How to make rope using the Incredible Rope Machine from Schacht Spindle Company

This is a Schacht educational video. In
this video we’re going to teach you how to use the incredible rope machine. First
clamp the separator to a table top. Determine the desired length of the rope
and then tie the yarns to the first hook on the Rope machine. The Rope machine
should be as far away from the separator as the desired length of rope plus
additional for take-up. Following the diagram, carry the yarns around peg A,
around the middle hook on the rope machine, around peg B, then around the last hook on the Rope
machine, and finally return around the outside of pegs B and A, ending where you
began. there should be two lines of yarn from
each peg. For a thicker rope repeat the process as many times as desired. Begin
to make the rope by turning the rope machine crank clockwise. This is the
direction of the twist in most yarns you will use. You want to put more twist in
the yarns and so you need to crank in the direction of the twist. Keep the
yarns taut as you crank the more turns the tighter the finished rope will be.
Crank until the twist is so tight that when tension is released the yarns kink
back on themselves. Now twist the three strands together to
make a rope. Take hold of the yarns at the back of the separator. Hold the three
strands and pull them slowly away from the separator twisting them together and
in counterclockwise direction opposite what you did in the first step. It is
helpful to have a second person hold the rope machine while you pull the yarn
through the separator. Add more twist if needed by cranking clockwise. The three
strands will naturally twist together. As you pull them through the separator
guide the yarns to ensure that they are even and smooth. When the Rope machine
reaches the separator, slip the three strands off the hooks and
tie an overhand knot and the end to prevent raveling.

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