I paid another E-Girl $1,000 to be my Minecraft girlfriend & I’m NOT HAPPY!!!

Yeah, oh yeah, I feel I feel I ought to start I’ve realized I’ve started today a gold-digger I Literally work as a stripper and you’re confused that I’m Taking your loot Yes was dime in an hour oh My god, that’s 15 don’t mind the book get up get up get up quick quick quick quick How many cars you on Thank you for joining we’re playing Minecraft Survival with my flip with my guest rain oatmeal bait baby with like a An ill chicken that’s got a surprise Pikachu face. Why are we still here? Just some Turkey here example. Oh my god. What you doing Oh Oh My god, okay, right. We can work this out. Right? We’ve got to jump together. Okay, you ready? My three two one jump You jump in keep something. That’s it. That’s it Yeah, it’s okay I got you don’t worry you got a Minecraft Uh, this is range is a minecraft professional a thousand dollars an hour to be my minecraft girlfriend I’ll be the typical alpha hunting and fishing Yeah, I’m an alpha was ramen. I’m in the mines on I could be some carbon monoxide down the house Up on the tree over there, we’re really starved of like material you’re kidding me Where did you die? Sound so excited by that. I think you have to extend the grass a little farther, so It can grow it can grunts. I’ve seen it growing these conditions before it’s just Me my minecraft go by what’s his food sapling grows with truth I’ll come on how am I missing? Can you him? Please you’re the alpha male. There’s a creeper day. He’ll explode if you get oh, oh My god, that’s 15 go go mind the board get up get up get up quick quick quick quick. Oh wait Okay, oh Yeah, Jesus see look at that take that back thank you very much make about I’ll make a boat. We’ll make some I can go get my cheese. Okay? Okay. All right We do a little thing here pull hug Charlie when somebody donates roughly about a thousand bits So you have to chase me and kill me I’ve run away from puppies all my life, darling Wrote on it eat eat eat Okay, happy Anniversary my girlfriend So that the shovel dollop there, yeah Right, you got the boat let’s go and get this this this treasure and where’s the treasure The mind I’m dying, oh dear, oh, dear Okay, this is a bad idea I’m gonna die no, what’d you kill I Told you gonna die. Take your ass over here. Come on All right, you get the treasure I’m gonna take my boat actually come with me let’s go I’m gonna okay, I Never thought my minecraft girlfriend would say this to me. I’m so sorry All right, you lead the way going one two cardinal direction Okay, I want to ask you this question because everyone says I’m incorrect ugh Is it baked potato or jacket potato? I’m American so baked And very close to family Did you imagine that like you’re you’re you’re blind and you’re reading Braille But in the Reavers Braille that says do not read do not touch. Oh, yeah. Oh You see that where I can’t see lips big eyes egg is in the way what oh my god draw the house here Or I could build our holiday home This is actually pretty cool All right, yeah, should we build it here all right, yeah if you like me Go get the woods and everything. Oh, no. No you go get wood. I’m gonna go and grab the our stuff. I’ll be And come back. I see There you go grandma we built you a house to sleep in well, I’ll put the Tres down and I’ll put him in there Okay, I haven’t got chest What what he just literally said the only thing I wanted what’s my prisoner een? I Didn’t find the island. I just got lost in came back. I’m so Oh my gosh, golly McShane minecraft pro player for free years. Oh My god, why am I so bad at these games? Okay, don’t worry about what I’m doing to the house. Okay. I just like building houses a lot I like building as well. What we’ll do is we’ll build a holiday Caravan To make your own house what No, we publish with roleplay on page you’re a thousand dollars an hour so What you build in here what you burn out Yeah, yeah, no, no shit Sherlock. I mean it’s okay fucker No, what I mean is is like what type of house you builder One that we can sleep in okay, and then I’m gonna try tomorrow when it’s daytime to find the Sheep so he can make some beds because we’re Gods yeah, I didn’t realize families. Wait what you told me that wasn’t it? You were the one that told me Phantom spawn if you haven’t sleep slept for three days and also I Never knew that It’s truly an epic game or a moment To kill a sacred deer That’s all we need a cold and a fountain and diamond no in there Go we left the door open as well. You nearly let the pig out We need a fence post in here get you in a ditch or put oh my Yeah, I get the blue bed How’s the house coming along Well, it looks ugly I didn’t say anything about you know Don’t worry I got it. Yeah when you’re like building, I just grit my teeth or something Well, you weren’t building anything so I don’t want to hear it We having trouble in our marriage here. Oh, it’s like we do. Maybe we need a Minecraft marriage counselor Yep. This pig said he’ll do it. I’ll Make my house big my house pigs our marriage counselor. So why the name oatmeal baby? I Was eating oatmeal and I am baby But also so I could say oatmeal, baby yeah, I Think that I think how people say baby is bad bit Now with be EBE Let’s get out of here just go back let’s get these cows this iron I need my iron I need to make iron. Oh And my minecraft sugar daddy isn’t shaving oh Yes, like I gave you an up buying breastplate Ain’t I like a lot I like outfit play a Lot more women in outfits dollars to put this iron breastplate on well, yeah Oh, no, I’ll build it right now. Sorry. I forgot I Asked you to do one Okay, you put it out Junior, come on Jesus cry get the fences Hey, I don’t want to embarrass my guests. Come on All right, you gotta leave Quickly quick quick quick I get clap losers Breed our pig felt on the mine. No my god, is he? Okay Alfie? Oh, he’s okay, right All right We do a little thing here called hug Charlie where somebody donates Roughly about a thousand bits that you have to chase me and kill me. Okay Three Two one go they go so I can catch me now I’m leavin I’m leavin running. I’m just gonna what look for you. I’m looking at you I’m allowed to hit back, by the way Oh, oh my god Oh my god, you’re literally right behind me. Are you kidding? No one not. Oh my god It boosts you every time I hate you I Have to do is wait for you to run out of food. No uncle plenty of life in me, darling Go on Shit, no Clap to try and start me out. I saw something you fooled in that Oh wait, I need a hole not a shovel Wow Don’t waste your dying exam. I hope you got my diamond sword and everything you stole everything I Feel I forgot to start I’ve realized I’ve started today a gold digger Literally work as a stripper and confuse that I’m Taking your loot This was diamond an hour what Do you love Harry Potter as well? Oh yeah me yeah I’m a big fan But Harry I Don’t want to drink that Polyjuice potion Please please Ron. I just need you to look like your sister just one more side Thanks girl, let me tell you something You’re gonna make me act up. You’re gonna make me do something. I’m gonna regret. Have you seen that video, please. Have you seen that? No, but it sounds rapey Girl let me tell you something Oh Casey phrase yeah, yeah. Love him. He’s a guy he’s so good Girl let me taste it ha ha Are you gonna entertain the stream for a little while for a moment while I go make a sandwich? I’m so hungry. I Gotta get into that No, I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t just starve. Oh You heard this I’m Just I’m so hungry Should we tell the chat how we met? How y’all doing Later. Yes ech a Bar come on still at the bar ech Jesus Yeah, it’s like so basically what happened chat is So how we met IRL? well when I say IR Oh, you know, but is IRL I followed her on Instagram And means and would chat in a chat at you weren’t we? Having a bit of a la bouff a bit of a gaffe and and We all had each other on discord and we all sent selfies and I was like that’s nothing yeah, that’s not you I followed it. I follow her on Incident I had surprised Pikachu face written all over And Told oh I was talking to my friend Amy about we are Chester might get her to play with me and She was I told her about that. I Was like I love my fans Know what actually happened was I was all right. So here’s the full story was I was just like bored at my mom was like Oh, I want to try and find tic TOCs like it–like vines and there was a video called tic toc With vine energy or something and or one was in the compilation And I was like I was a half follower on insta. That was it When did you watch it was the one it was the Asian? Square-jawed lads Oh Yeah, that was the one in the compilation That was that was like a few months ago that was like a good solid like six to seven months ago I remember Cuz our account up with ideas because I actually think I have a lot of good tic TOCs that radiates fine energy Yeah, but I remember me and Amy are sitting together and our trying to come up with ideas and she’s like, okay This is gonna sound really gross. But what if we could do that trend I like people like Choke something with that guy But I put my hand You just gobbling up with food one fixing like this after work You were the one that chose to marry me I want to hear it Believe this. Oh, wow how stupid I was. Alright. Alright here. We could only get married on a leap year because uh, She refused to go down on one knee to me as the wife had to get do it He refuses to go down at all This looks cute, though You look Thanks, honey

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