How to Repair and Replace Wooden Fence Section Panel Only – Fix Rotted Leaning Alternating Slats

Is your wooden fence in need of repair? Just look at mine! It’s literally falling apart and parts of
it is still rotting away. This fence has been up for 20 years and it’s
time to repair and replace this section. I’ll start by removing the cross boards and
slats. Just be careful not to damage the posts. Most-likely the original nails for the cross
boards are still there. So I’m using a Wonder Bar to yank these out. And I’m using another board to protect the
fence post from damage. To put in new cross boards, we’ll need these
2×4 hangers. Each section will need 4 of these to determine
how many you’ll need. I’m also using 1 1/4 inch long coated exterior
screws. Start by measuring where the top 2×4 will
be placed. Use the same measurements as your old fence. Mine is 6 inches down from the top. And this is where I’ll screw in the first
bracket. Secure it with two screws. Now install the other 3 brackets at the top
and bottom of the posts. Again, measure the height from the original
fence to get the height of the bottom bracket. This will ensure that the new section will
match with the rest of the old fence. Secure all these brackets with the 1 1/4 inch
screws. Now grab a 2×4 and mark the distance between
posts. Take into account the space taken up by the
screw heads in the brackets. Now just cut the 2×4 to size. Now go back to the fence posts and check for
fit. This looks perfect! Now cut additional 2x4s for the other sections
that need repair. Again check to see how they fit before proceeding. With the 2x4s seated in the brackets, put
a screw into the side of board to keep them in place. Do this on the other side also. Here are my cross boards all secured. Now I’m going to place a string across the
top of the fence posts as a guide. This is used to align the top of the slats
I’m going to install. Now I can start installing these slats. They’ll need two screws at the top and they
go in real easy into the wood. Then take two more screws to secure the bottom
of the slat. Ok, first one is done and since this is an
alternating fence, the next board attaches on the other side of the 2×4. Again, line this slat up with the string across
the top. Now I can start screwing in the slat. The screws should just be flush with the surface
of the board so don’t go too fast with your drill. Now I’ll repeat the next board on the other
side of the fence and so on until I’ve reached the other fence post. I’m only repairing a short section of fence
today but everything I just showed you can be applied to longer sections. It’s all the same with the brackets, 2x4s
and slats. I pre-stained my boards because I’m working
on a smaller repair but if I had to replace the whole fence, I’d probably spray the stain
on. The completed sections look brand new! I actually repaired the gate too but I didn’t
shoot a video of it because it adds so much more time for the repair and I had do it before
the rain started. I hope you found this video helpful and if
you did, please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel TheRenderQ
for more how-to videos and product reviews.

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Reader Comments

  1. Globe Forever

    Screws in palings should be diagonal so there is less chance of the rail twisting.
    Another tip, when levering a nail out with either a claw hammer or nail bar ALWAYS put your hand over the nail. I have known someone be blinded with a nail flicking in his eye.

  2. Mark Morales

    Anybody out there that can repair a fence a wooden one it's from the 50s for a lady that has no protection from the outside world from her backyard it would have to be pro bono you know do it just to help out someone else I live in Tempe Arizona 85281 on 808 West 19th Street and if someone would like to come by there's a lady at the end of my block that needs a fence repairs for her own protection

  3. Mark Morales

    If I had the materials in the money I would do it myself free this needs to be something just to help another person out so I'm putting this out there I know there's good men out there it will help this lady out and I'll help do the job with you guys

  4. frank upton

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for confirming what I had in my mind into a visual form. And my I ask, why is it that people build a fence around their yard and always turn the good side of the fence AWAY from them. I would think that YOU should be the one to enjoy the good side of your fence, not the one's living next or behind you.

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