How to make a trashy minecraft tutorial

Hello, Youtube! Today I’m going to show you how to make weird mob accessories! As you can see here, these Wither Skeletons have some weird properties. This can all be done in vanilla minecraft Let me show you each mob up close Here’s the first mob The small gray square you see in his head is an iron trapdoor. This guy has a weird mohawk thing I simply used an anvil for this effect You can see the anvil if you look inside the Wither Skeleton’s head This guy has a wooden fence inside his head This one has a daylight censor which provides a very cool effect This one is my favorite I just put a black banner in his head and this is the result This one is cool too He looks sort of like a ninja This one is just weird All it is is a powered rail You can see it if I look inside his head This one looks like he has some kind of weird hat This one is like the other ninja except this one has a stone pressure plate instead of a weighted one This one has a stone wall in his head This is probably the weirdest one I put a lily pad in his head As you can see, there is a lighting bug with this guy But when you look inside the head, the lily pad looks fine So now I will show you how to do this. First, put down a chest Next, put the item you want the Wither to have in his head I’m using a bed Put the item into the fifth slot of the chest Now I’m going to hop over to mcedit Wait for it to load… Now I’m going to go to my world And here we are! Here’s our chest click on it Then go to Sethbling’s create geared mobs filter Now I’m going to select Wither Skeleton as the mob And save it Now go back to normal minecraft Open your world And here we go! Now, unfortunately in some cases like this, some items don’t work Apparently beds don’t πŸ˜€ Bye bye Mr.Wither πŸ˜› Well that’s a glitch. Bye guys πŸ˜€

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