I am Bread | Player Select | Disney XD

Whoo! All right. Wow, dude. I don’t know how to– oh, we got to turn
the lawnmower on and maybe sit on top of it, because it’s going to
get hot and stuff?( music playing )Okay, um–
push the button! – ( grunting )
( engine revving )Whoa! No! What? What happened? What is happening? ( gasping ) Okay.
Um, I’m still alive. The grip is about
to run out, though. The grip is running out! No, no, no, no, no! Get up! Okay. Can I sit on top of that? Yes. Whoo! The lawnmower is on
and it’s heating up, uh, presumably, so let’s try and not lose. Yes, it– no! I cannot believe this!( music playing )An all-new season of
“Player Select,”
starting Monday at 6:30on Disney XD, On Demand,and in the Disney Now app.

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Reader Comments

  1. teejay3000

    Only Disney would use the game "I am Bread".
    A 4 year old game.
    With the most pathetic commentary possible.

    Why even bother in the first place?

  2. ZambieSlayerYT

    Did anyone click on this video to see if that was Cory or not?

    On a side note if Cory edited this video it would’ve been better.

    Side note to that side note, i just now realized this is one of his old videos.

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