right back so I have pressed and I’ve
gotten some of the wrinkles out to some of the creases and I’m going to pin big
surprise if you’ve been watching me and I’m going to do this in two different
motions I’m gonna take my lighter I want to make sure that my light ones on top
of each set so I’m gonna do two to begin with okay so my light one is on top my
dark ones on the bottom and then that should help me remember that way I can
make my middle seam go the opposite direction so I’m gonna pin these and
then I will meet you back at the sewing machine alright I have already sewn down
my lighter of the four so I’ve got my light on top and then there’s my red so
let’s put that aside and I want to do my two darker ones I am using a quarter-inch piecing foot I
really like it I do recommend you getting them they’re not terribly expensive
you can get them on Amazon I have a Brother machine and this is a straight
low shank if you have any questions about what kind of foot your machine
needs you can always check it out on Google put in the type of machine you’ve
got and it should be able to tell you if it still doesn’t call your
local sewing machine center if you don’t have one of these though you can
always just put painters tape or masking tape masking tape is gonna stick
worse but to be your guide just remember whatever seam you use for the first one
you’re going to use for the next ones my bobbin is almost empty so we’re gonna
go ahead and refill that when I’m in a mood I will fill four or five
bobbins at a time so that when I’m in a sewing mood I can just keep on rocking
now the bobbin is full that wasn’t going to get us very far so we’re just gonna
line that up stitch this down and I want y’all to see how I’m so you can see where my needle is and
how I’m just putting that right up next to the edge of my piecing foot remember
it’s not a race you more experienced ladies can probably
or men probably don’t have to pin I tend to slip though so and I’d rather
take that extra few seconds to pin it and make sure my fabric stays put then to risk it slipping and having
mistakes and that is something I had to learn over the years all right take this over to our mat to
pin to our other section of the two lighter colors come on
alright so I’ve got my two lighter strips and then my two darker strips all
sewn down and I came this direction so now what I think I want to do so I’m
gonna flip them my seams on this side I’m just gonna
kind of finger press them open so I’m going light to dark I’ll flip my darker
ones here open it up and now this time I’m gonna show this way so that I have
got alternating seams and that is just a new little trick that I have learned in
researching for this you know I’ve seen on some of my Facebook groups new
quilters oh I just need inspiration I don’t know where to start
can I give you all the suggestion start with looking at the events in one
of these groups see what the swaps are you don’t know what to sew
maybe you’re not sure if you’re quote unquote you know good enough to submit for a swap block so why don’t you for that
month play with the blocks that they’re doing for the for the swap learn how
to do them and then maybe you can participate the next month and it doesn’t
matter what group you choose you know I think the number one thing for you to do
is just to start sewing the more you sew the more you learn the more you learn
the more you’re gonna sell and the more ideas you have the more confidence you
get And I’m just gonna pinning this
along by the way when you are doing for a
quilt swap you really want to try to make sure that you are using the seams
that they tell you in the instructions quarter inch seam make sure you’ve got
your blocks the right size but if you’re just doing it for yourself whatever seam
allowance you use for the first line used for the second so I’m gonna stitch
this down then we’re gonna go press it and I will be right back I’ll show you
what’s next okay so hang tight all right so we have
sewn this down and I have pressed it down so we’ve got our lights to our dark
first thing I’m gonna want to do is measure it should measure
eight-and-a-half inches and it does so that’s perfect so now we’re gonna want
a square and we want our square to be the same height as it is wide so the
first thing I want to do is make sure I get my my end up here nice and and
straight I’m just gonna put it on that line we’re just gonna you wack off the edges okay so we said
this was eight and a half inches eight and a half inches okay so so we are at
eight and a half inches perfect we’re good so I’m going to take my favorite
guide ruler and I will have my husband who does the video who edits and
publishes the videos I will tell them to please put a link in the description
where you can get this ruler it is a Fiskars ruler it is six and a half
inches wide and I think what 22 to 24 inches long so if I were to cut it like
this that would be six and a half inches but I need eight and a half so I’m gonna come down
two and I’m gonna cut and there’s my fence rail block we’re gonna cut up a few more of these I
need to make 20 of these 16 to mail out to the administrator of my swap four for
me to keep and then I will receive some in the mail to put together and then you
can put them together in any manner of ways that you want and
you could put borders on them do some sashing you can make it where it makes
a design coming down so this is nice and I now have five of my necessary twenty
blocks and out of the jelly roll that I opened up I had these as well so I’m
gonna cut these up into eight and a half inch squares and I’m gonna finish up the
rest of my jelly rolls an amazon has got some nice jelly rolls too so if you want
to check down to the link down in the description we’ll show you where you can
get the ruler it’s a quick link for which one it is there’s some nice jelly
rolls any feet that you might need the number-one rule how fun enjoy yourself
and keep trying don’t be afraid I hope this has been helpful for you I hope
you’ve enjoyed it I personally I’m having a marvelous time
with my quilt swaps I cannot begin to encourage y’all enough to join in give
it a try even if you don’t send them in at least give them a try see what you
can do but have fun with it and don’t forget to subscribe turn that red button
to gray so that you can see what else we come up with I am learning everyday with
these groups learning everyday little ways to tweak what I’m doing and I am so
pleased with how I am improving and I hope you are too
have a wonderful day and I will see you next time on Thursday threads thanks bye

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Reader Comments

  1. Tracy Ruth

    I made a baby quilt with fence rail pattern a few yrs back. I didn't know about sewing from opposite ends then either….but it still turned out really pretty😃TFS👍👍

  2. jmarylastone

    there at the start where you were stitching the two strips together … is there a reason you didn't fix your tension??? you were getting skipped stitches and "bubbles" that was causing your strips to bow even more than normal – did you fix it and just not show it??

  3. Jim Morgan

    am I the only one that is noticing the thread tension is way out of wack. The thread needs to be tightened up big time surprised she is not having huge birds nest on the back side of the strips

  4. ltvsk3

    Thank you for inspiring AND encouraging us! I bought a bunch of fabric with a dream of being able to quilt one day. It has become a sensitive subject between my husband and I. After watching you, I think I just might go ahead and try it. The colors you have put together are pretty! Who would have know the direction you sew a seam would matter so much!

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