I Found a Boy Inside My Walls | horror animation |

I thought the scraping sound I’d been hearing inside the walls was just rats. I didn’t think much of it. My house was old and wooden, located by a small forest. Bugs and vermin were a bit of a given, but I bought the place at such a low price– it seemed almost a desperate plea for someone to take it off the realtor’s hands. I put traps around the house, wrinkled rat poison and pods, even had pest control stop by. The scratching continued weeks later. I ignored it the best I could– that slow scraping in the boards. Every night, the sound of something raking its claws along the insides of my home traveled in the air, almost similar to a knife sliding along a cutting board. The scratching would travel from room to room, taking its time to make sure nothing went untouched. Finally, it would start directly behind the headboard of my bed, dragging and made me grit my teeth. Even still, I pretended nothing was wrong, until one morning, I awoke to a frenzy scratching in my living room, interspersed with loud thuds. This was accompanied by a panicked wailing unlike anything I’d ever heard before. I skipped calling animal control; I phoned the police instead. It didn’t take long to find the issue. They pulled a small boy out of the wall as I stared in shock. He was covered in dirt with wild eyes that twitched with each shake of his body. I explained to the officer, “I thought it was rats that had been pestering me for weeks.” Luckily, he believed me. I called to check on the boy later that day. There wasn’t much to tell; he’d been delusional from hunger and panic. I was amazed–he hadn’t been affected by any attempts to get rid of what I thought were rats. He was able to speak but it hadn’t made much sense to anyone. He was convinced there was a thing in the walls that kept him there. He said it needed him because it had been hungry. Everyone thought he was been hallucinating. I felt sorry for him, but glad I could finally rest. That night I went to bed without a sense of dread. Things were okay and my phone rang out in the silence. I answered when I heard the shouts of the officer on the line. From what my brain could pieced together they found out the boy’s relatives after calling around. He’d recently been reported missing. He’d only been gone for two days. There was no possible way he could be making those sounds for as long as I had been hearing them. He wasn’t the cause, then neither were rats. Fear seized my chest as the sound of scratching, slow and taunting, began in the wall beside my head.

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  1. Strawberry Nightmare

    Long time no see! May was so crazy for me. Special thanks to Swamp Dweller for doing the narration! He was super patient during my crazy month and is a great narrator! Make sure to check out his channel!

  2. PikachukSenpai

    I am so late omfg-
    Anyway, wow what a twist. Also Congrats on getting married! Well it's a bit late for a congratulations, but oh well :v

  3. Josette Wehmeier

    Scratches Okay to be honest my house doesn't have walls that's cool keep a boy inside but they have a attic and I had her some things up there light scratches and Kloss so same Vibe I was the dude at the end

  4. Kody ;-;?? [Kokonuts dad]

    This story reminds me of the older day's where kids were put inside walls or something to test the power of the material

  5. Am I Cool Yet?

    The same thing happened to me, I told my mom and she looked at him and said, “There you are! I’ve been looking for you for years!”

  6. gamer wolf

    Oow wel you got a boy in fricking waaaallssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!😡😠 … you ahould move to anoder country and burn the daanm house pleas

  7. Domanique Reid

    I would sell the land, with the money that I made from selling the land buy a smaller the property something decent enough since I live alone demolish that house.

  8. Lamoi Bell

    You just found a kid in the wall n u going back to bed after hearing he's been gone for two days and was not the cause of weeks tournament? Bitch I would have yeet my ass out the bed and through the door. B4 I heard the scratching again,👌👌😎😎😎

  9. {Chao Jovianne}

    Me: 2 scars
    10 cries
    100 panic
    289 depressed
    56 smiles
    456 acting
    599 thoughts of suicide
    325 thoughts of worthlessness
    98 Voices in my head
    999% not myself

    Edit: I have depression no need to worry

  10. Silence Secret

    3:08 If I would live there. And one night this would happen to ME. I would simply get up, take a hamer that at this point would be beside my bed and would say.

    Me: thats it mother fu*ker, time to rest.
    And I would nicely smash that
    wall 🙂. Pure angel I know. 😇

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