How to Repair Wood Fences : Painting a Wood Fence: Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

Okay now you could see we got our priming
done all the trouble spots has been primed. Before we actually get into the painting we
also put a nice line of blue painters tape right here along the end of the fence so we
don’t hit the house. Even though there are the same color in your case they may not be.
So you want to make sure that you paint off anything that you don’t want painted on. So
that is ready. Here is our paint. It is in a little different bucket just because it
is different paint we got more of it. What you want to do the same thing it needs a little
stir. Stick this paint stick in here. So we just give it a stir. Make sure it doesn’t
look separated at all. Nice and one solid color and what you are going to want to do
is set your wet stuff right on top of the lid. The best place to put it. Pour yourself
a nice decent amount of paint in the lower half of your tray. You want it about even
with the start of the incline of the tray that way that the paint doesn’t go up to where
your roller is. So getting ready to paint takes a lot of more work to paint with your
hands up and down. So what you want to do is get a hold of one of these it is any painter
stick easy to buy. Very cheap. If you don’t have one as you could see it screws right
into the handle and it is much easier to maneuver. Easy to move up and down like this as appose
to one hand up and down. If you can’t find one of those poles you’ve got a house hold
broom laying around just unscrew it. To the left lefty lossy. Same exact threads it would
work the same exact way. You save your self a little bit of money but if you do a lot
of painting or you think you might need one just go ahead and grab one of these. Not very
expensive good thing to have, very versatile. So from there make sure that your plastic
seal down, make sure that your primer is nice and dry and you are ready for paint. So as you could see I did a few touch up with
the brush at the end there. Around the handles and the hinges and that is the paint.

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