How to rebuild a mower deck

okay this is the deck to my hundred
dollar lawnmower and I’ve decided I’m going to take everything off of it and
sand sand it down rebuild it paint it replace bearings that need replacing
I got a pulley hold on one second let me turn the screen around of a pulley here that’s missing at a
spring that goes from here to here and I went online to cook it its own website
and even they don’t have this deck they have three decks for the 10:45 lot more
but they don’t have this deck so and a lot more was built in 2006
according to the sticker so I’m just going to have to kind of play it by ear
this belt is the wrong belt because there was a pulley medicine so I don’t
even know what the what the length of the belt is I do have a number for the
belt that’s on the lawnmower so I the cross-reference that and see what the
length is but I’m fixing to start taking everything off I’m going to take apart
the spindles that are that appear good and see what the Mary’s actually look
like and this one I know I need bearings maybe more maybe a little spin I don’t
know yet but I’m going to do this up right okay this is the bearing mandrel with a
bad bearing and I want to show you how bad it is see them bits and pieces and
chunks it’s uh it’s beyond bad it’s totally destroyed and it’s a good thing
it didn’t ruin any of the rest of the mandrel because now all I had to replace
is that one bearing because here’s the other bearing and I’m going to tell you
a little something about it these bearings can be replaced see the numbers
on those bearings they can match these up at an auto parts store at a bearing
place over in Freeport they have bearing service and supply so you can just
replace these bearings and not the whole bearing mandrel so you can spend a you
know 10 12 bucks versus 50 or 60 but I want to I want you to notice something
here now this bearing mandrel has grease fittings but they’re absolutely useless
because this bearing has a seal this rubber seal right right here on both
sides so the grease no matter how hard you pump the grease is not going to get
into these bearings and I’ve checked the other two they’re the same way the other
two bearing Mendel’s so what I do is I pop this grease cover off the seal I pop
it off whichever faces the inside if this is the bottom one and facing up I
take off this side and if this is the top one
facing down a takeoff the the side that is facing inside towards the Greece of
hitting that way you actually get grease up into the bearings ridiculous that’s
ridiculous alright but uh that I thought I’d show
that to you so now what I’m going to do is take take this bearing over to Oh
Riley’s I see if they can match that number for me
if they can’t Monday I’ll have to go over to Shreveport and pick up one
bearing that’s all as bad as that top bearing the rest of these I’m going to
soak them in parts cleaner get them all cleaned up nice and greased them back up
pull the seat pull the little seals off that not ought to be not there anyway
and uh and then I’m going to probably sandblast this deck and repaint it Cub
Cadet yellow all right oh yeah one more thing this pulling the teeth broke out
of it it has these a shaft that goes in here has splines and they fit through and you just there’s nowhere I can get
it to other war outs this is this is what happens when you leave a lawn mower
like this exposed to the rain or when you wash it down and you let water sit
on here it goes right to work eating it away you buy a lawnmower and leave it
exposed to the weather your you’ve cut its life in half or less please if you
spend a thousand bucks on a lawn mower keep it in out of the rain take a little
bit of care for it I mean if you just grease the bearings once a year you’d
get double the life out of the thing and change the oil and filters okay end of
rant I’m going to get back to work alright this is the one with a bad
bearing and uh I’m going to try to get a punch in here and knock that
bearing out of there hold on I got a grease seal in here that here we go all
right now I get to it that is slowly coming out I don’t want to damage the
race the race is where the bearing sits in there we go
I’m going to show you that bearing real close now completely fell apart and long
after it really needed it the seal in here came off that’s what I pulled out
of there all right next I’m going to go go gets a bit of
bearing and some paint I just wanted to give you a peek at it before I do any
more work I really had to grind a lot of rust off of it and all the bearing
manuals all three of them I’ve got disassembled cleaned up I went ahead and
painted the tops of them put them back on there I need one bearing and I can
reassemble everything and get them all greased up
actually went today to look for them but all the places that would have bearings
closed at noon so it’ll have to be Monday
all right I’m making progress that’s it for today

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Reader Comments

  1. CGLouisiana

    Those bearings like almost everything today is Designed to Fail, kind of makes you angry don't it… In case you would like some normal Gas there is a place on Industrial in Bossier called Pel-State across the street from the DOTD yard, that sells regular Gas without that Ethanol Engine Killer Garbage in it… Have a Blessed one.

  2. Susan Rogers

    Those are mock grease fittings. Decorative to make you think your adding grease, then when stuff falls apart, as designed, you end up spending money to repair or have it repaired. Disposable parts suck!  Great Job Man!! Love it when someone can outsmart the money makers!!

  3. Rich 372

    Good call on the bearing and seal…..guess they put the fitting just so they can SAY it has 'em…dumb. I can't believe people are willing to spend so much money on things, then just let it go?

  4. 1timby

    Don't you find that manufacturers do some really stupid things. Like make something that should have regular maintenance impossible to maintain. Another sign of the times.

  5. Willows Garden

    Looks really nice BC, should get your coins back and a lot more. I need to rebuild my carb on my tractor, just so many things going on lately, thanks for sharing and God Bless!

  6. TheMountainfarmer

    Guess if you're going to do it, it may as well be done right! I sure hope you were able to get American made bearings.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Craig Arndt

    I'm surprised that there isn't a grease zero on those spindles.  I'm not a fan of those forever lubed bearings, I like to push grease through mine.  Especially if I hit it with a hose or cut wet grass.  Good fix!  I see you and I have the same compressor possibly, Husky?  One of my best purchases.  Makes lots of air.

  8. Wade Grant

    What's the best way to just remove the blades with out CubCadet's "special tool"?
    I need to either replace mine or have a new edge ground on them.

  9. CursiveYes

    Wow,I saw all of those cordless tools on the counter at the beginning of the video.You have a nice shop.I am tearing down a small 60 year old house, and will use the 2×6 and 2×8 boards(still good,real oak,not that cheap wood they use today)to build me a garage so I can have a nice place to work on things.I like these videos,its like I am looking over your shoulder without getting in your way,and learning.

  10. CursiveYes

    You're are welcome,I will hang around anytime so I can learn.My dad(when he was alive) used to recycle all the time,and I,a teenager always wondered why he didn't throw old things away and buy new things,he could afford it.He was smart,now that I am older,I understand,I wish I had listened to him when I was younger,I would be well off.My dad had cows, chickens,goats,pigs,and about 13 dogs,and he worked the he*l out me.I didn't appreciate any of that then,but now I am grateful for what he did.I appreciate it now,I just wish I had told him that before he died.I am late to the tool-buying party.I just bought a 18v Dewalt reciprocating saw,and I like it.When I can, I will get more.

  11. Larry C Overton Jr

    That's what I am about to do to my john deere body looks great they did not. Take care of deck looks like oil hasn't been changed in A while. I will do it every year it least

  12. Don Morse

    I have a John Deere X500 with a 48 inch mower deck. Several times I have changed both belts.
    The problem that I have is after mowing for a shot while the top belt comes off. ( mower to motor )

  13. Blaine Bugaski

    Maybe the bearings were replaced at one point and the person doing the work didn't think about the seals not allowing grease to enter. I doubt this would be a manufacturing defect.

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