How to Make a Post and Rail Fence

Hi My Name is Mike Edwards from the website
DIY Doctor Today we are putting in a post and rail
fence, and there is more about the fence posts in our project: concreting fence posts – and a video of the same name. The posts are in and now we are going to be putting on the rails for post and rail fence
If the camera will show you up and down the fence I will explain. You can see from our laying a path video that we laid this path earlier with slabs cut diagonally, to give the customer something unique. It is important that the rails of our fence remain the same height above the path all
the way down the garden. So visually it looks perfect. Landscaping is an art not a science so often we can say that if it looks right it is right.Providing of course the construction is firm and solid. We have strung a string line all the way along
the length of the fence at the height for the rails.
The top rail is 600 millimeters above the path. The first thing we did was put a gravel board in against the posts allowing a gap of a couple of inches [500mm] from the path. To fill with shingle between the path and the gravel board The path is sloping and so this will allow
any water to drain away without collecting against the gravel board.
It also forms the boundary for the gardener next door, keeping the soil in. It completes the job. The next rail to put on is the top rail Up against the string line that we have marked.
So we measure down to the top of this gravel board and the gravel board is 50 mm above the path. So that makes 550 millimeters below the line.
The top of the top rail goes on to the post on the line – so that is 600 millimeters above the path. And the centre rail goes in equidistant between the two.
To make sure this is right all the way along we cut a spacer to slot between the top rail and the centre rail. So visually you know that will look perfect all the way along the length of the path when it is finished. When we put the rails on we screw each rail
to each post twice with a little percussion
drill driver.
When we have finished we will trim the topof the fence posts all the way along to look
neat all the way along.Using the string line making sure it is parallel to the path and the rails are equidistant to it looks good visually.
are equidistant. You can see now we have cut the tops off the posts.
We have a completed post and rail fence. The timber itself is treated timber this is
100 millimeter by 25 mm sawn timber This is treated and the customer wants it left as it is It can be painted with wood preserver such
as Cuprinol or just left as it is There are many colours it can be painted or
the original green it comes in. Don’t forget the shingle soak away. One completed post and rail fence – and next
we are going to go up the garden to fit a garden gate which will be another video.

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