How to use Screenblur: Improve PC privacy – video tutorial by TechyV

Hi, I am Charlie from Today we will see another free ware software. That is Screenblur. This is very user attractive software and totally freeware and provides ease to locking screen while you are working and it also provides many more options. So just download it from here. And once you download, you will get this kind of icon. I have already run this software. So I will launch from here. And yeah. You can disable from here, quit and locks. Let me lock the screen as of now. So you will get this kind of locking icon. And if you want to unlock the screen, you have to simply type the password on the screen. That will unlock. Now let’s see. When you first launch the software, you will have to provide the password here and you can to set the password. If we see the interface, you can set the interface over here. You can also set the colors from here. If you want to shutdown, time or all these things, let’s preview it. Let’s see here. This is what we have configured. And let’s erase the password. These are different options that you can go through. And these are advanced options, that are easily understandable by this explanation. I will just give you important tips of the software. From automation, you can set the automated themes. This minutes, if you are watching movie, you want to knock it by the software, then you can set it from here. You can re enable automatically after certain minutes and these are different options. Like this you can also send the Hotkeys. So this very configurable like what kind of word keys you want to provide using this check box, shift, control, Alt, windows key, Enable, disable can also be done from here. Again this is very important what keys and there is option already available in our computer when we install Window 7 or XP. So it is not minimum, but apart from these all
these options are very important and helpful and you can also set custom image and this is very interactive user experience. You have to type your password, then only you will get this screen. So this is brief about the Screenblur. For more tips and tricks, you can visit Thank you.

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  1. Alison N. Lopez

    This is awesome! Thanks for being open and humble about your experience with getting into YouTube. ScreenBlur is a very useful program for protecting our personal computer. I was surprised by how easily we can learn to configure it. With this awesome tool, I am now able to freely leave my computer without worrying that someone else will swoop in and access or change my files. As a new learner, I want to know more and more advantages of this tool. Could you please share your experiences with me?

  2. Cynthia P. Meyer

    Wow, great! ScreenBlur will help me to keep my data private by simply setting up a password. Just clicking on the program’s option in the system tray, I can lock the screen, deactivate and activate the desktop blackout feature, temporarily enable or disable the locking option or open the settings menu when the PC is idle. Thanks to its whole simplicity and many useful aspects, this tool may become one of my top choices and for all users with all levels of experience. Techyv, you are a genius and definitely the best solution provider website all over the world!

  3. Rosella S. Phillips

    This video  gives me good information, regarding on how to use ScreenBlur to improve my PC privacy. It is a real lifesaver for me. Provided information is very informative. Thanks Techyv for your good effort!

  4. Erskine Caldwell

    Unbelievable! With ScreenBlur, I can protect my Windows from unauthorized access, that means, it enabled me to create a great security for my screen with a block option. I never think that it is possible at all. But watching this video tutorial on my PC now, I can say that yes, it is possible and very useful as well. It is a very easy to follow tutorial. Really, after watching this video, novice users will be overwhelmed to try it on their own PC. Great job Techyv and excellent post!

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