How to Make a Poor Man’s Hand Router | Paul Sellers

A lot of you have asked whether we could
show how to make the poor man’s router so this will be a very fast short video
for you I’ve got a piece of pretty rough three inch wide material, it’s an
inch and a quarter thick it could be thinner this is just three coarse it depends on
how much you’re going to use it for a particular task we used it on the
workbench and that’s where the request has come most from so I’m going to take
this piece of wood I’m doing it sideways normally I would
put it in the vice this way and bore through but I’m going to go this way so
that you can see what we’re trying to do I need a brace and bit but I could just
as easily use a drill driver, a screw gun or whatever, now I’m going to use a half
inch chisel for this, which is this one here so I’m going to use a half inch
chisel so I’m going to make my whole
three-eighths of an inch and that will give me enough bite on the walls of the
hole to hold the chisel securely in the wooden stock, so now here we want to bore
a hole somewhere in the middle like this and roughly the angle needs to be
between somewhere between 30 degrees 35 degrees and 45 degrees so if you want
to you can set something on here that’s 45 so I would get my position that way
so I’m just under 45 and then I bore my hole, but I’m going to start higher up
like this just to get my brace boring in position there, now I’ve got in
the middle of a knot here so that slowing me down a bit so somewhere under 45 will work and
don’t worry about it breaking through on the other side you’re going to have to
go all the way through this is very boring if you’re not doing
it pull the shavings back out with the
auger now we’re going to take this chisel and
we’re going to tap this into the hole so like this eyeball, you can go anywhere between the
sixteenth of an eighth and an eighth wider and then just eyeball it as you go so that
you’re going down the center of the hole, look at it from the other side you
don’t want to hammer in to your bench almost certain it’s going to break out
on this on the side is most likely going to break out I’m through and that I usually just
break off this area here with a second chisel but don’t run into your other chisel just
take off those high spots there this is coming in behind the chisel so
that doesn’t really matter too much and I’ve got a piece of work that I’ve
been working on here but we can set this now to the depth, once it’s gone
through the hole is usually quite easy to adjust so I’m not quite down to the hole so I
tap here keep going till you got the depth set
pretty close and there is my poor man’s router fully,
fully functioning and it works as well as any router and if I want to
adjust this I tap here like this, that retracts the cutting iron of a chisel so here’s another one and it gives a
very nice finish on the bottom of this hole and they can go into the corner
here and just chisel this out like this So that’s a poor man’s router that’s how you make one

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