How to make a Minecraft Beta Server For Mac (Super Easy)

hello peoples jam the minecraft here and i’m going to be showing you today a tutorial on how to create a minecraft multiplayer server alright let’s get started first what you need to do is going to your desktop right click and create a new folder it’s gonna name the folder whatever you want i’m just going to need my minecraft server now just leave the folder right there for now open your web browser now we want to do is go to the minecraft website which is minecraft net press enter and you’ll be at the minecraft website now you see down here a download link play minecraft beta download press that scroll down and go to multiplayer beta server software press the second link the first link is for windows and the second link is for mac right now we’re doing a mac tutorial on how to make a minecraft server so just press that and you’ll the the download will pop up and your downloads thing so what you need to do is right click show in a finder and it will pop up right there and just drag it over to your minecraft server and just pop up in there and just you can exit that out and go back to your web browser and now what you want to do is type in what is my IP com I’ll put all the links in the description now once you go here what you want to do is copy your the IP address will be right around here now what you want to just copy your IP address and just paste it right up here and what you need to do is just press enter now you’ll go to your router website which will you which will probably something will probably pop up and say you’ll need a username and password to change the settings these are name and password is most likely admin the username is most likely Adam in the password is most likely admin so once you get in go to applications and gaming and you go to single port 40 right now what we’re trying to do is port forward so your friends can go on your server so as you can see I already filled everything out uh you can name the application whatever you want I just name my minecraft as you can see now what we want to do is change the external internal the external and the internal port both of those sports are going to be the same exact thing to 55 65 which is the Minecraft 40 to 55 65 so once you put in to 55 65 and external and internal port 25 565 you want to change a protocol to not TCP UDP but both you need to click both all right now we want to do is find the last three numbers for this so what you need to do is go to System Preferences open that up internet and networking right here go to network and now what you want to do is go to advanced as you can see here go to tcp / IP which is the second one and now you’ll see the last three letters which you needed right over here now those three letters um our are what is needed to make your friends come on so just copy and paste copy those last three numbers and paste it down here and the numbers that all light up right here roll not add up just that show will should be the same as what i showed you the ipv4 address now just click enabled save settings settings are successful which it should be and that’s pretty much it that’s for your friends so you can come on now we need to do it just open this up now I’m just teaching how to run a minecraft server not to run it as fast which would take you would need to go to term terminal and type in a bunch of commands right now just teaching you how to get your friends on and things like that so we need to do is open what we downloaded earlier in your minecraft server folder and now it’s just going to prepare the world that we need it and just preparing the spine area so we can spawn and once this is done all you need to do just open up the minecraft launcher as you can see here just log in and you wait for the preparing spawn area first it shouldn’t take this long it’s just because um where you were just trying to get the server working the first time if it love if it just says zero percent over here like it it just said just exit out and just open back up minecraft server jar now this one just shouldn’t make it and once it’s done it should say done all right now what you want to do is go back to your minecraft launcher click multiplayer type in local host and click connect and guess what you’re in your minecraft multiplayer server where you can play with your friends do anything you want well I hope this was helpful and if you guys just could rate comment and subscribe Bobby great thanks for watching have a good day

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