How to search for Journal Articles by Keyword in a Database

This tutorial will instruct you in finding journal articles by keyword using a journal database. To search for journal articles, you will first need to locate a journal database to search in. To do this, select your faculty’s resources link from the left hand side of the page. Then select your subject area. Select a database by clicking the database name. On the next page, click the database name again. If you are off campus, you will need to type in your LSBU username and password and then click login. Then type your keywords into the boxes provided. Put each set of keywords into a different box. If you are using any alternative keywords, separate the keywords and alternative keywords with a capitalised OR. Click on search. On this page you can see how many results your search has found. For example, this search has found 385 results. Scroll through your results, when you have found an article you would like to read click on PDF full text. If there is no option for the PDF Full Text, click 360 link to full text. If the full text does not load, then LSBU does not have access to it. Now you’ve got the basics, you can improve your search strategy. Try adding in truncation. Truncation uses the asterisks symbol. This will allow you to search for multiple ends of words. For example, truncating educat* will search for educate, education, educator and educating. See if you can use phrase searching. To do this, put double quotation marks around two or more words that have to be next to each other. This will then only find results that mention the exact phrase. For this particular search, truncation has been added into strateg* to search for strategy, strategies and strategic. Quotations marks have been added to “behaviour management” so only results with that exact phrase will show. This has made my search results more manageable and relevant with 14 results. You can also refine your results within the database. The refine your results section is usually on the side of the page. Check the boxes next to the relevant refinements, and then click update. Your results will then be reloaded to reflect any changes. If you need further help, please contact your faculty’s Skills Adviser, or visit the Research Help Desk on Level 3 Bridge.

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