How to Make Your Own Food in Minecraft

Hello everyone! My name is Alan from World Minecraft Tutorials and today I will teach you how to make your own food. Let´s go! This is the fastest way to get food in Minecraft is kill animals: Chickens, cows, pigs, you can find them all very often in Minecraft. As you play, you will lose energy and that is reflected on your food bar. You should eat to recover and if you are in a hurry, you may eat raw food. Don´t forget to cook your food, it can poison you. You can also fish, but it takes time. When you enter into the wahter you must wait until bubbles appear in the water that are indicated towards above. There is when you press the right click to pull the row to get the fish. There are many types of fish in Minecraft. I have enough food, now I have to cook it! There are two ways of cooking food from an animal. First set on fire the animal and wait it to die, so get cooking meat! The second is cooking on a furnace, as I am doing now. With all our cooked food we can feed and regenerate our own food bar. But if you want food forever, we don’t have to go out looking for animals. You can plant seeds to make bread. Break the grass with your hand to get seeds. You’ll need a lot. You can make your farming as you want. I´ll make it with fences so animals cannot destroy it. I´ll add a door here and then add a little light. To grow crops we´ll have to put seeds in trays of three blocks. With the hove you must plough the land and then plant the seeds. I will speed up the camera to see the growth of the farming. To accelerate the growth process you can use bone meal. Bones can get killing skeletons. I did grow my farming, now cultivate it to make the bread. Then, in crescent table, you must place the wheat in this way. And, ready, you can eat bread a lot!

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