How To: Wall-Sit

What’s going Nation? I’m gonna show you guys how to do a Wall sit. It’s really gonna blast those glutes, hams and quads What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get up against the wall like this, and you want to push your lower hips and back and your shoulders on the wall all at the same time. Walk your feet out, maintain a neutral spine Come down so that as you sit, your legs get to a 90 degree angle. Now, some of you might not able to do this yet So if you can’t get a little higher that way it takes pressure off the muscles or come down when you’re at 90 degrees Put your hands on your knees like this, now if you can do it without putting your hands on your knees You can either place them on your hips, you can place them like this or you can put them behind your head That way it takes it out the exercise. Now also another way to do this is pushing through your heels and that places more on to your quads And you’ll feel right on your butt right on your glutes. You can hold it for a certain amount of time Okay? 30 seconds, 60 seconds or you can hold it for as long as you can, that’s always good too. Sometimes you can do this at the end of a workout because you’re already tired and as soon as you can’t anymore Just push yourself up, might have to walk up the wall. Either way it’s going to feel good. So give that a shot. For more great information please feel free to subscribe to my channel. And as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya guys

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Reader Comments

  1. pharaohphreak123

    @lwst82 no its not….if you could hold a squat with your body weight on the bar without it gettin you as fast as the chair then maybe….

  2. kr555listru

    It's a type of static exercise. Static exercises burn more calories. If your muscles are not trained and you pull a 1 minute wall sit (I'd be surprised if someone could without being really fit) your body would probably hurt the next morning .

  3. AMPepin1992

    Has anyone done this with a loaded barbell on their thighs? Today after my back squats and lunges I deadlifted a barbell, and lowered into a wall sit with the barbell on my quads. It's a great exercise but I never see anyone do it.

  4. Nafanua Leota

    started to do this before swimming, the coach demonstrated and we were all "whats the big deal? it's only five minutes!" and then we all died.


    my principal used to punish us by making us do this stuff…for 10 minutes. By the time we were allowed to go back to class we could not walk.


    oh you don't know my old principal. It's not like in the states where children are kings loll we actually had to obey, even though it was forbidden to hit us, sometimes the punitions were even harder then an ass whoop

  7. PeteTheElit3

    At the end of your exercise routine, do leg press, then immediately do this until failure. As soon as you fail you have 5 seconds to get back up and start wall pressing again. Go for as long as you can. You will then know true pain.

  8. JPGuitar98

    I'm not being sarcastic. I really mean this. What is this good for? I know it has do to with legs but, can someone be a little more specific. It seems like a challenging but, easy to do work out at home. Please anyone respond.

  9. Sumit Jadhav

    Hey Scott I just saw your channel today, became and ardent fan and have already subscribed…In a word your workouts are AWESOME…just one question..I have recently started work out..I have quite voluptuous amount of fat around my abdomen only..I am trying to do squats but somehow simply you have a video that shows the best way to do squats for beginners..

  10. FitnessType

    Hi Scott. Great channel and nice video on the wall sit. It always makes sure you feel your legs.

    I just published a video on the wall sit myself. It provides some variations of this exercise to make it a little less boring. If you're interested, feel free to take a look at what I published!

    Keep up your great work!

  11. Alexis Chapelan

    Will adding plates (2 of 45 for example) in your lap make it more difficult? Otherwise it seems more like a finisher or burner than the meat of a leg workout.

  12. Christine McGraw

    So do I want my entire back as flat against the wall as possible? I have a tendency to want to arch my lower back; I assume that's not good.

  13. Notary Public

    Hi Scott, I have bad knees so its really hard to get my thighs toned but I still try to do the wall squat. I just go half way instead of complete way. I do Pilates and Yoga but I still really don't see a lot of tone. Anything you might recommend?

  14. ScottHermanFitness


    Try sitting like this through an ENTIRE episode of your favorite TV show.. that would be a leg workout all on it's own! haha.

  15. Alex Weigel

    Scott, do you have a any concerns with the limited range of motion for this exercise? If you are constantly doing these with your knees at 90deg, will it create weaknesses at say 60deg and 120deg? I know lunges are probably better because of exactly that range of motion problem, but lunges just can't match the intensity of a wall-sit unless you use terrible form. I'm looking for a good 5/3/1 accessory workout to help with off-season ski training. Thanks!

  16. outofthebox7

    Hi! I would like to ask what are wall sits good for? What is actually their practical use? E.g. do they stabilize walking or strengten jumping? Are they similar in effect to squatting?

    Thank you for your time.

  17. One team One dream

    Man, you’re my favorite fitness channel. You literally have every exercise in the book to demonstrate. You’re a real professional bro. Keep up the work💪👍

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