I Can’t Believe What We Found Hidden Behind This Fence ABANDONED In The MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

[ dramatic music ] [ rustling of the wind ] Alright, guys. Today, this one’s a little… little different than our usual videos. This is… some buildings from a company that went out of business. [ crunching footsteps on the snow ] [ sniffing ] I smell something dead. That’s sulphuric acid. I don’t think you want to be breathing that in. Let’s go check out the cars, though. Let’s get out of here, because that smell… Alright guys, we bailed out of there because it smelled really bad and it was leaking chemicals, so we weren’t gonna stick around in there. We had to take off. I wanted to check out these cool trucks over here, these cool old trucks. Let’s go see them. [ mysterious music ] Check out these old trucks, guys. I thought these were pretty cool. Here’s another one. Look, it had a seat on the back. “Common Carrier”. Some extra rims… International truck. [ mysterious music ] Alright, guys. Here’s some more old equipment, but… we’re not gonna push our luck in here. We’re gonna go ahead and head out. Let’s go. It smells really, really bad, like… REALLY. It smells like something is dead in here, but I can’t tell… if it’s the smell of that, or all that acid and stuff leaking, and I’m not gonna stick around when I got chemicals leaking like that. But it stinks REALLY bad in here. It’s interesting how this door has been left open, too. Notice that? Someone left this door open. So I’m gonna get [ out of here ], let’s go. Check it out, guys! It’s a massive safe. Someone tore it apart out here. It clearly says that if I open that door, an alarm’s gonna go off, but I’m curious to know what’s behind there. Look at all these chemicals here in this lab, guys. Anybody know what half of this stuff is here? Here’s a hard hat still on the wall. And there’s a creepy little office over there… Here’s a safe… Wonder if it’ll open? Webs are all over me… “1986”. [ mysterious adventure music ] Be sure to, um… hit the like button, and subscribe and hit that little bell next to the subscribe button so you guys get notifications so you know when my next video comes out! and let’s go see what we can find next! [ mystery music ]

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  2. Big Edds Lore

    I must ask ive seen loads of abandoned cars etc on your video what is the law in regards to salvaging any of the vehicles or there parts?

  3. David Rahfeldt

    latitude and longitude for this location ? did you check the local county mining records for nearby mines ? this is almost surely the lab for a major mining and mineral operation somewhere not so far away … or at least a very serious mineral exploration company working the area …

  4. Tayro Thinkingoutloud

    That mine was shut down by the gov as yet another BLM land grab. BTW that alarm system works as well as the gov. Not at all. Lots of folks losing homes, farms, ranches and jobs to the BLM. Time to get rid of them.

  5. Stephen Williams

    Maby when you go into one of those areas.you should carry a gigermuller detector. I've seen rows of trucks left to cool off.or to have bio material baked by the sun to de con them why else would they be way out away from the normal traffic.?

  6. Jack Duffy

    So guessing time again, I guess you are in a supper Methamphetamine Laboratory, Plus a couple of over dosed customers hiden away. Hope I'm wrong.

  7. GlobalCitizen

    You should have focused in upon what were on the labels for some of those chemicals, that way some might be able to work out what sort of work was conducted on site.
    And was there any sign of a business name ?

  8. leonardimas1

    USA,a country full of trash,in swiss you cant leave a factory with all this chemical's!! you have to provide for the cleanning!! but your country with all this fracking hole's and oil tower's is worse than russia

  9. wzrsk

    important dates for the price of gold (significant turning points): Oct 1970 $234 / oz, Mar 1974 $890 / oz, Jun 1976 $538 / oz, Feb 1980 $2125 / oz, Apr 1982 $880 / oz, Nov 1987 $1024 / oz, Mar 2001 $377 / oz, Aug 2014 $2033 / oz. Looking at period between the '76 low and the '80 high and (at the time when gold peaked it looked like it was going much much higher). I imagine that this was a major factor in when new facilities and when significant investments would have been made in mining in the area. It looks like the lab would try and determine which acids to use to separate the gold from the ore. I saw some core samples that maybe is what they figured out what would work best to process the ore. One of the substances I could read was Oxalic Acid. From Wikipedia – Oxalic acid is also used to clean iron and manganese deposits fromย quartz crystals.ย  (Quartz is often associated with gold)

  10. john emery

    How did you determine that was sulfuric acid? The NFPA 704 stickers on the side of the barrels did not look like warnings for sulfuric acid.

  11. Last Byte

    its in the middle of nowhere so where did the get electricity to operate all of the machienery? i dont see a generator and if so it must have been huge.

  12. Robert Gardea

    I see no dust …. i bet this is all staged just to get subscribers. Hahahaha๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”Ž

  13. Reggie Viola Taylor

    You have walked into an experimental Laboratory. From the 40s 50s ..just looks like photographs my gran pop had…he was a driver …for some kind of government company ..just a thought

  14. bryon29able

    It stinks but yet you go right back to that same building you should go to the hospital to get yourself checked because you do know even the vapor from those chemicals can kill you right go to the hospital

  15. MsKiTTy1138

    That International truck should be removed restored, & put in some museum. A HazMat Team really should be called out there to remove all that Toxic stuff.

  16. Sammy Dushi

    Bin bussy since yesterday to watch all the vid cant stop anymore its so fun to watch u have a new sub for sure 100%โœ”๐Ÿ’ฏ

  17. Mike Baker

    Stephen king wrought a book called "Desperation " good book , it may tuch on the use of salfuic asid in gold mining . If you read it I hope won't ceep you from exploring mines.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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