How To Make A Starter Base In Minecraft

what’s going on guys Dallas is here in
today’s video I’m gonna teach you guys how old to build a starter base in
Minecraft as you can see I built this but today we’re gonna show you how to
make a starter base so we’re gonna be digging into a wall I would do a normal
house but normally you only have like one Minecraft day to do it so your best
bets going into the wall so I’m gonna show you guys how to do it so it dries
want to do is you want to find your base so I found this little area right here
and we are going to dig into it so let’s see right here let’s dig in right here
alright so we got in one two three four five six seven eight nine ten we got in
ten and we’re gonna go over twelve one two three four five six seven eight nine
ten eleven twelve so that was going to come out this area and clean it up all right so now that we clean up this
area we’re gonna dig down to so we have enough space in here for us to come in all right now I got this place dug out
and it’s a big area but it’s pretty good for when you’re gonna when you’re gonna
lift your foot one for our starter base so now you’re gonna come over here and
you’re gonna patch up all these walls with wood just like this but the trick
is don’t fill in the corners just put a torch back there and don’t fill in where
the floor is gonna be right here just big one high up and don’t put them right
here build it right here so you can save materials all right so now that we got a little
bit of an area in here dug out you can patch it up for the night and spending a
night in here then come back out so already did here they dug out the area
right here so we can go in flat and pretty much we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna put a little we’re gonna make that walkway but now we’re gonna come up here
put this like that and that’s your general spot built we need to make a
pathway in and add some windows maybe if you want to but we’re gonna have to wind
up here so you can see out into the water and then also just so that we can
keep it looking like a proper house you can put wood up there
so now we’re gonna come up here we’re gonna add a door here or here and our if
you’re gonna place all this stuff right here with wood so there you go there’s your little bit
of a base so you can call us a starter base but now we’re going to add some
more features and also you’re going in a farm unless you banach so village you’re
gonna get a farm they really got that part of the roof
done and now let’s go in like that perfect so now this looks plain so we’re
gonna get rid of this and we have some normal would make it look like it just
for the looks soft looking pretty good not only a farm so you can either build
up in the waterway or you can just go into like a little bit of a mouth it’s
not like this and I’m trying not to start the water keep it like this you’ll
get the source of the water you have a girl like I also got your pathway so
we’re gonna go like this and all we need now is a hoe to how the
ground and put some seeds down so there we go
as you can see the water is actually watering all these so you got yourself a
little farm and now this area we can just say it’s done for now but if you
want to make it look like this is not being like this is held up so running so
you want to do is grab some fences and just go like this and it just makes it
look like it’s being held up so just like that makes it look like
it’s held up so we’re coming here we’re gonna add some stuff for our base
so put your bit so we’re gonna get our beds put them right here three over here
– over here for a reason so now we’re gonna grab ourselves a crafting table so
grab everything you need for normal stuff
is there any like this but one furnace here one furnace here gives it off a
look we’re gonna put a chest here and a chest here I mean a craft table
and chest here so that you can sleep over here this little area is just gonna
be like our wall of storage just the wall storage there we go
so this is turning out pretty good you can also turn this wall into a wall of
furnaces if you wanted to but we’re gonna do that for now those are just a
looks now after you go down and use medium line to start so what you want to
do is gonna come over here and this is gonna start to the mine so I’m gonna
mine this out a little bit to make it look more like a mine so they’re getting yourself a little
mine I put stairs down because if you look rowing down like this is perfect
for going down and stairs are way faster to get up so say if you have a lot of
time so I got some doors and we’re gonna put it here you could you could turn off
the water sound to begin annoyed by it it’s pretty easy to do three on light
this place up a little bit better because it looks pretty dark in here
there we go and now let’s say you’re in the future and you ready all this done
let’s say you want you find any make it enchantment table uni enchanting room so
what you want to do you’re gonna come over here and just digging out this room what you want to do is you want to line
these walls with the bookcases to make it look a lot better and put it in
between and you got yourself a nice little enchanting room and now if you’re
like a pro kleh I mean if you don’t want to see you can just patch it up like
this I just put a door to it but I’m gonna leave it open and now we’re get
some carpet you can get carpet and we’re gonna you like this we’re gonna do
checkers so put the red on the oak and put the white on the birch to give it a
little checker pattern I’m going in just like that and also if you got glowstone
so let’s grab some glowstone what you can do is this you come over here in
this corner break that would have put glowstone down and I put the red back
over top of it and you don’t need torches it lights up the room it’s a
pretty neat thing to do if you need to leave the room so now let’s say you got
all this stuff now you need a ender pork I mean any leather this thing called
nether portal so we’re gonna come over here we’re gonna dig out this wall and
go this way some right next to your farm and then where should I go like this
and right here is where your boobs without the gravel we’re gonna put your
end portal right here behind the waterfall so you’re gonna need some
obsidian and a flint so what you want to do is you’re gonna come three down here
well you can go to but I’m gonna go three cuz of half ways three you only
need a 2×3 we’re wearing like this and they’re gonna need to go three up
it’s like this and I make you mine a circle won’t sell out of a circle just
to give it off the effect and I was gonna go like this patch this up you can
go like this if you wanted to but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna stop it here
you know doing that going with that here then go over like that now if you want
to give it off like the end portal is coming into the world
you need some netherrack the whole place is litter with it over there and some
nether work blocks and what you do is you come over here and he just make it
look like it’s coming into your world I mean other work that locks like here
that’s one thing you did not that you don’t want to do what I did there was a
not oh so now you only like that to block at the water after I messed up so
that fake that anything’s coming up here there we go and now it looks like the
nether portal is coming in and I’ll save you on side there’s like a go one block
and you can just cover it up at the crafting table I’m like Boop and there
you go so you got yourself a cool entrance to your end portal a farm a
overhang a nice inside interior with the chest wall the chanting room the room
you’re mine and that’s pretty much it now we’re just gonna work on the path
here if you have a villager you want to make it like out of town I’m gonna work
on a path here so we’re gonna do wooden slabs because if you do wood slabs the
water goes underneath it it looks a whole lot better so we’re just gonna
break all this and hopefully the water goes connect to each other dang it so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna rid that sand and we’re gonna go like this
so we’re gonna cross the water and this is 114 the water doesn’t meet there like
I said I’m gonna do it again here we’re gonna break those blocks so we can go in
like that and then do the same here and since we got ourselves a village I’m
going to connect the village with this so right dig away at this and eventually went down the road when
you start to get a lot more stuff you can get lanterns and you can do this
with your bridge to make it look a whole lot better and just put them over here
well right you with them in the water if you want let’s go up and do that so
right here we’re shouldn’t be would to tie it all together since it’s already
slabs like this and we can’t do that because water will leak in so we’re
gonna come in and let it slant itself in like that and then you can just put your
walkway you stay like that for a walkway and there you go you got yourself a full
star base pretty easy to do you got everything you need an end portal an
entrance to a nice cozy house what furnace is crowd chest-wall chefs a
enchantment room cave and lumber craft tables in bed so that’s rich how you
make a star trace in Minecraft oh you got your farm your waterfall this
is the starter base oh my gosh I met landing it so because do enjoys video
like inscribe api’s did share the video anybody you might know this is fun to
make so hope you guys do is video last grab and I’ll see you all next time bye you

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